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  1. hope so bud as its a brilliant game and all i want to see is it full of players and doing well
  2. i get you guys the game is a great game just want the console community to thrive as its quite hard to get people on the game as its a paid for br and it does have a bad rep love playing the game just wish more people would in the uk and for performance improvements to work but i do love the game and want it to be full of players, i pestered a buddy of mine to buy it for ages he got it we played 2 games and he will not play it again due to the poor frame rate and this is the same with other friends if they could at least sort the frames issue it could boost player base massively.
  3. numbers are pretty bad im guessing as evening time in the uk can not even find a game, no surprise due to the poor performance of the game since launch and no improvement made by the devs, also with other free to play games in the same genre what do they really expect, been a long time fan of pubg on pc when it came to ps4 i pre ordered instantly and regret the decision already no fpp and poor performance feel completely ripped off tbh and none of my mates will play it due to its awful reputation from reviews and players on console that we know and rightly the game performs badly compared to free games that run smooth no one wants to pay for a broken ass half released (no fpp) game its a real shame.
  4. only seem to get max of 40 players and the server is so laggy its near enough unplayable compared to the live maps not on the test server not sure if this is why the player count is so low also waiting up to 25 mns for a game on there most days ...
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