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  1. Its good now I reinstaled the game and showing Eu next to the numbers
  2. Please dont you sad, I will say please fix it then
  3. Every match on eu server squad game this freeze/lag happens to me, Never happend to me on Na server. Its okay when it happens while I am not in the fight im not bothered with that but when happens in fight its annoying this only shows how players dont have equal gameplay
  4. Not claims against the game, claims against eu server
  5. There you go my friend, this lag, freeze is happening to me every single match on eu playing squads, I can litteraly posting clips daily of this lag/freeze I was playing today with three buddies from Na, and we were matchmaked on Na server I didnt had any single problem. So yea afcourse I get mad when I am playing on eu because of this, sorry If I offend someone work, you know this is my favourite game, understand you are working on it just I dont understand how is that stupid playing on my own eu region having this problems and when playing out of region on Na game is like a butter,bullet registration is great, I didnt get any single frame drop, no this lag/skip everything is fine. So game is good, eu servers are not if this helps you to figure it out Im glad to help
  6. Lol this is so funny comparing real life with video game o man this bringed tears on my eyes of laugh thanks man
  7. Yes this is my favourite game, i posted a clip of lag few hours before and that is happening every match. What special treatment? Lol I talk In a name of everyone who have problems, I care for gamers. I just want equal gameplay you know what Im talking about.
  8. laginss

    How to change region?

    Same man on eu is 80 percent peoples from middle east, its annoying
  9. I will play some other games wait pubg get fixed lol clip is sended yesterday. Im not a moron to waste my time on broken games
  10. Ok guys SOLVED i was talking with a guy who killed us invited him in party chat to solve this on the end, he sad that none of his buildings uploaded what I belive him he was shooting trough everything and even apologize, I sad dont apologize to me, pubg need to apologize to us lol. He will come to forum also, he sad he have a lot of clips for you guys, there you go your "toxicity" if I pay money for the game I want have equal gameplay against other players what is not the case everytime
  11. What toxicity, game runs like trash on eu servers every squad match runs like trash ,my squad who I play with are all great also, all 7,too 10 kds we win a lot, we kill a lot and they also experiancing same issues game is trash full of dsync. We are not nub fanboys, we love to play competitive but not broken game lol, what you think I am happy when I win 10 games in a row? No I am not because I am not fighting only with players, I am fighting with frame drop and dsync at the same who enjoy that gameplay? I guess only peoples who never Hot drop and sitting ducks in bushes, houses whole match before they must to move in next circle, excuse me bush or house lol. We had yesterday 34 win kill squad game, so many bullets didnt register, so many dsync peoples sitting behind walls peek out get shoted before you actually see their charather lol. Just watch any eu streamer on ps4 you will see what is happening and how much amount of lag game have