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  1. The only way pistols get anywhere in balance wise is, 1. Not just faster running speed while in hand, Pistol in hand allows for faster vaulting and interacting with objects 2. being able to utilize and shoot over cover easier with 1 hand or even ads to lean over objects and shoot at better angles 3. having the ability to prime throwables with a pistol in hand so you dont have to make that long switch between primary and throwable, Burst in and shoot after the throwable is tossed.(feature means 1 hand throw means less accuracy and less power if throwing off balanced) 4. Pistols actually have stopping power to hold a person off areas(small distances) where pistols and small arms are suppose to be usefull. 5. Reduce amount of ammo carried in the game to make secondaries usefull instead of 1 clip does it all (40 bullets in a AR means that a pistol = useless and will never be pulled out for a follow up). OR to reduce Extended, quick draw, or extended quick draws and make them rare. 6. having 2 primaries at the begining just makes pistols obsolete, I think having to find a gun sling to open up a second Primary spot would make pistols a must have till the second sling is found. Just making more powerful pistols just to keep up with the faster killing weapons is just a cop out if you ask me.
  2. when you mean learning curve you have to do scientific research in a 1 life per game, and figure out that you do not trade bullets when you die, you receive a huge amount of desync when interacting with anyone other than vehicles and air drops. Learning that DPS is a huge factor when it comes to gun fights, Recoil Dragging to stay on target is king. when you take a player from any other game and plug them into PUBG, they will not understand the backwards ways the game plays like at the core. I dont think many casuals will stick around just to learn how to be good when the hole games core is rotten. It just doesnt make sense, I would say players would have a better chance in learning how to play from H1z1 rather than from PUBG. so many flaws and bugs.
  3. biggest gripe about the vaulting animation being so slow, jump to climb or grabbing onto ledges will def enhance the mobility of the game.
  4. Jack Frags Pre Fires at the door frame and the enemy warps past it without getting melted, till he swipes and chases and tags the warped charater model as he clears the door frame. and to say practice at pre firing at images popping up at any location is the stupidest suggestion.
  5. why do you need anything else if you have the position on person who cant see you yet and you got the bigger weapon that can put people down with 2-3 shots if you can see them popping out the door fluidly. its like you must have a automatic to succeed in these situations when in a game that would play 1:1 he would have been tagged the second he tried to bully his way through that door and shot between his 1-3 steps going into the spot where he shot choco.
  6. what do you mean misses his shots? he has to predict where tthe guy stops sprinting through the door frame and then shoot at the image that has stopped for him. you can see him tracking the blurr of image then comes to a stop but by then you are good as dead. this was a huge case of desync as you see the guy doing the moon walk to the middle of the hallway then is shooting into him. this is why guns like the Mutant cannot compete because there isnt enough room for tracking and to hold defensive position, hell the main reasons why 80% of the weapons in PUBG are not good because they cannot compete with the struggle of beating out High Desync and DPS fights.
  7. I digress, shotguns blow, when you get first blood and you score a huge spread on a person that they dont die and do this to you.
  8. choco just gets warped pistoled desynced just because he held the defensive position. The games a joke.
  9. 4:42 Jack Frags has the guy pinned in the corner, the guy has a few options, Hold his position and wait for Jack to move out to him, Peek and try to attack with little to show, commit to stepping out and shooting, or to full on sprint through the gap of the door and try his luck repositioning at the end of the hallway. ANY game you pre fire into the door frame and you watch them get shot within the first shots they step into they should be dead or the impact of the bullets should hold someone up if they dare try to cross such a gap that is being contested. In PUBG you can easily get out of a situations that is deemed a death trap when you have gotten your self pinned, the game basically didnt allow JackFrags to fully track the dude when he initially started to move out in the open of the door frame and you see him 90 degrees face you to fight and manages to warp through the door frame shoot JackFrags once before he clears the door frame. That wasnt smooth at all and I was surprised how JackFrags even put up another damaging shot before he cleared the door as you see blood spray off of the air. Now JackFrags understands the mechanics of peekers advanatage too so he decides I have done some damage to the enemy and he only hit me once, knowing when to push for the game to catch up and allow you to shoot, look at where the enemy is focusing at the door frame probably ready to shoot but after he has to fight against the same issue of Where will Jack pop out, Will he hold, will he peek only, or will he full out sprint and force the game to catch up as jack is the one in movement vs someone holding position. Desync in a game is bad when it counters these principles.
  10. for the last couple of days I have been playing I had been killed by numerous cheaters. some had un canny reactions or even sized me up before I even got into a position to set up and shoot at them. all have been reported and I watched them as they played 1 by 1 get kicked out. just watching how someone plays with cheats and do not go through natural progressions of checking vantage points and carelessness when it comes to engagements.
  11. oh yeah that was another thing that bugged me when walking around and then you press ADS, you can no longer walk anymore and just normal speed walk. I dont think blue hole ever thought someone would ADS and keep pressing the walk button . yes the game is very very loud, the distance between objects and structures dont really muffle the sound, and I have a real hard time guaging distances if they are 1 or 2 walls away from me and all I got to go on its a loud thudding sound pacing in 1 way or another and sometimes when dealing with close range combat you cant rely solely on reacting because of desync that you are trying to use the best of your senses and the sound is just bad.
  12. wtf moses saves all of his deaths because he wants to compile evidence against people who frequently are in his games.
  13. would be awesome for any weapon to take a tactical position and mount the weapon on a window or a ledge. just sayin.
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