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  1. Forgot about the sound issues as well, echo and location.
  2. Yeah, you can even see him run right through the door without opening it.
  3. This has gotten worse again after last patch, especially when first landing. XB1X Samsung 850 EVO SSD North America, Los Angeles Area. Solo's, Duos's, and Squads.
  4. Same, have go back and take 2nd looks cause there is always something there that wasn't before. People without SSD's are still getting weapons before their buildings render though.
  5. Game is terrible if you need a SSD to get things to render in time, but people who can run through walls have been using this to their advantage lately. Got shot up through to buildings and no windows where I was at, lol. It shouldn't have been Full game release when it clearly works as if its in Beta or Alpha stages.
  6. My throwables continue to change at there will after throwing one. I will have 2 or 3 Grenades or Molotov's, and after throwing the first one it will change to a smoke or something else, even though I have 2 or 3 more of what I just threw.
  7. Same. Even with SSD. Terrible that you need an SSD for this game to be somewhat playable. How can they call it Full game release. People going into floors, going through walls, shooting you through walls and rocks cause they don't have them yet, getting killed from under map. Longest lasting Beta game I have ever played. haha
  8. Yeah, completely funny how they can roll out an update and have things be worse, lol. Still desyncs like crazy and favors people with the worse connection.
  9. Same. One X, Samsung 850 EVO SSD
  10. Everyone I am talking about is using wired and 100+ speed. I have excellent internet and even had techs come out to check. Also, if that's the case, why has it gotten noticeably worse??? I'm at 400 Down 40 up on fiber optics 99% of the time no packet loss, and latency at around 20 ms. Some of the streamers I am watching are on 500 & 1000 and still having the issues. Wired, Xbox One X (Frame Rate), Samsung 850 Evo SSD, Dell Monitor 5 ms.
  11. I did not see any mention in the patch notes of anything addressing the Dsync issues many are facing. I have experienced it, along with many friends I play with and Streamers I watch. I have also seen many complaints on here about it. Is this issue not going to be address and or fixed?
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