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  1. Well.. I love driving very much. I remember the days driving on top 10. Too scared for a fight, it was on Erangel. Especially on Solos 😱 I love also cruising full gas with the muscle car in Miramar on that straight dessert high way + using 1 gas can. (when it's possible) Suggestion: I wish there was more Simulation Drive, like while driving from the FPP View, - Looking in the mirrors + - Manual shifting with clutch:)) + - More realistic dashboard + - Some Radio Stations + - Lights to turn on/off + - Advanced Settings for Pro Drivers - Optional) should be very nice. + @Dangles suggestion about "Manual Tanking on a Gas Station should be very nice as well. Though 😇 Atm I'm using it more on the Training Ground. When I'm done with shooting, I parachute to the circuit and drive until the end + incl. 3 Gas ⛽ cans.. + drive around the whole map as well. Thanks.. 🚥🚗
  2. Wild Card- QBZ skin looks good 👊 😏
  3. You should record this and upload to YouTube with the title "How I destroyed my Xbox Controller?" Click Bait! 👈 😪
  4. I'm using a USB Flash Drive 3.0 (64gb) to record clips on 1080p 60min long. You can clip the whole match and editing on your pc/ laptop to upload clips on YouTube. The advantage of this is: - If you don't have the possibility to streaming or you don't have the right hardware or related tools, this is the best, easiest and fastest way to create your Game(play) Content. - And your clips will never Auto delete which happened to me before switching to this😒 - Don't forget to give your clips some Cathy Title relevant to the Situations. - Recommended to capture your clips in 1080p, The quality has more preferred.. Though.. The disadvantage is: - Sharing the clips on Xbox Live is not possible or editing in Upload Studio.. Thanks! 💤😪
  5. I think maybe PUBG CORP should create 1or2 more maps to solve the discussion. Like with 5/6 maps it's pointless to have a map selection.. :))))
  6. I got only one game with 7 kills played non-stop almost hole day. (my best game ever;) After that game I have the same. Tbh it's more depend on " how I feel and play" atm. 😒 It's a Hardcore game. So.. Settings: - Type: A - All settings: Default - Aim Acc: OFF - General Sens. : 12 / 15 / 16 ( I don't change that all the time, but its between this sens.) You're welcome! 😒
  7. He's a Mixer Streamer.. The only PUBG Streamer I watch atm. He play's only PUBG which I very like.. Nice Guy Note: He drops always Hot. So watch out! :))
  8. I try, but takes to much time.. So I'm doing part by part :
  9. I didn't removed that part after the unboxing. It protect the screen against the dirt. I can remove it, but the screen becomes dirty after two days I guess. So if you buy a new tv in the future, I suggest to not remove that from your tv if you have that on the tv. You can always remove it later if you want. Highly Recommended! :))
  10. Now I'm Ready, No I'm Not :// - Samsung TV/Monitor (22inc) - Xbox One S - Earphones - Boost - Painkillers - Some Bandages
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