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  1. You're right about the feedback, completely agree with you.We should be trying to make the game a better experience for everybody or the vast majority. The reason I start replying to this topic is, if you don't like something in the game you can ask the developers if something can be changed in the rules. And if they don't change the rules, players who play within the set rules shouldn't be accused of cheating or asked to be banned by other players. This topic states "people who play with mouse should be banned" and that's not the proper way imo. Everything I wrote here was written by me with this topic title in mind. Games nowadays have a very short expiry date. Especially on console's. And sadly the developing company's tend to lean to making fast money and moving on to the next title. I hope that pubg is different. We'll have to wait and see!
  2. I think that developers set the rules and if someone clearly crosses them they can and most of the time will act. But in online gaming there always will be a grey zone and there will always be people who play in a way that annoys other players. Outrage because of other players also happens to me sometimes when I play online. Keep in mind that what annoys you may be perfectly ok for someone else. And what annoys them may be perfectly ok for you. Thats a big part of the grey zone. I think you're asking for a perfect world, maybe your perfect world which can be different than my perfect world, in an online game with all kinds of people playing it. And this is never gonna happen.
  3. And the reason they don't do cross-platform has to do with Sony not willing to do it. And because of a rather arrogant reason. At least that's what I've been reading. Technically it's possible. All of you, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to rub anybody the wrong way here! But I hate it when people ask for other people to get banned simply because they have an advantage over another player. Especially when these advantages can be bought in any normal store, or ordered on line . Completely legit. And there are many ways to get an advantage be it a big or small advantage. ✌️😁
  4. I think that when they say it's not supported they mean that in the pubg settings there are no ways to change the settings of a mouse and keybindings. You could also say that a headset is not supported because in the audio settings there are no options to select the headset. In many games you can choose between surround, tv speakers, headphones for example.In pubg you can't. And as I said before in my posts there are many ways to gain an advantage over other players, I play with Astro A50 and can hear very well where sound comes from, often I shoot a player who hasn't heard me, so I'm guessing that they don't play with good audiodevices. So I have a huge advantage over them. I don't care if people play with M&K, a aftermarket controller and if they do this with hands or their feet. There will always be people who are better or have an advantage over me. Cheating for me is aimbot, godmode, wall hack stuff. These people should be banned for life and that's the reason I play on PS4, because there it's impossible to really cheat.
  5. @MeSagas I said, absolutely fine by me.So don't be sorry. Have fun! 😀👍
  6. @MeSag And by playing with the controller you ordered, you have an advantage over players with the standard controller. Big or small advantage, makes no difference. And that's absolutely fine by me. But you have a problem when other players have an advantage over you. That confuses me somewhat.
  7. Couldn’t agree more Mr. Smalls! 👍👌 First make the game perform as good as possible and after that I’ll take the blue clownsnose, maybe!
  8. There are people who will always be breaking their fingers with with the standard controller and people who can play the controller like a pianist a piano. So for people with hands like shovels and breaking their fingers there are options, bigger/different controller, m+k, ect. These people need those things maybe to be able to play at all on an acceptable level All these aids can be bought normally and legit in stores and some are even supported be Sony. Now lets all get online, sometimes you win sometimes you loose, just have a good time!
  9. Maybe it's just me, but since the big update it feels like I die way more of headshots. I know there are some badass aiming eagle eyed players, but still I see "killed by headshot" more then before. Anyone else experiencing the same, or did something really change in the game?
  10. I don't have to change my tune. Clearly mouse has advantages vs controller. You're missing the point of this topic. The question is should these people be banned. No, in my opinion. Because there are many ways to gain an advantage over other players as I mentioned. As you say in your post people with a 3 button mouse have an advantage over people with 2. So they have an advantage over those people.Should they be banned? Or people with a 2000euro pc vs an 250euro Aldi laptop? But that's just my humble opinion.
  11. I also have to get used to fpp, but still think its an improvement. More gunfights hence more fun😁. But it looks like pubg was build to be played in tpp from the start. Thats why in FPP it feels off/strange, still glad they did it.
  12. Noticing the same, during the day it takes longer and it's on NA often. When it gets later and people come home from work/school it gets better and the NA is gone. I was at home the last couple of weeks because of a knee injury so I really had enough time to see the trend. There are more ways to play it now, TPP and FPP, so the same amount of players have be divided over more game modes.Thats way it takes longer I think. But boy am I happy with FPP, no more looking at each other without firing a single shot, because looking now means exposing yourself.
  13. So how about a good pair of headphones vs sound over TV speakers is that cheating? We all now how importent hearing sound direction is in this game. A better aftermarket controller? Is that cheating? A bigger/better TV vs an old bad TV is that cheating? A bad internet connection vs a good is that cheating? Someone with 1000hr pubg playtime. vs 10hr playtime is that cheating? No, in my opinion not! Using aimbot or god mode, changing things in the software is where I draw the line, and that's cheating for me. Thats the reason a don't play PC anymore, because there you never really now.
  14. But thank you for FPP, this is a game changer in my opinion.
  15. I also think the loot spawning/diversity is off. Many times now I find 3 of the same scopes in a single house or room for instance. Or 3 m24 in a single house. And when you play quick join, it's vikendi 9 out of 10 times.
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