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  1. Damn! I've never seen this before not even with my friends who owns the OG, games running just FINE. 🤣
  2. Sanhok can be frustrating sometimes, but you could be doing something wrong, like where you land or how you deal with the fights
  3. Riot guys are decent, this tsg guys everyone I know doubt they're legit, we have a couple videos where they were shooting like they have modded controllers but who knows its not like they gonna get banned so...
  4. Ive 6kd and more than 15years playing fps at a high level, but my big ads thumbs can't get used to any higher sensitivity, it's like when I react when people surprises me I wiffle too much because of its too fast to even track their movement in that split of second, weird to explain but well I'll keep trying, what I did is buy an elite controller, I'm getting used to it and making big improvements in my aim
  5. Idk how people can be accurate with such high sensitivities, and hey I can even track running people with my 5sens x1 and x2, any higher sens make me miss all my mid-low range sprays
  6. Gratz but I remember I wiped you guys last night
  7. Mr StayInThePlane hahhahaa Harold you never cease to amaze me, now you brag of KD bcause you realized there is a lot of afk per squad match, never change Harold
  8. Lol just saying he's really nice as a person, doesn't mean everyone who's not like him is arrogant
  9. He's Canadian dude, seems like you never been good in anything ?
  10. The 5 secs wait to avoid getting in OC servers is back and is a pain..
  11. I use smokes as frags more than as smokes
  12. Some guy said that weapon spawn is affected by how far you're from main server due technical stuff which I have 0 idea, idk if EU servers are GER based or UK based
  13. Thanks i fast forwarded it right away, can't expect anything but taking 6 mins to kill a newb ftom Harold
  14. He has a controller cam in his stream, if is not on just ask him to show it
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