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  1. I think we should have prox chat. It would add a lot of fun to the game...can’t even imagine the fun i would have in 1v4 situation 😂
  2. Personally, I would like to see some additions to the custom games!
  3. What features do you guys think we should be expecting in the July 30th update?
  4. I agree that the loot is a bit too high on Erangel. I used to love using different weapons each game and having to adapt my play style to my load out. However, those times are gone. Now no matter where I drop there is a Beryl and I can’t justify dropping it for another weapon (m16,m4,akm,mutant)...AND especially because when I get into a gun battle with some1 they also usually have a Beryl with full armor ALSO, I have noticed that since every1 is set for loot after their original drop then there is no more incentive to play aggressive...every1 just heads for middle circle and barricades themselves in a building
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