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  1. I said it.... Right there 😙
  2. They do count but I believe is only 1 per game, just one Red Zone... and remember the part "complete stop... " Means, brake and handbrake (LT + Y) at the same time to fully stop, if the vehicle is moving os sliding even a little bit before you jump out, it won't count... Got mine like that precisely with snowmobiles.
  3. Jax Brundvandt

    Still haven't figured out parachuting

    Not sure if Forward Sensitivity applies to parachutes... The same it does not apply when you are driving or swimming... Its just how sensible you character is for running on a truth line forward, set it up at 100 and you can't zigzag run.... I noticed that you won't get any advantage for waiving now, what you need to do is push forward LS and go in a direct angle or so to your destination, if its close enough , and then once at an inch above the opening zone just press the LS to get a deep insertion speed into the area.
  4. Jax Brundvandt

    Being shot through walls has got to stop

    The guy clearly phase through the wall twice, first at landing, he grabs a gun and start reloading, this folk bails and jump through the window and the phasing man chases him phasing trough two more walls and gets outside like he was walking on the park... We saw it clear on the video! Whao lol
  5. Jax Brundvandt

    500 damage in one game?

    Yeah, just land in a hot drop zone, get a gun and start shooting people.... U usually have 100-110 life when and full health and full boosted so it technically consists on killing 5 targets at full health.... Easier to do in solos so nobody will damage your targets unless a 3rd party but basically is that... Kill 5 full health enemies or more and you will get it.. Super easy.
  6. Jax Brundvandt

    Recoil control help

    That's why I have aim acceleration... As i previously mentioned y put all the sensitivities to 12 (no aim acceleration) but then I tried lo lower them to 10-11 but activated the Aim Acceleration and it worked perfectly, I have precision and response alltogether and, when I need this extra speed when breaching or cqb'ing with a target in a vehicle, I have what I need... You just need to go to a lobby and punch a few guys... You'll see who has the right sensitivity set up for themselves... You will find me dancing around them and some will land a few lucky punches, some will turn so slow that I can dance around them all day and some will be so fast that they are always over aiming and missing.... At the end, this is a game, If you are a breacher you need more sensitivity, if you like to gunfight from distance you need more surgery precision and it's easier to get it with lower sensitivities... This will make your life easier... Just consider it when changing the combat zone and adapt ... To me I prefer to have to focus more on long shots because of my high sensitivities... either way, for me, they're more forgiving... Bullet travel time, drop, everything... You will normally have more milliseconds to breath and adjust the sight...Now CQB is painfully fast and you need all the response you can gather... The last thing you want is being killed from behind by a guy who was 0.30 seconds before in from of you while you are still turning... Try and see what's best for you and think that it will take between 2-5 days to fully adjust and rewire you muscle memory... Going from 6 to 10|11|12|13 etc. won't be easy... You can do it point by point, slowly or suffer a bit and do it at once.
  7. Jax Brundvandt

    Recoil control help

    Hahahahaha I had the same face like... Whaaat? I have all my settings to 12 cause on CQB I can easily face 2-4 targets and engage decently. Yeah.. I know this is not optimal for high precision shots but never struggled... I basically never full auto with an ak, never use beryl without vertical and the same for sks, m4 without stock ... Always try to avoid it...ump is broken so you can use it while ice skating with your fingers and you will laser kill everybody at 100 meters... Just find the guns that you feel more confortable with and... don't use them..., get out of your comfort zone and spend quality time with you hated ones...
  8. Jax Brundvandt

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    What? Lol looks familiar to me ... Yesterday I put 2 pounds of lead into a guys body he turned back and insta-killed me... No longer annoyed... I also noticed a lot of people actively landing on the Castle and trying to get under the tower that has the gun so they can kill people from below... So funny and very rewarding experience (I'm being sarcastic...) ...you wanna get under the map and buildings?...GO AND PLAY MINECRAFT for GOD'S sake....
  9. Jax Brundvandt

    Hotfix for the hotfix?

    I have no idea... To be honest I'm not a programmer nor know anything about codding but I don't understand how difficult it is to add a new map and gun to the game, tweak the parachuting system and in the meantime f@$!ked up everything else that worked including the chat system... ...Is like buying a new sofa for your house and a new tv and while getting into the house scratch the walls on your path and tear apart the paint of thr wall while connecting the tv, breaking the windows, doors and ceiling while on it... But... Not everything is bad, they are fixing it and I like the new sofa and tv aka Map and parachuting system....
  10. Jax Brundvandt

    Map Selection Pleaseeeeee

    Yess... Pleaseeeee..... Erangel no longer feels like Russia.... 5 houses and only 2 pistols.... Now you go to Vikendy, hidden-ads cabin on the woods where Jesus Christ lost his sandals...and you find yourself in one of the Punisher's hidden cache.... 1 cabin: 3 AR, 2 msg, 2 level 3 helmet, 1 level 3 armor, 2 grenades, 15 Thompsons.....
  11. Jax Brundvandt

    Any one use Kontrol Freeks?

    What the he'll is that? Never heard of this and what is that for? I stopped playing competitive games with my elite controller because I felt I have advantage over people who doesn't have it...anything extra out of the regular controller that everyone has it , I don't use it, is like going to a knife fight with a gun... Still a fight but it takes honor on the victory... Now, thats me, I respect everyone's decision... X)
  12. Jax Brundvandt

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    PLEASE close the servers and put the whole BH staff to play and fix... It's impossible to release a product like this nowadays... They will have material and bugs to feel ashamed for months... C'mon, some of us have supported this game since Game Preview.... We deserve a true and honest effort... Game still broken... Just play BUG-G for 5 minutes, It's impossible to miss... You don't need a community for this, you just need to open you eyes... An isolated glitch that's undertandable you need people to report it, something hidden, but this is big! This is obvious, this is right there....
  13. Jax Brundvandt

    How do they get away, with making the game worse.

    BUG-G THAT'S HOW I CALL THIS GAME NOW.... The lag or ping is my main issue, I mean, I don't have the best connection, At&T 50 mb but technically, its enough with a band of 4+ mb, my ping is around 60 on my word xbox, nothing I can do about that and never until now had this issues... I have plenty of chicken dinners ... Always worked fine for me but now, since this crappy update, I'm constantly getting killed 1-2 seconds after I took cover where is technically impossible to land a shot on me... Doesn't matter if it is a wide ass tree, a room with no windows... If I'm in a gunfight and I take cover I know I'm safe after 2 seconds of being alive.... I'm a completist which means I like to have everything at 100% and while the time is passing for the weekly missions, this game gets worse and worse... It's becoming unplayable but the time still counting and I want level 100 playing not buying...which I believe I'm entitled to... I don't believe BlueHole is doing everything in they power to fix this and it's simply because of the Hot Fix Patch thread... There's no way those are the only "known issues" ... BH close the servers for 48 hours, put all your programmers and staff to play straight and let me know if you don't have enough bugs to create a long-ads-biblic list of bugs... WELCOME TO PUBG... I MEAN... BUG-G
  14. Jax Brundvandt

    Week 2 bug missions

    Yes, me too here, same issue only for those missions on week 2 here's a quick screenshot. Hope they fix this soon cause I dunno what the neck I'm supposed to do. ** EDITED ** Fixed.... See below... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/jax-brundvandt/screenshot/11393521
  15. Jax Brundvandt

    What's your Season Rank/ SP so far?

    I was one of those yeah.... People are camping way more with their white hoodie and pants... It's what it's.... About the topic, dunno how that work, in above 2000 but what I just did was land hunting the missions and that's it...