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  1. I have found a solution for myself have not tested with other people. 90% of the time I don't have a problem but when I do this fixes it. 1-After match leave squad 2-title screen 3- join game through friends profile NOT THROUGH AN INVITE Tada
  2. Hi First post for me I have been playing almost since beginning of last year and this is almost the only game I play. Through all the issues that it has had from crashing to rendering even the old ready up system that was semi broke I have been fully supportive of pubg being the only experience like it and still best BR out there. With all of that said this new update has finally given me reason to start reporting because my gameplay experience will be ruined if we cannot get a fix. "Players cannot ready up after a match" NA servers, All maps, I only play TPP though, Squad's and Duo's. If you want proof its as simple as play a round with a squad exit match and at least 1/4 cannot ready up and only other thing different is the small words for map and type under their Play button are gone. This occurs after every game yesterday 1/22/19 I play with many friends and many randoms and it is rampant everywhere for everybody. Other bugs have been found will report more later. The only fix we found was to make a new lobby sometimes could take up to 3 tries before everyone can ready up