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  1. Joker88

    Smokes are still being worked on.

    maybe dynamic wind direction changes? no wind dry air, then 1 direction and after time goes by maybe another change of directions.
  2. Joker88

    Footstep sounds broken?

    PUBG can only play so many sounds around you and may reach a certain limit and not play new sounds that may be creeping around your location. seems like they do not prioritize to whats closest to you but rather the first come first serve.
  3. Does anyone ever wonder when will we see smoke direction that is synced for all players? its all good now that people see the same upwards same expanding smoke but directional smoke back in the day was the coolest thing about the smokes. it was server and client side I believe was the issue. my Suggestion would be to implement Direction of wind for the server to populate the same smoke to appear for everyone to see in the server. maybe even bullets may be affected but thats an after idea.
  4. I`m curious because of long breaks between patches, the first aids now heal like band aids but in bigger chunks over time.
  5. I can only.imagine double knocked out situations when both guys are shooting each other on the floor. people are.going to be so mad when the first guy who gets knocked knocks out the other and keeps shooting at the second person almost instantly killing that person as they fall to the ground and just start shooting back lol. I like the idea to make pistols useful. imho the main reason why pistols are not utilized Is because quick draws or exentended clips are pretty.much everywhere. the ammo is abundant and most spawned weapons give you 2 boxes of ammo which pretty.much seals someone's fate when you spray down 2 boxes.of bullets. they need to make bullets scarced and maybe have more pistols to be quicker to pull out vs a quick draw mag. just saying pubg at the moment is a little spray and pray friendly and the loot table doesnt make people.really think about how to shoot at anything. less ammo and placing shots would be my emphasis on a true battle royale game.
  6. Joker88

    Make PUBG great again.

    ruins the quality of game and experience. this happens all the time and I don't think most people are able to 3xpress what happens to them or.just accept. the game is broken. these hitches and micro desyncs are not acceptable when the game is 1 life and time to kill is very small. timing and taking skill shots are deff not rewarded with these problems plaguing the game from the start.
  7. Joker88

    Make PUBG great again.

    clearly you dont see the difference between 2 perspectives and player models warping around and not synced. this is one of the main reasons why people blame their gun game, or have to use specific weapons to beat such flawed desyncy systems. when you use weapons that rely on timing and for close range capability you cannot just pray the game doesnt screw you over just because it cant handle the capability to try and make the game as close to 1:1. the guy in his perspective was already moving after or even whilethe first shot was happening. what was he doing on my screen when I fired the first shot and then the second? sitting in the corner still when I move away he then moves too.
  8. Joker88

    Make PUBG great again.

    yes you are correct when you watch the replay on his view hes already moving after the first shot, on my screen he sits still and then moves after the shot was fired. my original content doesnt look at him because I seek cover because how do you miss something that isnt moving lol
  9. Joker88

    Make PUBG great again.

    dude watch the Point of view perspective, he was moving before the second shot happened. In my perspective I came around the corner missed the first one, and shot the second one into his sitting body that didnt move yet. the game is clearly catching up between each interaction shooting and moving. and also WARP? wasnt the rewind as obvious to see he just teleported out of the barrage of bullets?
  10. Joker88

    God like players

    When I experience a cheater, I like to watch the player after I die and form a opinion on their natural talent when it comes to moving to locations, how often they look around their surroundings and how they track players weather or not its a straight line and they bee line it and spot players super unaturally or if they go through natural investigations. I play alot and I like to go through process of how to engage, how to track, vantage points, map awareness and even play between 3rd and 1st person because of how the camera completely changes the way you position your self.
  11. easy recoil = easy game bring on burst mentality and then you will see a totally different game.
  12. Joker88

    New weapon: Desert Eagle (maybe?)

    I personally do not want any more guns, I would like them to work on different ballistics features and figure out how to make guns and weapons that they have now viable and useful. so far the way how this game is with the abundance of weapons, the abundance of attachments, the abundance of ammo I have never ever felt the need to pull out a secondary. with 30-40 bullets to spray out against 2 or more people is enough. never in my life I needed to pull out a pistol in the heat of battle because reloading is just so quick, the abundance of ammo doesnt really make me cherish ammo conservation, the game doesnt revolve around burst fire mentality when spraying is deemed the reliable method of shooting. all skill shot weapons including pistols are useless when it comes to efficiency just putting them in PUBG's wacky system. Unless it it 1tap someone vs low tier armour sets.
  13. here is a vss held spray to shoot but I had it shot a few bullets stop and then sputter and re shoot again. here is another spray down I hold at the start and you see it shoots one bullet and shoots very slowly as I try to cycle back into single fire to shoot because something is wrong. this was like.... January I was having these issues.