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  1. Yowusupmuhboi

    will this "SSD" (Not really) Improve PUBG?

    Haha good call 40% out of 80 reviews 1 star that says enough. ya the Samsung T5 is just a plug and play. Go to Best Buy and buy it they got them in stock
  2. Yowusupmuhboi

    will this "SSD" (Not really) Improve PUBG?

    Its just a plug and play. I just checked out your link that looks like it will work good. But it’s big a Samsung T5 fits in your jean pockets. But if you think you could use the extra space I would try your link out it can’t be any worse then the Samsung t5
  3. Yowusupmuhboi

    will this "SSD" (Not really) Improve PUBG?

    There’s another post about SSD right below your post check it out
  4. When I drop hot as possible weapons take about 1 second to spawn but I play on a average ping of about 50-70ms. I would think majority of pubg players on Xbox are getting about a 60ms
  5. Always load in 30 seconds minimum before the plane and everything is rendered always before I hit the ground. Weapon spawns has to do with your connection to the server
  6. I got the 500 I’m using 250gb already basically I use it for everything. But if you’re just using it for pubg then the 250gb will work the exact same.
  7. Samsung T5 walk out of Best Buy with it same day
  8. It’s sounded like you were boasting yourself to me. Was just curious to how good you were. W.e then
  9. Seriously are you any good let’s have a friendly 1v1 in boot camp TPP?
  10. Or maybe it’s because the game is on a decline in numbers, wait months for new broken updates, problems don’t get fixed, feedback doesn’t get answered, and they’re always making bad decisions. Maybe that’s why bud. Get outa here with that shit.
  11. It was all based on a combination of wins, survival rate, kill percentages and games played combined. If you won 50% of your games you could take the top 10 in probably 40 - 50 games even if it was at the end of the season. I agree with with you that the name should be changed from leaderboard to addictionboard lol.
  12. Yowusupmuhboi

    Game Crashing Is Back!

    It happened to me once this season in a duo on the new map. It’s not a serious problem. I think its from poor performance servers, dropping to fast and using a combination of buttons to quickly.
  13. Yowusupmuhboi

    Leaderboards - What On Earth

    In that top sentence I don’t understand what you mean by that it doesn’t make sense to me. The main reason I stopped playing the call of dutys is because they took away their competive ranking systems. Call of duty used to be all about the competive ranking system. You can’t even check friends stats anymore. Now their player base majority is only casuals that play a couple games a month. And Their numbers have been on the decline for the last couple years so they had to copy you guys with the new BR idea. You guys wanna satisfy these casuals that are not loyal to the game and will not support nothing then your going to have a decline in numbers. Luckily for you guys pubg is a better game then call of duty so just because you guys took away my main reason to play doesn’t mean I’m not going to play but it is a terrible decision.
  14. Probably nothing. The game is just breaking down slowly not improving. Radar users are probably mostly solo players right? That’s something a lone loser would do right? So unless you play solos often your odds of seeing one are pretty low. I’m not gonna lie I just played a solo and felt like the guy could have been using radar but who knows. I didn’t even check his GT just left insta fast lol. If a guy is pursuing u the millisecond u let your guard down when your making no noise it seems like it could be more then just bad timing luck. This is real I believe it. How can someone not believe it’s a problem? Look at the rest of the game it’s just breaking down
  15. Yowusupmuhboi

    Waiting for better performance

    Just in case the devs don’t realize the importance of the issue you mean. Okay right on that’s good to know.