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  1. I think I shot when then zone was not moving. So it was quite odd
  2. Only can find a match in squad. SOLO is my favorite however
  3. This was not my flare gun shot. I knew it had to be shot after phase done and I was in the safe zone. But still, it showed 0 care package available
  4. Sanhok only is totally fine with me
  5. So I was in the safe zone of the second ring with my flare gun, but when I pulled it out it showed 0 care package available. First I was thinking maybe some one called earlier then me ,and I didn’t hear the gunshot. However in the late game there were another 3 flare gun shots. So where was my package? The map of sanhok btw
  6. Like every 30 seconds. Only me?
  7. I totally agree with you, if I have to wait 10 mins for my favor map that is my choice. But look out, a lot of fanboys gonna troll you
  8. around 2100. Kind of shit really
  9. With only 40-50 players per match, it was more fun to explore, to chase the care packages and to win the chicken dinner
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