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  1. loyalityy

    what is best way to share pubg clips?

    I'm using a USB Flash Drive 3.0 (64gb) to record clips on 1080p 60min long. You can clip the whole match and editing on your pc/ laptop to upload clips on YouTube. The advantage of this is: - If you don't have the possibility to streaming or you don't have the right hardware or related tools, this is the best, easiest and fastest way to create your Game(play) Content. - And your clips will never Auto delete which happened to me before switching to this😒 - Don't forget to give your clips some Cathy Title relevant to the Situations. - Recommended to capture your clips in 1080p, The quality has more preferred.. Though.. The disadvantage is: - Sharing the clips on Xbox Live is not possible or editing in Upload Studio.. Thanks! 💤😪
  2. loyalityy

    Map polling

    Compared with R6..
  3. loyalityy

    Map polling

    I think maybe PUBG CORP should create 1or2 more maps to solve the discussion. Like with 5/6 maps it's pointless to have a map selection.. :))))
  4. loyalityy

    Super fast settings

    I got only one game with 7 kills played non-stop almost hole day. (my best game ever;) After that game I have the same. Tbh it's more depend on " how I feel and play" atm. 😒 It's a Hardcore game. So.. Settings: - Type: A - All settings: Default - Aim Acc: OFF - General Sens. : 12 / 15 / 16 ( I don't change that all the time, but its between this sens.) You're welcome! 😒
  5. loyalityy

    Turn off captures x1x 👌👍

    All my PUBG Clips are AUTO DELETED! It still hurts.. 😒😢😔
  6. loyalityy

    Player Unknown Has Left The Game

    Wow.. He moves to Amster'Dammmn 👈 😇😏
  7. loyalityy

    Hit reg is fine right?

    Full Boost Detail! When you are "Full Boosted" and get die hard shots, it gives a lot of damage but you will have still "Low Health". So there's a higher chance to survive.. Note: (I'm always Full Boosted! 👈)
  8. loyalityy

    I got hope in the next update, (kind of)

    1 day left.. 🙏 (It's not easy. To understand try to write a basic code with C++ / it's very hard, but possible. Like you need to spend at least 10.000 hours to become an Expert)😐 🆒🆗
  9. loyalityy

    If you’re reading this

    Clean Screen, Clear Screen... #LazerFocus
  10. loyalityy

    PUBGeezus is watching us

    Boohhhh Creepy!
  11. loyalityy

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    After the new update I started playing FPP only. - Match making takes to much time (I think this is more depend on the time zone, not sure about it) For example: 5/6 am (Europe time) in the morning match making almost not possible or takes to much time or cancel auto. - 15pm until the midnight: Can find a match (Sometimes it take 5 min, the next match making 1/2min, the other one 30/45sec.) it's different all the time. - Known issues at the beginning of the game. But I like to see every 30 second a Match. Tbh I try to drop hot and got killed within 1 minute. So I will back to the game so fast as possible. It keep me warm to make some progress. When you cool down after a match, it makes the game really hardcore to become warm again. Legendary! Thanks for reading this comment..
  12. The question is: - Why tpp players switching to fpp view while playing? Before the update I was only on tpp. When I got killed, I spectated at least 3 players, too see how they play and I'm telling you at least 2 of them playing in Fpp view. Nothing wrong with it, but Why, if you prefer TPP?