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  1. somasomalynn

    Looking for the best of the best

    4+ KD ? super
  2. somasomalynn

    I love this game but he loves me not

    np bro
  3. somasomalynn

    Tired of miramar

    The only map I want play is Sanok
  4. somasomalynn

    I love this game but he loves me not

    it’s called stats tracker
  5. Been playing since day one and always planning to platinum it. However the 1000kls trophy seemed like never gonna happen to me
  6. somasomalynn

    fire mode WTF

    Like every time when restart the game, the fire mode option will be set to single. What’s the point, this will get me killed sooner or later
  7. somasomalynn

    New update with trophy fixes?

    Ture, I have overall 1200kills now and still not get the trophy
  8. somasomalynn

    Kill cam?

    I hope I was wrong.
  9. somasomalynn

    Kill cam?

    never gonna happen
  10. somasomalynn

    Horrible weekly mission

    the weekly missions are getting more and more unreasonable
  11. somasomalynn

    Is your favorite weapon OK?

    she sure is good!
  12. The 1000 kills trophy and 200 close range kills trophy still not pop....I’ve been using SMG only for very long.
  13. They want you to buy the pass that’s all
  14. somasomalynn

    Ps4 pubg maps!?!?!

    They won’t make it happen.