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  1. Yowusupmuhboi

    Load / Render

    The good players are the players that were on the leaderboards last season. Pubgs best player on Xbox was snowigoon not sure if he has spaces in his GT I can’t remember, but that title was stripped from him by the South Koreans so I highly doubt he still plays. He was number 1 in every category on the leaderboard in solos and I’m pretty sure he was on the squads board to. I played him in a game 3 season ago and knew right away he was one of best.
  2. Yowusupmuhboi

    Load / Render

    Pubg is the past dude most the good players are moving on and they’ll be remembered for how good they were when the game was actually worth playing. Good players are noticed and remembered. I don’t know any of these girl players you’ve named. Enough said.
  3. Yowusupmuhboi

    Is rendering worse after #5?

    When I play pubg I always play the standard playlist. When the new season launched it only took me about 3 hours of vikiendi to realize the map was trash and gonna slowly kill the game. Went from playing 8 hours a day to playing 1 hour every 2-3 days. I just basically quit because of the leaderboard change and server changes. Call of duty blackout is much more enjoyable, 60 FPS, good connections I get up to 30 ms ping and I’m from the north west of NA, and no rendering issues. More fair then pubg ever was and ever will be. And I’m looking forward to the new BR on BF hopefully that’s good shit.
  4. Yowusupmuhboi

    Wins to Games Played

    Winning a game on pubg is easy peasy just depends what you do it comes with experience
  5. Yowusupmuhboi

    Wins to Games Played

    I got 300 solo wins and how many games played doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because the games been broken since the launch and most people don’t play seriously. Get me to play for the win for 50 consecutive games and I’ll win 20-25 of them. I made it in to the top 10 solo last season, my high point was 6th with a 45%win ratio from 50 games played. And the player who finished last season in 1st place in overall rank and win rank and kill rating rank, I beat him in a 1v1 in the season before last season. He finished last season with over a 12kdr and over a 40% win ratio.
  6. Yowusupmuhboi

    Alright, im uninstalling my game...

    Lol. I still play one or 2 games every couple days to kill some time but I used to average like 10 games a day. They fucked up with the server changes, and leaderboard change. Which game is gonna make better development decisions from now on. PUBG or blackout is what I’m waiting for now.
  7. Yowusupmuhboi

    Insufficient matchmaking pool?

    Because the South Koreans believe that the NA region should have a server location that benifets the other regions when they are redirected to the NA region Ohio server. Instead of having a server location that benifets the entire NA region they pick a location that benifets the entire worlds region
  8. Yowusupmuhboi

    Insufficient matchmaking pool?

    It’s a glitch message in their new matchmaking system. Because there used to be western based servers in the NA region before this vikiendi season. Now it’s just a server in east Ohio. It’s basically telling u that you’ll be on a Ohio east server when it shouldn’t be saying that because it’s the only server since the start of the new season
  9. Yowusupmuhboi

    Alright, im uninstalling my game...

    PUBG is the past. I haven’t uninstalled it yet I just don’t play anymore, but I will uninstall if the march5th update doesn’t fix the glitches, the terrible eastern hosted connections, and the terrible leaderboard. PUBG is the past. When I game I play black out now. It needs work to but it’s definitly better then pubg’s current state. I get a 35-50 ms ping on blackout from the west and there’s no glitches compared to pubg and it’s 60fps. PUBG is the past
  10. Yowusupmuhboi

    FIX the ladder ranking system!

    Every decison blue hole makes is based on what the developers think will increase the player population. They actually believed this new leaderboard would increase the player population. After testing it for 2 months they’ll probably realize it did not increase the player population. We should get the old system back for next season.
  11. Yowusupmuhboi

    Sanhok Only Please!!!!

    Welcome to pubg fourms where you have a majority of trash players protesting against valuable feedback. And it’s always the same idiots on here commenting it’s funny.
  12. Agreed I just expressed the same feedback you did earlier today to a forum dev but I’m not sure if he’s going to pass my feedback on so I’m going to take it to the next level and submit a ticket to another department. https://xboxsupport.pubg.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000387054 MY feedback is the exact same as yours except my number 1 issue is Na server pings. I used to get a 48ms min and a 60ms max ping on the cali and Oregon servers from last season. Now I’m at a 65 min 85 max on the Ohio NA which is not much different and not really noticeable until you have that rare encounter with a experienced pubg player with a lower ping. And you get killed faster then you can act. The point is we should be able to have a more fair fighting chance when this rare occasion occurs. My number 2 reason is the leaderboards bring the old ranking system back. And number 3 map selection great post the feedback is appreciated
  13. Yowusupmuhboi

    Patch Delayed, no suprise..

    They’ve had enough time they should of applied the patch 2 weeks ago. When they finally bring out this next patch they should be bringing out another one a week afterwards cant be having this month to 2 month wait time for patches
  14. Yowusupmuhboi

    Main server location?

    Ya I haven’t put money into blueholes pocket since they came out with the clown suit and before that all I bought was the demo version only spent about 60$ on this game. I’ve always been disappointed in bluehole since month 2. They’re lucky I bought that clown suit but I’ll never put another dime into this game. I think pubg on Xbox is in final days i don’t think it’ll last another 6 months. I’m just waiting for my moment to quit I’m close to it. https://pubgserverping.com/ hard wired fibre optic internet ping tested through my Xbox I’m getting a 65-85ms on the NA Ohio server. And the guys that are close to Ohio are probably getting a 25-35ms. Pathetic blue hole @PUBG_Andymh5
  15. Yowusupmuhboi

    Main server location?

    @PUBG_Andymh5 Andy what happened to the Oregon and Cali servers now we know why guys are eating full magazines before they go down the west coast plays on a east coast server what’s up with that?