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  1. It will fit!! Just bring a Hammer to make sure..
  2. My thoughts...you need another topic about this? And if you can't beat them then join them. /thread.
  3. NastySix

    Vikendi pass price

    How many are you buying? 🤣 Btw...for the ps4 it's €9,99 here...so thats £8,66.
  4. NastySix

    Can you please nerf the Vector???

    Go to your local army recruitment center and sign up for some "realism"... Or play like me, setup shop in the backyard in a tent and let the kids take popshots at me with their bb-guns from the house...
  5. Yes this happens alot when you go in at 04:00am CeT. Try again at 12:00 CeT. Last week on a weekday after 22:30 I was in a random squad..1 from Canada, 1 from Egypte and myself from Germany...