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  1. i think report for using vpn will be good idea, better i will wait in lobby more time than i will play with chinese cheaters!
  2. tnka

    Opinions on Update #27

    awp vs 2lvl vest = goodbye
  3. It's not suprise that there no 1000 players who reach 6000 sp in any mode, much of them abused system and afk players (duo/squad)r bots (solo), you can easily see it on their stats. Another guys who reach 6000sp playing everyday more than 6-7 hours on same maps same mod. It's simple math: to reach only from 5000sp to 6000sp u need at least 200 hours (but normally you need more) of your time (for top10/solo you will only get 2 points, top1-3/solo you get only 3 poins). Thats super huge if you also tried stupid vikendi missions which means what you need to play all modes, not only solo/duo or squad. All popular pubg streamers not reached 6000sp because of this stupid system! Bluehole use your brain and give ALL of us who reach REAL TOP1000 Lone Survivor and parachute reward, not only your fake top1000 with 150-250 bot list! We are not the robots to play your game 24/7 and only ONE mode! I wanna play all modes: solo, duo and squad and get rewards! P.S. Sorry for my bad english and hope you understand my position! If i will not see any changes i think i'm done with this game after 2250 hours of playing because this is the last straw I suffer from developers...
  4. ты менее чем за месяц 1500 каток сыграл?! скажи как по-быстрому апнуться с 5к до 6к, сколько у тебя по времени в день на это уходило?
  5. 262m kill (you can easily see it on the minimap), but the game show it as 131m!
  6. After update the game still think what square 50x50m (the real size 100x100). Actually 178m kill count as only 89m!
  7. Minimap Dynamic zoom now not working when you fly (always 4x4 map square)
  8. It happen when you set the same button on "Free Look" and "Item Quantity Control". For example button "P". When you trying to drop some things from your inventory with "P" button your character Look will stuck and you can do nothing until you press the button "P" again...
  9. tnka

    Week 2 mission failed.

    was the same for me, when i deal about ~520 dmg, but with 600+ dmg i completed it
  10. Little square on map for me as 50x50m, big 500x500m, at least my last 200 games... first screen 106m kill but count as 53m second 338m kill count as 169m... vikendi missions also think what the square is 50x50 (for example "SR 300m kill" now need 6+ squares for me) maybe the problem is what i always use Shift/Hold breath when shooting ... when firing on long distance