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  1. Buy a cheap internal ssd like a Kingston for 30 bucks and then an enclosure that will turn it into an external ssd.. less than 40 dollars, if you look on my profile I made a post with links to the cheapest ssd set up I could find, hope that helps
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone.. Ill give this all a try.. gonna try using double a batteries as well instead of my play and charge kit
  3. No I mean, as in my friends are saying I have a buzz coming from my mic
  4. Yeah, move your left stick slightly left or right when this happens. It needs to be pretty close to perfectly up, hopefully you dont have an old/bad controller.
  5. What phase was it in? It shouldn't really matter that there were 35 people left, it depends more on the phase of the circle
  6. So I had a pair of 30 dollar turtle beaches and I kept having a slight buzzing noise when in a party, so I went out and bought a 80 dollar pair of recon 200s. I still have the same buzz though! It seems to come and go. I dont have my controller charging, and I've tried them with another controller and same issue. Mic monitoring all the way down as well. Anyone have this issue or know what's going on? I dont want to play in any parties with this issue so any help is appreciated!
  7. When I'm chasing another vehicle and they unsuccessfully try to switch seats and shoot me.. I just spin them out, hop out and easy kill
  8. I sense some lies somewhere in that comment lol
  9. Lol at you thinking that achievement promotes teaming.. no one ever decided to start teaming because of that
  10. It's pretty simple really. Grenades are overpowered. Doesn't mean I think they should change anything, but grenades are easily one of the most powerful weapons on pubg, anyone that argues that would be wrong. Just gotta learn to use them if they aren't gonna nerf them.
  11. Just upgraded recently, I've played on the one s for the last 2 years so I see it from both perspectives.
  12. I would disagree. Just because there aren't more buildings and trees doesn't mean there's no cover on mirmar.. there's cover almost everywhere
  13. You want an in game advantage because you payed more money? Pubg is for the xbox, not just the One x. It's also not pay to win. Btw, I have a one x.
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