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  1. jjarQue

    Hacking on Xbox?

    Dsync is going crazy like persons now can shoot while in the falling animation and stuff, this game is going to die pretty soon if they don't improve the fps
  2. jjarQue

    pubg is dead

    For pc for sure not for xbox
  3. jjarQue

    Just another night of PUBG!

    If you see there is 40ish alive, the guy was coming from a long trip in UAZ and his buildings didn't render yet to the point he arrived OPs house. That is the main reason why I hate vikendi
  4. jjarQue

    Map rotation idea(?)

    @PUBG_Andymh5 why no one from the staff said anything about this post?
  5. How to report teamers? Tried to use the search but didn't find anything but teamkilling threads, how I send a video of 3 ppl teaming in solo?
  6. jjarQue

    Map rotation idea(?)

    Why would you wait 25 mins lol queue up and you will get your next map as the other 200000 players playing in peak hours, are you that close minded?
  7. jjarQue

    Destroy 10 helmets

    With akm is pretty easy
  8. jjarQue

    A simple reminder, this is pubg...

    This lol! Doing back flips landing perfectly horizontal and getting 50% ho dmg from landing make it not so funny sometimes
  9. jjarQue

    The rag doll physics are dumb now.

    When you kill 'em with the akm the game just slam the bodies to the floor and make it bounce like crazy lol only thing I dislike about this is that bounce making footsteps
  10. jjarQue

    Map rotation idea(?)

    Ye I know what you mean but I'm pretty sure they can handle the idea, there plenty parallel servers running it's not like it's just 3 servers we get connected with, it's just 4 maps.
  11. jjarQue


    With 30fps you can't have more than 30tick rate, 60fps should be top priority after all
  12. The other day thinking about vikendi and miramar dying on pc an idea came to me, I wouldnt have problem with a perma map rotation (don't know how to call it in English, fixated map selection?) like miramar-sanhok-erangel-vikendi and make it like a loop you know what I mean right? With this no map dies and no one complains about playing 10 erangel and 15 miramars for a single sanhok. Idk if this is viable but I repeat, my squad and I wouldnt have any problem with this map rotation idea. Thoughts? @PUBG_Andymh5
  13. jjarQue

    Wins to Games Played

    Ingame highest kd?
  14. jjarQue


    Step up your game, if youre sure someone is in a corner 3rd pertaining you? Bait and pre fire it's the easiest thing to do and they fall 9/10 if they're average players if they're good, well it's more difficult but mostly good players just are well confident of their gun play and gonna try whatever they want. You can always adapt dude stop whining
  15. jjarQue

    Wins to Games Played

    Stats Rank (Site) 3,957 Matches 3,968 Matches / Days 8.66 Wins 481 - (12.12%) Kills 8,736 Kill / Death 2.51 Kill / Hour 5.81 Kill / Match 2.20 Deaths 3,487 Headshots 1,622 - (18.57%) Solo Matches 580 Solo Wins 73 - (12.59%) Squad Wins 260 - (6.55%) Duo Wins 148 - (3.73%) Time Played 1503.4h - (62.64d) Time / Days 3.3h