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    Apex basically took best functions from most games and compiled it to fast pace zones. having different team compositions play out to how each player wants to complement each other. Having a medic class, having a defensive class or even just plain damage dealers creates roles for people to play. In pubg the only class you get is what weapons you pick up.
  2. I have gone back to playing Insurgency, Rainbow Six, New love for Resident Evil 2 remake, I am hoping to see another Rainbow Six that played like Vegas and V2, more round base tactical shooters. I am hoping that a development team can actually produce something out of the Original Battle Royale concept with real indepth features. but us wait till these spammy type BR's die that have no foundation. Im really surprised how long these types of BR's have lasted.
  3. there are way too many broken things in this game just to screw you over and I have decided to take a break for a while till I see something gets overhauled in the mechanics side of the game. everything is like an extra chore to do the most simple tasks yet you get screwed because what you intended to do never unfolded.
  4. yep, its like cranking a old lawn mower engine crank and sputters, crank and sputters.
  5. Joker88

    Is ESP players back in play

    PUBG's buggyness and lack of innovation of how to fix their game and enhance certain features, and yet they still keep getting bombarded with cheaters and hackers.
  6. Joker88

    Becker Revolver Shotgun

    I'd like them to made shotguns useful first before adding or removing them. they are hit or miss and nothing in the middle. the "middle" is whats missing and that is where shotguns shine being a suppressive high energy shots from point blank to 10-15m. so far you experience nothing from all the weapons when it comes to CQC fights.
  7. Like I feel like the fastest you can dive to the ground is doing the first part of a burpee
  8. lol me and my buddy queued into a FPP server and he crashed, got back in and ended up having 3rd person view. he jumped into a buggy and couldnt get out of it, kept saying no throwables.
  9. Joker88

    Wind sound!

    adding in more ambient noises and lessening the characters sounds either by implementing walk being more silent and while walking to making other actions more quiet than usual. As of this moment you can hear someone jogging by you like 5-7 houses down.
  10. I think generally most people do not know how to loot fast. watching streamers go in and out within like 5 seconds with 2 fully decked out weapons.
  11. I dont play it either but it shows that if something isnt working like they intended or they look to improve such features they do not scrap, they work on it and fix it and make it better. Bi-pods or even using cover to help maneuver the guns a bit better in situational types of shooting. guns getting jammed up on cover or not being deployed on cover in BF5 was probably the complaint, in PUBG we have everything in the map that jams up the guns if you do not have a perfect world when someone is lined up on the same level of your object you would like to shoot over. you also have objects in the world that are not scaled properly to human size.
  12. I think it was more of a playstyle shock than anything. like BR a new concept, people had to get use to playing in erangale that played very plain and sorta flat landish. when it takes players to learn how maps are played they get comfortable and build their own strategies to help place better. I notice alot of people dont win or have not even had top 10 situations. most cases people hide and do not seek confrontation to secure territory but would rather cower away in some house and wait for people to pass by and then come out just to be a thorn in someones side and then get into a head to head situation and lose it because they are not innovative enough to know the mechanics of fighting, how to bait, how to spray down, how to use throwables. To this day I still have people not pick up utility items and would rather have only nades or have 9 of them but in the heat of the moment they completely forget that they had them in the first place. Its like they have never been there before when to exercise a throw able situation and flush someone out of cover or to cook a nade and how to time it properly. Alot of the population is very lazy and do not seek far to get better or to learn something new. they just get comfy, and then you get a relief type of map like sanhok that provides casual mentality of lots of loot and close combat oriented games. From enragale to miramar is a huge step in learning how to play differently and then you add something new, it wont be received well when people are just still learning how to play the regular game and build courage.
  13. Bi- Pods improved, vaulting over smaller objects more smoother and also jump to climb vaulting improved. I have played the beta and knew these were problems and felt sluggish and not responsive and here they are looking to address problems I dont even play but here they are. PUBG needs to get on making features in the game more smoother, less clunky, and responsive and you can rely on something to happen if you intend it to happen.
  14. Yeah I thought it was a great step in the right direction. You can long drop so easily and get back into zone with everything make it to top 30 by the time the first circle ends. like what the hell is that? at least other games Make you and already have a zone pre made in the map so people cant use 100% of the map. just what the RNG deals out to you is what first zones should do.
  15. I love it because it really tests map awareness, using divots to your advantage, no flat lands that is super duper easy to line up dmr/sniper shots, getting close to people for CQC combat is an art, utilizing smokes in open field and providing cover smokes when all teams fight each other that you can shroud your self out of their attention.