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  1. Erangel = "Classic Map" On this map, we mostly use proper names. But we also have some nicknames for specific places like "Bad Mojo" and "Sweet Spot". Mirimar = Desert Map Mirimar Bus = shaggin' wagon Sanhok = 'Nam Vikendi Milnar = "Dinner Town" (because we have done well and got chicken dinners when dropping there) Misc: AWM = A&W S12K = "Cover Charge" (because it gets you in the door) MP5 = When this comes into the game I will probably call it the "Carl Weathers" because he used it in "Predator".
  2. Thank you for posting this. I really didn't want to create duplicate threads, but I didn't see yours so I posted on this as well. I have really noticed a difference. I felt that before I could survive initial volleys and maybe even win. Now I feel that if somebody has good line of sight on me, that I can be shredded in very little time regardless of the level of armor I have on.
  3. THANK YOU!! I didn't see this. Wish I saw it earlier.
  4. Yes, I wondered about that. I've definitely died when I either thought I was in better cover or I could see a sliver of the other guy but he must have been able to see me fine.
  5. Ah I didn't know that (that you can see the region). I'm going to check that out tonight. Yes, I saw that in the patch notes as well. You're right that it might have something to do with that. I feel like I could take damage before, but possibly return fire etc. depending on how accurate my opponent was. But now I feel like I'm not getting those chances to respond because I'm dying too fast. Wish I could be more scientific here, but unfortunately I haven't been able to in this department.
  6. Thx for the reply. But to clarify, I'm not saying that I'm dying faster than other people...it just feels like I'm taking more damage now than I used to. I do record my gameplay (with an external) and I have tried to compare. I haven't found the key piece of evidence....and I'm not sure if I ever will. It's just more of a 'feeling'. I know that's subjective, so that's why I wanted to see if other people felt the same. As for non local servers, I'm really not sure. I should be in NA, but I don't know where the game puts me.
  7. I have been watching for posts, but I haven't seen any discussion or comments on the topic. I also wanted to get some hours in before I made a post on it, but I feel like I am dying way faster to other players since the patch. Has anybody else noticed this?
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