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  1. airdark

    Season pass - so what DOES make a good one?

    Is there any room to make worse pass than this one?
  2. Well I think we should wait with "big thanks"...
  3. airdark

    How we report a teammate?

    Press ESC > Team Management > "Report" button on the right side of nickname.
  4. always compensator + ext. qd. + stock if possible and vert grip for me.
  5. airdark

    Flare gun feedback

    As I remember from "Metal Rain" (the best event mode in PUBG history), you can hear (and see) flare gun rocket across the map, why they even came with an idea of showing it on the map?! It is just dumbing down the game.
  6. airdark

    Drop on demand

    Did that really happened?
  7. airdark

    account not login

    Wrong game, wrong forum. This is PUBG ORIGINAL NOT MOBILE for PC.
  8. airdark

    Test server release

  9. airdark

    season pass vikendi

    There is your answer.
  10. airdark

    favorite weapon

    Sniper kar98k ARs m416 MGs ump Shotgun s686 Pistols p1911
  11. airdark


    I honestly think that you forgot your medicine.
  12. Nah, he is just selling codes in steam trade forum. I doubt employee would do this (without losing his job).
  13. Yes I am sure, there is a link in my post explaining: "The Green Stripe Tracksuit Jacket is a Xbox only exclusive jacket in BATTLEGROUNDS via the Tracksuit Crate."
  14. https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Green_Stripe_Tracksuit_Jacket Can anyone explain??