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  1. Or invite him to a party and politely ask him to kill himself 🤷‍♂️
  2. Is this the next thing OP would want?
  3. Weird flex but ok. I have a one squad man win as well just in case (feel free to keep flexing guys) lol I know that feeling I mainly play Solo FPP and I can only play from 6pm to 10pm local time and after that I'm forced to jump to tpp unfortunately.
  4. Damn. Even lvl 2 is enough for me, I carry an AKM with a Kar98 most of the times, 150 rounds, two frags, one smoke, one flashbang, 4 first aids, two painkillers and 4/5 energy drinks. That's more than enough to kill a player and loot him if needed to recover some ammo/meds. I always try to carry a revolver as those 7 bullets will give you another kar98/m24 mag and you're asking for a lvl 4 backpack, are you planning to loot once and have enough loot for the entire game taking no risk looting from boxes? That's a big no from me, lvl 3 is way more than enough. Soon you'll be asking for a lvl 4 helmet 🤷‍♂️
  5. Just like others have the chance to carry 10 nades and win the game you can do the same also, they certainly weigh a lot so to carry 10 nades as you say you should sacrifice either ammo or meds and scopes, you choose how to play and take risks! Grenades should be left as they are
  6. Here are some clips of me clutching Squads and Duo games with +10 kills in FPP. My friends got used not to leave a game when dying, me personally I always stay till the game's over even if I'm dead.
  7. Pugnaq


  8. 1) If you can remove it to Community feel free to do so. 2) Theres a Duo teaming in Solo in my first frag. 3) I don't have a channel.
  9. Or better, who knows
  10. Pay attention specially to the frags.
  11. Maybe he had Godmode enabled?
  12. Says the guy that loves defending solo teamers (but he ain't one)😁
  13. Here comes my rant once again and it's not because of bugs or glitches. You either console ban these losers or pubg will keep losing players.
  14. Pubg is like a toxic relationship, you hate it for a minute and you'll love it the next one. Regardless of all the bugs and glitches I'm really grateful we have this game on console, I remember when I first knew about PUBG it was PC only and I never really liked gaming on pc (I love controllers) I wanted it so bad on consoles that just when it was released I didn't even think about it and bought it. I remember buildings took almost 90 seconds to render but I still loved it. No game has ever made me so anxious and made me all kinds of emotions in a single match, from finding a gun to survive the last circles and get my first solo win wich felt like graduation. Now that I've played somewhere around 5000 games I can't really ask for anything else, I bought the game for $30 plus $20 for the gold AKM skin and Vikendi pass. As much as I've hated this game in certain circumstances I can't deny I've enjoyed it more than enough, and as much as I hate having to admit that this game is dying on SOLO FPP (my main game mode) I will always be grateful with the devs for making this awesome game.
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