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  1. Onepost1

    Event mode?

    What happened to that?..had a lot of fun with it and it was a nice change of pace. Would love to see and play modes like platoon 50v50 and a ton more.
  2. Onepost1

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    The way I see it is each of these games are figurative bullets into the player base of pubg...eventually one of them will lay the finishing blow (tpp) ...and if we want to keep playing pubg, then the developers at bluehole need to take action and protect their game
  3. Just saw the trailer for bf5’s battle royale and it looks like it plays just like PUBG, but everything works. will the player base on pubg see another big loss just like when apex came out and will there be enough people playing to keep it around? Already struggling to get a full lobby for sanhok or Miramar as it is...
  4. Onepost1

    Individual Map Selection

    If you ain’t talking $$$ bluehole don’t wanna talk
  5. Onepost1

    Map Playlist Patch 4

    "You can select Vikendi or select Others (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok) to play" Yeah those are real diligent and articulate patch notes man, how dumb of me for missing where they say that “others” can’t be individual select too.
  6. Onepost1

    Map Playlist Patch 4

    Is this confirmed or have your tried it? Does clicking “others” put you into a playlist consisting of all three or do you select what map from there?
  7. Onepost1

    Map Playlist Patch 4

    Based on the picture they posted showing map selection, I think we actually will have full map selection...in the bottom right it has a playlist titled “others” and shows erangel,Miramar and sanhok.
  8. Onepost1

    Spectator Mode?

    Ah thank you, it’s not just the flyover but the entire “graphics” of it. How come everyone doesn’t have this ability? Or just the graphics and kill tracking part of it at least
  9. Onepost1

    Spectator Mode?

    Does Xbox pubg have full blown PC spectator mode? I was just playing a custom game and after I died it was completely unlike I’ve ever seen before on Xbox.
  10. Onepost1

    Individual Map Selection

    Vikendi ain’t that new...been out on the test server for like a month. Also, people think that they’ll have to wait in long queues but that will only be the case in fpp. It it should be if you select “quick play” it puts you into the best available game (~90/100 players) and if you choose Erangel for example then you’ll sit in the next available erangel lobby (maybe it’s ~40/100) then by the time more erangel only players decide to join up-when it gets over 80 people, using quick join can fill it up. Similar to custom games, but hey what do I know.
  11. Onepost1

    Individual Map Selection

    Especially in a game like PUBG where it takes 40-50 minutes to win a game...people only want to play 2 or 3 games at a time. That being said, it is a bummer when you load to a map you really don’t enjoy because either you wait 5-10mins leaving and starting another game or you sit through like a half hour of non-stimulating gameplay. On behalf of the average gamer who plays a few games before and after work...please don’t do this!
  12. Onepost1

    Individual Map Selection

    It’s not rocket science!! Just put both options...those who want to wait for a specific map can and those who want the first available can also do that and everyone wins. If they mix Miramar and Sanhok together, games will start with like 70-80 people because we will lose about 20% from quitting before they even land Those people who feel they have to quit because the just don’t have any fun with the map will eventually get bored with quitting and will stop playing pubg entirely (for some reason bh thinks when they get bored then they will just play whatever but that is not the case humans are stubborn!) In conclusion, forced player integration will have negative consequences on overall player count!
  13. Onepost1

    Individual Map Selection

    How do they think this is going to help the player counts in games?? All this does is make the game even more frustrating because know I’ll have to back out of every sanhok game (not saying it’s a bad map, but I personally can’t enjoy it) and it’s not like pubg has the quickest loading screens either...
  14. Onepost1

    I know whats wrong (atleast for me)

    Sir, I don’t know if your internet buffering the video is causing you to see that because I can assure you he does not slow down in the video, only thing that changes is his stride length not actual speed.
  15. Onepost1

    Stop forcing me to play Miramar

    The problem was that no one was playing Miramar solo? No duh, the map is massive. That won’t affect playercount though there would just be more players in other playlists. If they wanted solo on Miramar, then have solo games spawn on a smaller section of the map. It’s not rocket science just a lack of effort.