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    No sound in game

    i am planning on upgrading, i can't wait for the time this gpu will take a step down i will wait for new amd gpus the Radeon 7 isn't good or i think i will buy a good 1180 if launches idk i have fixed the issue idk what it was but i scanned my pc no viruses and i reinstalled my drivers on gpus i think the gpu is going to broke soon i know i have to replace it but i have to work to get it in this time i have don t things to make it work i did practice for free on a company for some skills now i have to make money
  2. starskillers1

    No sound in game

    yeah blame the person cause it easier, if you can't come with a solution don't comment i have never seen such a bug with any other game so yeah its my "fault" until this day everything worked fine and out of nowhere bye bye doesn't work anymore
  3. starskillers1

    No sound in game

    didn't work at all
  4. starskillers1

    No sound in game

    i will try what said there hope it will work
  5. starskillers1

    No sound in game

    as i said my sound is working fine i didn't change anything to my windows settings or in game settings when i try to repair the game appears that 1 file is missing even after reinstalling it has no sound and lags out very badly i didn't got this bug until this day, i have never seen anything like this in my life , this is the first game i ever encountered this the guide shown there is not helping it has basic troubleshooting list, it is a game problem not mine this is my config CPU - AMD 2700x GPU - Gtx 750 RAM - 16 gb corsair vengeance pro rgb 3000mhz MB - Asus rog strix x470 f gaming
  6. starskillers1

    No sound in game

    i have no sound in game + very heavy stuttering for no reason i haven't done anything with my pc that will affect the gameplay so yeah i hope someone is able to help me the game isn't on mute or anything weird situation