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  1. I wish I had a super advice but I don't, the wackyjacky video gonna help you a lot if you're good with imaginative calculations, practice, and play some miramar so you can 1v1 snipe fight ppl without being 100% you're getting third partied
  2. I dont understand how ppl get injuries so easy lol, I've played like a no life many games (mmorpgs, 6k hours in csgo, etc) i remember being afraid of the carpal tunnel syndrom back in my cs times but never felt anything, how bad your posture is guys ?is not about playing so much is beyond that imo
  3. I suppose is the lost connection to host issue since our tm8s had it 4 games in a row last night.
  4. Lol Back in CS days there was an anticamper plugin which your screen goes progressively darker the more time you stand still lol
  5. Lol I'm not your typical 2kd whiner, driving anything but full throttle gonna get you killed by a shooter as myself, it doesn't happen to often but it still happens after all this time which is the only problem here, new erangel does contain this invisible walls too? @PUBG_Andymh5
  6. I mean idk how many times I died by this, I remember they reduced the amount of this but why is still there ?why didn't they polished till the point there is 0 of these in the game? It is impossible ? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/hnk-l-jjarque/video/77213920
  7. I swear I wasn't able to see your head nor the gunshots flash, so I jumped out to the river and found out that the level was too low and the jump took 60% of my hp, indeed a bad night lol
  8. Yea I found a wookie camping me the zone and got rekt by it :< was a bad night for me in the customs
  9. If you feel threatened by someone saying to see you in a game where you kill each other, let me laugh again...
  10. That's why I'm coming back to PC peasants mindset is beyond me, stay with your OG till next gen and keep making posts complaining about performance, hope I find you in-game.
  11. Yes sure that mindset is why Microsoft has the hands tied with the parity bs, make developers make an low-req of their game so I can stay 5+years with my hardware, imagine if PC ppl had that mentality
  12. Just fine? Lmao I can see the kind of player you are, I'm done
  13. Ppl like you is saying the same the past 8 years and having us X users hold back because you're too smart for us right ?
  14. There is a way to hit walls at 60kmh+ and receive little to no damage but the dmg you receive against invisible rocks and random upside down situations when that shouldnt be possible its ridiculously high and they need to balance that
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