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  1. Exactly. What's funny is right now after the update I still want to play sanhok, but since it's paired with those other huge maps no one selects it and I can't even play! Sure, once everyone has played the new map 100 times they will prob give the other maps some time but for now looks like I can only play vikendi, sweet. At least it's a great map.
  2. So what your saying is that on PC you have a smaller player base who wants map selection out because they don't want to wait long periods to play on a less popular map? So what we do is remove map selection and force players in a lobby with a map they don't want? This logic makes sense... Also, I don't play pc, or with anyone who does, so I won't be doing much asking of players on another platform. It might as well be a different game as far as I'm concerned and I'm not here talking about pc. And sure, Only thinking of myself, and almost every player I've come in Contact with that's had a mic in game so far. Yeah, I talk to them, ask opinions and such and would you believe me that most people share a similar point of view? I know, Crazy right! No one wants to run around on huge maps, that's what it comes down to. Here and there, fine. But that map they want to load in over and over because frequently dying is inevitable is not those big maps. Oh but I forgot Your "solution" = whole player base 'My' opinion, that's been shared with many I've played with = selfishly thinking about myself only Just throwing that out there... 😘 And There's no dead horse to beat, at least for me. This info was obviously new to me otherwise I wouldn't have wrote it maybe?
  3. Please bind sanhok with vikendi, I don't want to cycle through miramar and erangle just to play it. It doesn't even make sense the map sizes and game play style are so different. Make it 2 and 2, that would be balanced. Or perhaps single out miramar on it's own and the other 3 in a quick join and see exactly how many people want to bother with it.
  4. People playing modes they don't want on maps they can't select doesn't sound like "healthy matchmaking" to me. it sounds like settling for mediocrity.
  5. I understand your issue and have the same problem. I can't play this game on my TV speakers, it will blow them out. Reason being if you can't hear foot steps your pretty screwed most of the times and to hear them volume must be way up, to where a gun shot is deffening at time. So I have to play on a headset to hear the footsteps but now that super loud gun shot is direct in my ear, ouch.. Oh and driving a muscle car or buggy around? Forget about it can't hear a thing other than that.
  6. Why do we want to settle for middle of the road? I imagine cue time for miramar is so long because a much larger percentage of the player base would rather play any other map. I'll gladly wait in a lobby for the map I want as it's better than my current 'leave every match that isn't sanhok' method. Its a waste time not having a map selection. I also haven't played with a single person yet that actually wants to play miramar, and it's my most frequently loaded map. Sure, they will settle for it but they don't want it. So, your saying now with this proposed half way fix that ill just have to back out every 2 maps to get the 3rd I want? and when vikendi comes out in a week that will make it 3 to wait? Whoa, can't wait for that.... I propose to bind the 2 biggest maps in one and the 2 smaller maps in another matchmaking cue, is this so difficult? If you pick the larger map cue you get random selection of either erangle or miramar, and smaller maps for sanhok and vikendi. We have to wait for a game anyways, I think most will be happy to wait a little longer to get what they want without any loopholes to jump through. And i very much doubt my sanhok/vikendi cue would be anywhere near 10 minutes. I bet if you did this and recorded the number of players who pick the small map selection it would greatly out weight the number that pick the larger ones. Release a survey on the actual play station and ask what players want. Communication is the key to success. I also have friends waiting for FPP duo to release before they will buy the game... Just throwing that out there. @PUBG_Andymh5
  7. Why do you think that is? I challenge the devs to prove this guy wrong and make it happen. I just left 10 games in a row, miramar 7 times erangel 3 times. I don't want to play either so I leave, leaving someone to play solo in duo on a huge map, have fun! But I bet they leave too. 15 min later I have no game time in. Close app or continue PUBG matchmaking lottery? This hurts the game, especially the player base I imagine. Things like this, you know, playing a game how you want, make a huge impact on player base; maybe a little on game experience, just a little.
  8. I ask that you please incorporate at least some kind of map selection. I do not expect you to have each map for individual selection, but please at least bind the maps as stated in the title for map size and play style preferences. I can honestly go without playing miramar or erangel ever again but can play the other 2 maps for hours straight. Many of the people I play with including myself start up a match, see it isn't sanhok and then leave. Do it over and over again. Just to get the map we want and then die In the beginning to start the process over again. 40 min in and close to maybe 10min game play is a normal for me at times. And I don't mind going out in the beginning, but when you have to repeat this process to try and get a match you actually want to play it becomes frustrating and often results in closing app. Also, instead of having a vote on the forum where only a lousy 200 people participate maybe send out a survey on the actual play station. H1Z1 did it so I know it's a thing and I bet more than 200 pitch in. Please open FPP Duo in NA. It's what I got the game for and I'm not alone. I know things take time I'm just here to give perspective from another point of view. Thanks for everything you guys do, when I get to play a good game, it sure is fun.
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