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  1. Yeah, that's a problem, because you waste a lot of time .And it's critical when you loot airdrop.
  2. Hello! I think at this moment inventory is too clanky. Maybe you can make it more user friendly, like wheel for grenades, first aid, and bit faster navigation through looting, especially in corpses. U should list it all to down, to take weapons, or attachments. Maybe add function, to auto mod installation? It's will be very helpful and improve user experience
  3. Yeah, once i think that play in fpp, while playin tpp is good idea, but no. camera give so much exploits.
  4. Well, here is another update for PC, which include a new venicle, flare gun, new mechanics for game, but PS4 gamers still don't have even a bison smg. WTF? U should try to update game for another paltforms faster.
  5. Oh boy, it's in right position. And yeah it should be look like that
  6. wake up. here is already have a setting, for field of view. And for me is more hurting to play with camera cheating, all this wall sitters, who wait to shoot you with prefire, just because they watchin on you with camera,
  7. well, it's not a ps4 or xbox problem at all, it's horrible optimisation problem, game have outdated graphics, look at other battle royals, they have pretty graphic, smooth fps, without drops. Really, only in PUBG, my eyes hurt after play it couple of hours, even with rest.
  8. Leave console games alone, without cheating mouses, play on pc.
  9. I hopes, that PUBG corp is noticed, that APEX is a big player in this field, that provide AAA game, with user friendly design. Cool marks for team, high perfomance, high octane gameplay. Yes, PUBG is another side of medal, it's more slow, and tactical position gameplay. But if they don't think about game imrpoves, optimisation for their project, game will die. @PUBG_Andymh5 i hopes you got a plan for improvements.
  10. Make FPP more popular mode, please :c It's more competitive, hard and fair, but we don't have enough people to play, especially on EU servers. Maybe use some kind of reward system, to get more people in FPP servers?
  11. It's just terrible optimisation on ps4. I sure that PUBG can be more comfortable, stable, look better, and have higher FPS even on PS4 (not pro). But why they need to do that? Better to sell new skins.
  12. I tired of those weekly missions. It tottaly absurd. 15 times refuel my car Ride on snowmobile 2 hours TROW 10 GRENADE IN 1 MATCH Take a damage from blue zone I think it's tottally screw game expirience, we need a challenges to make games fun, and not to repeat one stupid movement again and again and again. When i drop 15 time on hot spreengs it's feels like work, and not a game. I will happy if you make more challenges, that will suit gameplay. With headshots, revivings etc. Thank you
  13. They can make crates more expensive, but it should be without any dublicates. I think it's fair. Goddamn desert colour weapons.
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