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  1. 16 percent ar 14 percent drop and 12 percent SMG is crap. Still cant find loot on erangle. I mean screw it just dont even do it as far as I care. We dont play anything anymore except mirmiar. It is the only map my squad can find loot. We always back out unless we get mirmiar. This update is not going to change anything for us with such small amount increase. Still have major loot issue on Errangel. Need at min 25 percent increase across board.
  2. I am sick of the devs shit. Promote a freaking pts server and can o ly for freaking day in solo or duo. Not everyone plays squads. Wake up devs
  3. Love how it says pts servers are open on main server and match failed for 6 hrs now on pts lol.
  4. Because they have forgotten about console players. Now we get play dough buildings ,trampoline and fps1 at jump in. Welcome back to the good oh launch days of dec 12th 2017
  5. Exactly what they did is put out another crappy patch.this has been going on now since launch dec 12 2017
  6. I got your back on a one x and game runs like first month of release. Unreal pathetic. About done with this. Your video looked like all 15 rounds my duo buddy and I played last night . We finally had to start landing out in a field to stay alive at jump.
  7. I am right with you. Playing since dec 12 2017. Just go look at PC game. They support the hell out of it. They are to worried about skins and flare guns then to make game work. What a horribale managed game for 2 years strait now. They are to worried about micro trans. They will realize once players are gone they are gone and game will die.
  8. We have all the same bugs as day one dec 12 2017. Load in is crap. Play dough house for a good min at jump in on my one x hard wired, trampoline effect for a good 30 sec. I have died so many times waiting for this play dough to go away and load in. It is unreal. I never thought bugs could return a year and half since launch ,but pubg always finds some way to amaze me . Anyone dont wast your breath by saying go buy a ssd. That is the dumbest thing I have heard. Let's go spend more money to get a game to work that I spent money on instead of holding the dev team responsible for making it work. Stop adding stupid crap like flare guns etc and make the game work. Go back a patch so we can play. Unreal.
  9. Lot more important isues then contoler issues devs. You have some how brought back the main bugs from launch and game has gone backwards after last patch. Play dough buildings ,trampoline and getting stuck in building oh and horriable load times. Sometimes I finally load in and plane has flown most of map by this time. Playing one x hardwired and no I am not buying a ssd to play one game. That is stupid . We should not have to buy hardware to get your game to run correctly after q year and half from launch. Yes I have played this game 90 percent of my gaming in last year and half but if not fixed soon will be deleting. I have put up long enough with this bug. Now I see why player count has droped so bad.
  10. This patch reminds me of first 5 patches. They go backwards instead of forward . Please wle9cme play dough houses back. Trampoline on building tops and dont forget the draw in so you can get stuck in a table. Yes all major bugs are all back in full force .
  11. Try using lb and rb with big paddles. Best set up for pubg.
  12. I having elite controller issues also since no patch . No boost at all in vehicles and cant get over 34km. It is the game not your controller. Because I tried a regular contoler and still same issue. Even uninstalled game and did not work.
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