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  1. Sir, I don’t know if your internet buffering the video is causing you to see that because I can assure you he does not slow down in the video, only thing that changes is his stride length not actual speed.
  2. Onepost1

    Stop forcing me to play Miramar

    The problem was that no one was playing Miramar solo? No duh, the map is massive. That won’t affect playercount though there would just be more players in other playlists. If they wanted solo on Miramar, then have solo games spawn on a smaller section of the map. It’s not rocket science just a lack of effort.
  3. First of weird brag about your beefy legs man. Next I didn’t know you lacked a background in basic physics because he clearly stops forward momentum and immediately changes direction...go back and watch in slow-mo if you want.
  4. He strides out his steps as he closes in on the sidelines to force the player in front of him to break down if that’s what you mean by slowing down...then he accelerates, plants to stop his forward movement while using the momentum to propel his body right and to the inside. Develop some hamstrings and try it yourself if you don’t believe me.
  5. Have you not seen the physique on these pubg chars? Guys the equivalent of an olympian
  6. 8 seconds in... stops momentum by planting with his left foot while his right foot extends out to change direction while continuing forward progress
  7. Clearly you’ve never played or watched a sport before... https://youtu.be/NJwz3_KOQyI You better bet that I’m running like that if there is bullets whizzing by my head
  8. Onepost1

    Stop forcing me to play Miramar

    No idea who some of you are trying to impress, but nobody has given me a solid reason for us not having map selection. Also, issues with Miramar should never be blamed on the consumer. Is there nothing more the devs can do to better optimize the map for the xb1s? If not, then at the very least there should be some sort of diclaimer before purchase that the game is intended for the xb1x only.
  9. I literally only want to play on Erangel as it is your best functioning map, but for some bizarre reason you put it in the same playlist as Miramar and it is just not up to par. I think if I’m forced to play Miramar another 3 times in a row again I might just not play again. Why do we have no free map selection?
  10. Onepost1

    Honestly, what is going on?

    I never said developing was easy, but I do know that their competitors in the marketplace are eons ahead of BH in terms of content development. What makes the development team’s task at BH different than any other company? You either perform to expectations or not - that’s life.
  11. Onepost1

    9 days without news from bluehole

    The community wants to know the what & when of future updates for this game (similar to how a company would tell its shareholders their plans to increase revenue in the next quarter), but instead BH solution is to add developers reports which tell us why and how they already updated the game. (I would rather have the developer put the time taken to write the report into actually developing the game even if it’s just 15 minutes) I want to know whether or not I should be looking for another game to play in the future.
  12. Onepost1

    Honestly, what is going on?

    Yeah you can tell money is a serious problem for BH. The only reason I see for them bringing out the PS4 version so early is to open up a third revenue stream to help increase their total capital which will probably then be spent on improving the PC version anyways. No company whose focus is on quality rather than quantity would see the state of the Xbox game and decide they need to spend more money and more time on a new development team for the PS4.
  13. Proud to say I have had PUBG for 1 year now and I’m still getting stuck in unloaded parts of the map on Miramar
  14. Onepost1

    Honestly, what is going on?

    PUBG is the Markelle Fultz of games- so much potential to be great, but managed by the wrong people.
  15. I am having this same problem with TPP NA loads of desync and the ‘servers are busy’ message keeps coming-no way servers in NA are busy 9-10 EST