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  1. Everyone I am talking about is using wired and 100+ speed. I have excellent internet and even had techs come out to check. Also, if that's the case, why has it gotten noticeably worse??? I'm at 400 Down 40 up on fiber optics 99% of the time no packet loss, and latency at around 20 ms. Some of the streamers I am watching are on 500 & 1000 and still having the issues. Wired, Xbox One X (Frame Rate), Samsung 850 Evo SSD, Dell Monitor 5 ms.
  2. I did not see any mention in the patch notes of anything addressing the Dsync issues many are facing. I have experienced it, along with many friends I play with and Streamers I watch. I have also seen many complaints on here about it. Is this issue not going to be address and or fixed?
  3. Took cover behind tree and still get ran over, even though the only way for them to run me over would be to go through the tree, or they get the advantage of lag even though I am clearly behind the tree on my end.
  4. AM Big Red

    Footsteps are broken

    I hear just fine, usually better then most. I have Plantronics 800's which hear great and my cheap Sades heard great as well, but had a crappy mic. I hear up or down, left or right, shoes or no shoes.
  5. AM Big Red

    Shut the damn cars off after we get out.

    Same happens to me, weird thing is, that sometimes not everyone hears it.
  6. AM Big Red

    Throwables possibly bugged.

    I have the exactly the same thing happening to me. I have many videos of it happening. Happened to me twice today as well.
  7. AM Big Red

    PUBG Teleporting Glitch

    Happening to me a lot as well today. Getting a lot of rubber banding, which also stops my running as well, Happening to me more then my friends in that same game and they are running OG and One S, so External. I also reset my Xbox, Router, and reinstalled the game. Falling though the map more often when this happens as well. NA Xbox One X Samsung 850 EVO SSD. Vikendi
  8. AM Big Red

    Cement factory they said

    Happened to my friend last game, but got lucky and landed on a beam, but had to jump off to get down and almost died. Poor guy on the other team wasn't so lucky. And just happened to me as well.
  9. AM Big Red

    Hot Springs

    Same. I have people running through the floors with half there bodies sticking up running at fast speed punching my legs. Have video for proof. People are also running through building walls as I am shooting them.
  10. AM Big Red


    Yes it is, Feels like its an Alpha Version, maybe a Beta, not full game release.
  11. AM Big Red

    seriously PUBG servers🙃

    I'm not sure why my previous messages are not being answered. Was pretty sure I am a customer, but maybe not.
  12. It has happened a couple of times now where I use a First Aid only for it to take it away even after it showed it complete. This has happened to people I have played with as well.
  13. TPP / Squad / NA. I've used different cloths, chutes, and gun skins. XB1X, Samsung 850 EVO SSD
  14. AM Big Red

    Ready up bug every game

    Squads, TPP, NA
  15. AM Big Red

    Falling through map, still

    Happened to me and my Cousin in Duos as well. Vikendi/ Duos I would share the video, but they don't provide enough data upload. XB1X External Samsung 850 EVO SSD Cousin is on XB1S. He went through it to.