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  1. I agree it is a good step, but not the one bluehole should be making right now. The playerbase of pubg ps4 is tiny, and now you bring in a system where people could get wrongfully banned, further dwindling that playerbase. If pubg corp is putting resources towards this, it means less resources are going towards performance and graphical improvements, which i think is this game's biggest downfall. On a normal ps4, the game runs at like 720p, 30 frames, with jagged edges because they cut the anti-aliasing so far back. Now granted, i realize this hardware is outdated and hard to work with, but other games in the genre at least run at 40-60fps. I love the realism that pubg provides (despite having to play from a camera floating 10 ft behind my head. Erg. FPP needs players.) But if they want players, they have to at least be running 40-50 frames to stand a chance. So to tie it all back, although banning isnt a bad step, i would rather see them put that effort towards improving the game. Thank you for coming to my ted talk :)
  2. Unpopular opinion here, but devs should make sure there is actually a decent playerbase before they ban people. There are bigger problems with this game than bluehole banning people who are trying to make an evening out of their shit game. If i got banned i would literally laugh and delete the app. It definitely is good that they are thinking about the quality of their matches, but one step at a time, and performance is the first step, not banning.
  3. This game is quite literally unplayable on console. Ever thought of just significantly decreasing the graphics quality to get 60fps? Honestly id rather play on potato graphics than have my frames drop to zero whenever the game renders, or when i kill someone, or when im in a car. You are quite literally getting beat by the entire battle royale genre right now on console. What happened to the battle royal god, pubg? The one that took good elements of primitive battle royales and blended them into a super realistic slugfest. Make pubg great again!
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