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  1. Zachal

    Daily Missions stuck

    *solved with the Update. Thanks
  2. since ~1 Week PSN ID: Zachal84
  3. Zachal

    how to solve frame drop

    The Playstation System is a closed Plattform. The only thing you can do is to put a ssd in it. But this improves only Data-Loading and Texture Loading times.
  4. i still have all the reset bugs... Holo, Reddot, Firemode...
  5. Zachal


    Link? Cant find anything.
  6. Zachal

    When does the season end ?

    YOU CAN DO IT! FOCUS! FOCus FOcus Focus focus
  7. Zachal

    The game

    me too When Friends invite me into a group, i quit instantly
  8. Zachal

    The game

    Im playing since PC Version before Vaulting and bad performance and still in love with it. Now playing on PS4. Damn, i will play this Game on PS5 to
  9. Zachal

    Haven't received HZD pan.

    thanks @PUBG_Andymh5 Problem solved, my Pan arrived.
  10. Zachal

    Haven't received HZD pan.

    me too. Over 10 and still nothing: PSN ID: Zachal84
  11. lol my squad quit right now because of the hard desync. i made 2 video-captures of the bad desync. was sniped over 1 sec behind the stone. 2nd: enemy was behind the stone and knocked me O_O Will post the video after edit: *HERE*
  12. Zachal

    New crate !!!

    Here we go: I spend 100.000 BP on the new Saison Crate 2019
  13. Zachal

    Horizon zero dawn mask

    You get no message, when you receive it. Look under the section: Multislot @ Customization
  14. The Problem with Erangel is: You need to drop in Cities, because the loot is bad. not enough small villages + long travel distances