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    Game crash: Megathread

    I appreciate all the responses...remind me to never buy another game by you guys again.
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    Game crash: Megathread

    Console: Xbox One S Issue: Game crashes at various points in the game, however it is primarily happening as I am loading into a match. I've also crashed during the launch of the game and mid-game with the same type of crash. The game crashes me to the Xbox dashboard without an error code. I am able to successfully get back in after a couple attempts and doesn't happen every game but still a majority of the time. I have spoken with Xbox Support to clear any issues that might be have been the cause, however they haven't resolved the issue and guided me to this thread. This started last weekend (1/4/19) and appears to happen more frequent the more I try to play. It appears to be the same issue as Vaneo. Edit for more info below. I have attempted the following to try to resolve the issue. Factory Reset Remove Xbox Account Hard Restart - with unplugging Restarted Router Opened NAT Type Cleared MAC address Cleared local saved games Cleared Persistent storage (3 times) Turned off 4k Turned off capture Changed Power mode to Energy-saving and vice versa