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  1. What? Lol looks familiar to me ... Yesterday I put 2 pounds of lead into a guys body he turned back and insta-killed me... No longer annoyed... I also noticed a lot of people actively landing on the Castle and trying to get under the tower that has the gun so they can kill people from below... So funny and very rewarding experience (I'm being sarcastic...) ...you wanna get under the map and buildings?...GO AND PLAY MINECRAFT for GOD'S sake....
  2. PLEASE close the servers and put the whole BH staff to play and fix... It's impossible to release a product like this nowadays... They will have material and bugs to feel ashamed for months... C'mon, some of us have supported this game since Game Preview.... We deserve a true and honest effort... Game still broken... Just play BUG-G for 5 minutes, It's impossible to miss... You don't need a community for this, you just need to open you eyes... An isolated glitch that's undertandable you need people to report it, something hidden, but this is big! This is obvious, this is right there....
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