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  1. I played a couple of matches and everything was going fine, but then I joined a game and couldn’t hear anything. I looked at my settings and my audio settings had somehow reset to 0, so I turned them back up to 100 and applied it. That did not seem to work as I still have no audio from pubg but my other games/media’s audio are working perfectly. Any ideas?
  2. What happened to that?..had a lot of fun with it and it was a nice change of pace. Would love to see and play modes like platoon 50v50 and a ton more.
  3. The way I see it is each of these games are figurative bullets into the player base of pubg...eventually one of them will lay the finishing blow (tpp) ...and if we want to keep playing pubg, then the developers at bluehole need to take action and protect their game
  4. Just saw the trailer for bf5’s battle royale and it looks like it plays just like PUBG, but everything works. will the player base on pubg see another big loss just like when apex came out and will there be enough people playing to keep it around? Already struggling to get a full lobby for sanhok or Miramar as it is...
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