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  1. SpottyMoose

    That boring map selection thread

    I wish they could just go back to Battle Royale & Mini Royale. All I want to play these days is either Erangel or Miramar, because I can't stand Vikendi and am so sick and tired of getting Sanhok over and over again. I used to like Sanhok... but it just annoys me now. I say 3 map selection options. - Quick Join - Classic (Erangel & Miramar) - New (Sanhok & Vikendi)
  2. SpottyMoose

    Wins to Games Played

    11 wins in about 1000 games. We suck, but we know we suck and never take it too seriously. We generally don't go into games thinking about winning, just mucking about. Every now and then there's a "Shit, there's only 10 guys left, we could win this". It's usually only then we start concentrating a bit harder.... 😄
  3. SpottyMoose

    Do you need help?

    Humble as well. Don't forget that. 🤨 Just had a peek at your recent games. Looks like you played for about 15 hours straight. Dude, that isn't healthy....
  4. SpottyMoose

    Map rotation - Duo TPP OC

    Maybe we'll try Quick Play instead of Standard. Standard just seems to dish us up Sanhok constantly. But then I have to put up with Vikendi..... 😬
  5. SpottyMoose

    Map rotation - Duo TPP OC

    You guys playing solo, duos or squads?
  6. SpottyMoose

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Are you still enjoying the game though? You don't have to be good at something to enjoy it. My mates and I are pretty rubbish but we usually have a pretty good time. You certainly get the stretches where you're getting annihilated and it can get frustrating, but the trick is not to take it too seriously. Don't get tied up in K/D ratio or wins.... it's about the experience. Also, it's pretty easy to feel useless when you jump on forums and people spruik about their K/D ratios etc. TBH, I reckon the average K/D ratio across all players would be about 0.5 to 0.8..... Sure, you get the good players (who make an effort to tell everyone on forums how good they are), but their K/D ratios wouldn't be so high if they weren't feasting on us lowly mere mortals each game.
  7. I'm not sure if this is frustrating any other Oceania players out there, but I'm getting really sick of Sanhok. I felt like it comes up more than any other map when selecting 'Standard' map rotation (I hate Vikendi and try to avoid it). I checked PUBGLookup and my suspicions were confirmed. Last 20 games: Sanhok - 14 Mirimar - 5 Erangel - 1 This has been going on for a while now (beyond the last 20 games). Now I like playing all maps (I'll pretend Vikendi doesn't exist) but Sanhok is probably my least favourite of the three. I never have a sook and quit games when it comes up, but it's starting to become really frustrating, and quite frankly, every time we load in now and we're on Sanhok, we both let out a "FFS". Has anyone else experienced this on Oceania? Further to this, when the player count drops and we're moved to North America, the map rotation seems much better, a good even mix of all three maps. Anyway, whinge over. Have a good day.
  8. SpottyMoose

    Most fustrating game ever

    Well it sounds like you're camping the same as them and you're annoyed they don't run out so you get the easy kill. I was looting the other day when I noticed someone running straight towards my building. They were obviously coming in so I "camped" the door with shotgun in hand. It obviously didn't end well for them and I received a rather salty message shortly afterwards. What was I supposed to do? Run outside waving my arms in the air announcing my presence?
  9. SpottyMoose

    PTS going up next week?

    Maybe it'll just replace OTS aiming if equipped.
  10. SpottyMoose

    Bad loot? Does it exist?

    When I land in a village with 9 buildings and come out with a shotgun, pistol, no backpack, no helmet or armour, then proceed to be mowed down by a guy with a SCAR, level 3 backpack, level 2 armour & helmet I get annoyed. When it happens 3 games in a row, I get really p!ssed off. I'll admit. I often wish they could maybe increase the loot a little on Erangel and Miramar.
  11. SpottyMoose

    There's no G36C in the shooting range (training)

    It’s there. I found in in on a little table in the corner with the Beryl, Mutant etc...
  12. Yes please. I’m really struggling as well. I’m sure the developers are doing everything on a desktop monitor where it likely isn’t a problem. When you’re sitting a few metres back from your TV in your lounge room it’s near impossible to see the white circle.
  13. SpottyMoose

    Changing region

    As an OCE player I was so happy to jump in this morning and play without lag for the first time in months. I still suck but at least I’m back on a more level playing field. Duos and squads was still selecting NA due to lack of players but hopefully tonight when most of us finish work OCE will be populated again for all modes.