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  1. somasomalynn

    Can you please nerf the Vector???

    Can’t defeat it just pick it and use. Noob
  2. somasomalynn

    Running people over

    that happens
  3. somasomalynn

    Map selection for ps4 please

    Please. But they won’t do it
  4. somasomalynn

    Who else here has got the platinum?

    The gernade trophy will take forever to get
  5. somasomalynn


    The player base won’t be any good until they put map selection
  6. what you said is what I want but they won’t do it
  7. somasomalynn

    Map variety

    The only map I’d like to play is Sanok.
  8. somasomalynn


    this is just what I want. I don’t know that is so hard for them to put map selection in the game
  9. The game has released for more than a month and we still can not choose a favorite map to play? Blue hole what are you thinking?!