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  1. Same. One X, Samsung 850 EVO SSD
  2. Happening to me a lot as well today. Getting a lot of rubber banding, which also stops my running as well, Happening to me more then my friends in that same game and they are running OG and One S, so External. I also reset my Xbox, Router, and reinstalled the game. Falling though the map more often when this happens as well. NA Xbox One X Samsung 850 EVO SSD. Vikendi
  3. Happened to my friend last game, but got lucky and landed on a beam, but had to jump off to get down and almost died. Poor guy on the other team wasn't so lucky. And just happened to me as well.
  4. Same. I have people running through the floors with half there bodies sticking up running at fast speed punching my legs. Have video for proof. People are also running through building walls as I am shooting them.
  5. Why does the ADS not maintain it accuracy? Aiming Down your sites is where your bullet is suppose to go, so why is the ADS inaccurate? ADS should be where your bullets go, not where they come from.
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