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  1. The reason they stop supporting old OSes is because they do not want to be liable for a security flaw that gets exploited on a platform from 15 years ago. And yes, also, because they want to make people and businesses upgrade because the dollar is always the bottom line. Regardless, the decision is never hardware based, and MS's argument would and rightfully should be that all Xbox consoles currently run their OS without issue. Could you imagine if MS decided not to support windows 10 anymore because people couldn't get winrar to run properly on it? That would be absurd. Also, it's not MS holding back the X, it's the game developers.
  2. Vyper 55z

    New "WEIRD" weapons?

    Well they answered your question about the ballista. Ancient warfare weapon, shoots spears instead of arrows lol. Honestly, with how brutal the weaponry was back then I don't know why we ever needed guns. Anyway, I think the mk19 could still be balanced. Limited ammo, make it so it doesn't explode within 75 meters (that's the nearest safe distance to launch in combat in real life), and make it so that mounting it to a vehicle causes the vehicle's top speed to drop by 15 or 25%. Something like that. I'm just picturing epic vehicle on vehicle combat where everyone is trying to blow each other up with automatic grenade launchers lol. I agree a flamethrower would need a short range, maybe 15 feet. And as someone who has had a CS grenade dropped into their foxhole by a drill sergeant who thought it would be funny, let me tell you-- if a game can ever mimic the "omfgican'tfuckingbreatheandthisshitburns" effect that those things have on you, it would be amazing. But I had another thought-- there should definitely be some kind of RPG in this game.
  3. Vyper 55z

    So a new pubg 2.0

    The demo for Anthem was certainly lackluster but it was still a lot of fun. If they handle the launch correctly I think it will do okay. I refuse to buy EA stock, though, because in my opinion EA is the reason we have microtransactions in literally every fookin game on the planet now and it's ridiculous.
  4. Vyper 55z

    One of those that felt good 😄

    Im sure you know this but just in case you don't, you can hold down on the d pad to use meds. saves you a half second. Also. Good play. Low health or not those first two should have been able to coordinate and pinch you, third guy should have stayed back a bit for ranged fire. I think you had better field awareness than they did.
  5. Vyper 55z

    New "WEIRD" weapons?

    mk19 grenade launcher - crate weapon, must be mounted in a vehicle to operate (could be fun) shirukens flamethrower CS gas grenade harpoon and last but not least, a ballista that you have to gather the parts for before you can use it, then mount it to the top of a building 😂😂😂😂
  6. Vyper 55z

    So a new pubg 2.0

    Well, from a sales/player base perspective, it actually makes more sense to try to take away from Fortnite, since it is (unfortunately) more popular and more successful. Additionally, I would guess that PUBG players are generally more "hardcore" fans and therefore more loyal to their game. It would be interesting to see the cross-section of players from fortnite who jump to apex vs those from PUBG. If 10% of fortnite players switched to Apex it would be far more lucrative for Respawn than if 10% of PUBG players switched. All we really need is for Ubisoft to make a battle royale a la splinter cell and it's all over.
  7. If bluehole sold SSDs, they'd probably be broken, too. Then dev reports would be all like: "We understand some of you are experiencing performance problems with your SSDs. We are working as quickly as possible toward a resolution. We think we've found the issue: 12.5% of the SSDs we sold were accidentally formatted in FAT16 file system. We're currently writing code to reformat your drives around the data currently stored on them. We will then create a pipe between the still FAT16 partition and the new file system where the data stored on the FAT16 partition gets sent first to the onboard harddrive for proper formatting and then back to your SSD so it can be loaded faster. We are confident that this solution will create more issues. We thank you ahead of time for your patience."
  8. Vyper 55z

    It’s pronounced suh-knock, NOT san-hawk

    ... Air angel? Also, see my RAM are, SANH o.k., and Vican die.
  9. 300 IQ metaphor right there. I love it
  10. Vyper 55z

    PSA for DMR users.

    Thanks for the "heads" up...
  11. Vyper 55z

    Larger mini map

    300 IQ controller knowledge.
  12. Vyper 55z


    A lot of people are having a hard time seeing the white circle on Vikendi because the map is mostly white.
  13. Vyper 55z

    I know a lot of you are frustrated...

    Lol the sarcasm is strong here.
  14. I've been lurking these forums and there are a lot of complaints. Most of them are valid. I think it's easy for people to fire off on the keyboard, and just as easy to feel like your complaints are not being addressed, especially when the things we're asking for are not being fixed or at times even talked about by the developers in their biweekly letters. This isn't one of those posts, though. There are hundreds of those. I want to tread away from the beaten path a bit. First, I want to extend gratitude to the players here on the forum. Sometimes we're all a bit trollish but for the most part this community is all about helping each other succeed. From posting suggested hardware upgrades to get the game to run correctly, to sharing controller settings and videos to try to improve everyone's gameplay, there is a large outpouring of support and camaraderie here. From this gratitude I would like to gently remind everyone to try to keep this spirit in mind, even through your frustration. Second, I would like to thank those nameless developers at Bluehole/PUBG Corp who work every day to try to create a product we will all love and be happy with. Make no mistake-- there is a clear distinction to me between the people who do the work and the company they work for. I know from looking into the field that game development can be a very high stress career. It is very clear that this game is far from perfect but I still appreciate the work and dedication that has been poured into it up to this point. I am certain that progress will continue to be made. Third, I want to personally thank @PUBG_Andymh5 and @PUBG_Lumos for their continued efforts in monitoring this forum and responding to all of our various complaints, suggestions, and questions. Because of this forum and the employees that contribute to it, there is a fair amount of transparency from the company to its playerbase. That is quite important to us, as players. I wanted to make this post because I see this game and the people working to create it getting "beat up." I know a lot of us are frustrated. Frustration combined with something as impersonal as an online forum just makes it easy to forget that we're all people. I'm just trying to humanize it all a little. Yeah, there are some problems with the game and from a playability standpoint some of those problems are a big deal. I'm sure they'll be fixed, eventually. But the fact of the matter is there are thousands of games out there, and even with its problems we're all still chugging away at PUBG. I appreciate all the effort to improve this game, from players and developers both, and am excited to see the fruit of these efforts when the game is running the way it should, for everyone. **CAVEAT** Please don't respond to this thread with more complaints. Instead, take the time to thank someone who has given you a good suggestion, or list a few things you enjoy about the game. Let's call it "Feel Good Tuesday."
  15. Vyper 55z

    Thank god you can swim in this game

    Yeah, hit me up! I was out of town for work this past weekend but I'm on xbox most nights. Most times, really, if I'm being honest 😂