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  1. Clearly we have a issue as a community. That issue is when a game does not evolve with its generation it just.. dies off. By 2020 all game’s will be cross play. PlayStation to Xbox to pc. The issue with pubg is that it’s a different version on each system. We also live In a world where a patch is available for all systems on the same day. So amature.
  2. It’s funny you think I’m disrespecting the player and saying this isn’t why I win. no. when I spectate my killer 2/10 times he’s using K&M. I morally object cause I play pc games. I have a 1080ti Ryzen build with a custom loop. its a simple fact that with out that element I wouldn’t have won. And it isn’t fair. But hey ill join them
  3. We all now it’s a epidemic. It destroy’s the experience. Unfortunately no action has been taken and any willingness to take any Kind of action sadly never has come to be. ive made posts asking simple questions only to have them deleted by admins. As if they are trying to cover up the issue. You and i as the user have two choices. We can openly and respectfully voice our opinions or we can just use the dominant interface.. here is my recomendation to pubg Corp. add in full mouse and keyboard support. Detect all unsupported interfaces and pool all these players together. They should never play against controller players. A person using K&M should only play with K&M users. We all know the wait will be 15 minutes or more for them to find a game and they will then be forced to use controller. Or I plug in my Apex, razor game pad and logic G502. Set my morals about fairness aside and wreck the f$&! out of the consol players. Just to prove a F$&@ing point. Everyday. All the time. Dont he stupid about this pubg. I will not lose because of you’re lack of action. I’ll just piss people off instead and make them rage quit playing you’re game. I’ll mop the floor so bad with them, they will never come back.
  4. Would you support the decision to add mouse and keyboard support “IF” the game “Forced” device users such as APEX and native K&M users into separate lobbies then those using controllers? Essentially splitting the player base and forcing out K&M usuage.
  5. Made post about the XIM APEX. Got deleted. Wondering why? i simply am asking how many of you are using one. And why. Or what do you think of the issue.. why would it get deleted.
  6. So the menu is lack luster. The old menu was actually better. the mode selection when set to squad TPP for example will reset to solo TPP for no reason what so ever after every match. I’d compare to the pc menu and point out the lack of console quality menus but I think you understand. its ugly. Buggy. And just not very nice.
  7. I’m yet to play the game. My update is 20gb! Why is my update 20gb?! Makes little sense to me.
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