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    fpp servers

    Ok. I think I understand it a little now, but still I truly hope that fpp will come available and I think I'm not alone in that. Thanks for the info
  2. Stoffel_

    fpp servers

    Since I started playing (in EU) from ,morning or evening, the servers were full or nearly full. So there are enough people in general playing the game I think. So why not give the existing players the choice FPP or TPP and if it really doesn't work, I don't think it's an onreversable thing, so switch all back to as it was before.
  3. Stoffel_

    fpp servers

    I'm no expert at all. But of the number of servers that there are now(tpp) it wouldn't be possible to transfer some of those server to FPP. So you get the same amount of servers for the same amount of people with 2 options TPP and FPP?
  4. Stoffel_

    fpp servers

    Why don't we get fpp in all modes. It's working because it's on NA servers and some EU modes. Why is so difficult to just give all the possibility's available for everybody. I paid the same amount of money as everyone else has in EU,NA or Asia. I'm getting sick and tired of getting games where content or features is kept from players. And I believe enough people want FPP. TPP is fine for games like tombraider or uncharted, but for shooters like pubg it's just annoying.