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  1. It'd be fine if it paused the healing when hitting bumps but not cancel it.
  2. Maybe we need a Oceania game. Wonder how many AUS/NZ players are on the forum.
  3. Yep... Dropped a guy with M24 headshot then had to shoot him 4 times while crawling to finish him... Lol
  4. The Thompson Can use both box and drum magazines IRL though.
  5. I'm envious. For me it's more like jump, swear, no loot, swear, see first circle, swear, find shotgun, swear, get shot in the head by KAR98, swear.... jump, empty buildings, swear, die, swear.... jump, load out, potato and die, swear.... Then I get a kill and it's all worth it. 🤣
  6. Just thinking out loud.... What if the devs could uncap the FPS and give us a counter on the training ground only. For the sake of curiosity, let's see what the Xbox One X is really capable of.... We keep hearing talk of graphics being held back for the sake of the OG and crap like that. Maybe we can get the whole 60fps issue put to bed. What do you reckon?
  7. Chaff grenade? Really? What next... a nude bomb or boogie bomb? Besides.... chaff is basically exploding foil to fool radar etc. I think what you're referring to would be something like an EMP grenade, which I don't believe exists (yet).
  8. I'd like to see a limit on how many throwables can be carried. Perhaps tied to vest level? eg: No vest - 1 Level 1 - 2 Level 2 - 4 Level 3 - 6
  9. I was just posting a question pal. No need to be a complete prick about it.
  10. Nah, I like having a couple of hours of low latency in Oceania whenever I play. If region selection came back in all the OC players would bugger off back to NA. I don't mind playing on NA when needed, but low latency is obviously nicer.
  11. Yeah, you're probably right. It's a shame, I'd imagine PUBG Corp would be pretty keen, purely to extend the life of the game on console. The population on Xbox still seems OK, as I never have any long waits to find a game (I don't mind playing on NA once Oceania times out). Like any game though, the population will continue to drop and it'd be great to boost the player base with PS4 users.
  12. Has anyone heard or knows anything regarding Xbox/PS4 cross platform. I know it was mentioned a while back that they were looking into it but I was curious if there's been any progress on this or if it's still way down the list.
  13. Haha.... What a tool. I know you're putting it on though. You're like the Anthony Mundine of PUBG (hopefully enough Aussies to understand that reference).
  14. Mate I hear you. It's exhausting after a while reading nothing but bitching from the entitled sooks. In terms of dollars spent vs hours played, no other game in my life has come anywhere close to PUBG. Sure there are a few problems but 99% of the time nothing really bothers me to the point I get angry (except getting shot in the head by KAR98s... lol).
  15. I really think there could be something in this. How do we tag/alert develop developers regarding this?
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