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  1. In squad game we fired one in gatka fields while we are driving. Pulled the car near hills. 3 squad wiped eachtoher and we watched .
  2. I'm really wondering how they will react when a guy jumps on the plane, calling China numba one and kills 70 people in 1 min. As a FPP player I rarely see cheaters. PUBG is dying because it's getting boring.
  3. They are playing TPP and you are playing FPP I'm guessing.
  4. Also people could use all resources that come with flare gun in current circle as well. You know only limited amount of crates and UAZs called by flare guns. If there is none you won't get anything.
  5. SR = AWM, M24, Kar98k DMR = Mk14, SLR, SKS, VSS, QBU, Mini 14 Hunting Rifle = Win94 According to last dev letter Win94 has a different class.
  6. I'm not sure. Killing an enemy with SLR would be much easier and faster if you shoot to the body comparing to M24. So this brings maybe more balance between eachother.
  7. For once everyone using the burst in mid to close range. After pubg nerfed the weapon 5 times nobody using the burst because nobody using M16A4 in the game. For statistics it is the in the last 5 preferred weapon. Even people pick crossbow more than M16. Because it is a trash weapon. Kicks more than the other ARs as single fire and horrible in CQC because burst mode is unreliable. Buffing it is necessary and they did it.
  8. I don't understand what are you meaning. I'll tell you what I want then you take the answer if there is in it. I'm a play who don't like Vikendi so much, I have some reasons. I love the other 3 maps especially 8x8 maps are slightly better for my liking. But that does not mean I hate Sanhok. I love this game because I love modern realistic shooting games and it's less boring comparing to the other shooting games. Because randomness brings amazing joy in this game. Each game you don't know the plane path, circles, what will other people going to do , where to go etc.etc. You create a different strategy per game which increase the time that you've start to feel boring to play the game. I started to play this game in November 2017 and played some damn hours even I don't know anymore. But there is a boring side of the game ; weapons. The variety was so low that everybody using almost identical weapons after the early game stage. In time they are releasing the weapons one by one which increase the combination of the weapons per game. Then Miramar released and they create regional weapon system came in the game. But it was OK because the weapons are not that important, it only effects the early game such as win94 R45, Sawed off etc. With the release of Sanhok 2 regional weapons have came. Both QBZ and QBU. I can understand that for realism because you can only find that weapon in China. Yet that doesn't mean they should remove SCAR L and Mini 14 for adding those weapons. And that problem started with that. Now as a player what I want? I want to see more different weapons at late game, I wanted to use Bizon with my QBU in Sanhok. I want to use SLR with MP5K in Miramar, I want to use G36C with M24 in Erangel etc. I wanted to be surprised with the weapons as much surprised with circle, flight path and randomness. Currently I always playing with same weapons and they are not hard to find even in Erangel and current different combinations are not enough to make the game exciting. Instead it's boring. Even in pro scene, it's boring as well. Players using SCAR L, M416 and AKM generally with a long range option. Devs has to understand that , this game is not Counter Strike Global Offense. @Takarii send this message to the community managers. Ask them made a pole in social media around Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc. Ask that question for the community. If majority don't wanna see the all weapons in all maps I'll just shut my mouth and quit the game. But if community wants it then do it please.
  9. Same happening to me. My favourite world spawn AR is G36C. And I'm not playing Vikendi for a month and not intending to play for a long time. Thats why G36C is not existing to me same goes for the new weapon. I've been around in this community and I hardly suggested G36 and MP5 variant weapons in the game. But unfortunately I cannot play in my favourite maps. This is a problem. I bet there are people who likes Vector and Vikendi together , that is a problem for them as well. Also in Vikendi 45. ACP bullets will be useless with that edition because most of people are not fan of Tommy Gun Win94 and pistols are not preferred except in early game. Removing the only usefull 45. ACP weapon from a map is not even a wise idea, what were they thinking I don't know. It's just another useless update for me. Making all weapons will be playable in all maps won't even hurt anybody as soon as they keep the weapons strength balance. All they have to do reduce some weapons spawn rate for adding the other ones. And I don't think one or two UMP becomes a MP5K won't break the game.
  10. They remove one while adding another. There would be tons of SMG while total variety would be 5.... because 6 will kill them and collapse entire game according to their logic.
  11. After all these update don't you have bored just a little bit to do this? Am I have to play Vikendi just because the weapon (MP5K) that I'm waiting for god damn one freaking year ?? I don't like Vikendi, some people don't like Sanhok and they complained about the map selection issues. Nobody has to like all 4 maps. Then WHY THE F... YOU ARE RELEASING A WEAPON FOR ONLY GOD DAMN MAP? WHY ARE YOU FORCING ME OR SOME OTHER PLAYERS TO PLAY A MAP JUST BECAUSE TO SEE NEW FEATURES? You couldn't be that stupid not to think about that PUBG. Do us a favour and make the weapons playable in all maps. And don't even call balancing is hard or etc. Even I can balance so with a resource you have you can do it as well.
  12. Only thing that I agree is the M16A4 thing.
  13. Now we have proper map selection.
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