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  1. BugGBlueballs

    Being shot through walls has got to stop

    Same here. My mate got killed by getting stuck ON THE GROUND.
  2. BugGBlueballs

    Two updates?

    Your logic makes no sense. An update to fix a previous update doesn't count as improvement. They break more than they fix. That's the problem.
  3. BugGBlueballs

    Two updates?

    Is there anything else to say about the game? It has been out for more than a year and still doesn't work properly. Not even the menus. I payed R$130,00 for it. If it was free I wouldn't complain.
  4. BugGBlueballs

    Two updates?

    Still unacceptable. Do they not test these patches? Vikendi is a perfect example. The map doesn't even render correctly but they released it anyway. Dsync is also a bad as ever.
  5. BugGBlueballs

    Something is different, and its not good.

    So they had to hotfix the hotfix. Jesus....
  6. BugGBlueballs

    Two updates?

    There was an update yesterday which I just finished downloading. I restarted the console like I always do after updates and went to boot up the game. To my surprise it asked for ANOTHER update. I'm not sure what's going on but I give up. Game is broken.
  7. BugGBlueballs

    Something is different, and its not good.

    This game is a mess. I updated it today and went to boot it up and there was another update. No idea wtf is going on. I give up on this game.
  8. BugGBlueballs

    Updates or entire game rework?

    Not very. This happened on my first match after the patch: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/major-sousa/video/67876347
  9. BugGBlueballs

    Updates or entire game rework?

    It doesn't ask you to re-download the game, but that's what it is. Or do you think that a 20GB patch makes sense when the whole game was about 17GB. It has been like this since forever. Only once or twice have they released a patch that was small.
  10. BugGBlueballs

    Updates or entire game rework?

    It has always been like this. The "updates" have always been a reinstalation of the whole game.