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  1. team with randoms isnt fun. Just join a PS4 Community and group over the Voicepartys.
  2. Since last big patch: When the Deadzone is set under 10 @ Control-Options, the Cursor is moving on the Map-Overview in all directions. First i thought my Controller is broken, but it happens with my 2nd Controller to. And today another Player was talking about the same Problem.
  3. i hate sanhok. They should remove the whole mapselection and 15min leave-penalty. The whole Map-Discuss pissing me off in every Squad i join @ PS4 Community. "i want Sanhok" "im not, only standard please!" "ok, do quick!" "no not quick! its everytime sanhok!" over and over and over and over and .... exactly
  4. @Takarii get the PS5 DEV Console. I wanna play PUBG PS5 next year
  5. But it was the best way to queu with a squad who likes different maps. Without switching after every round
  6. Since the Patch. 100% Sanhok @ Quick join....
  7. NICE i love it! Sanhok isnt "PUBG" for me. Its to fast / to zone rushy.
  8. It doesnt matter. Every SATA 2,5" SSD can reach the ~300MB/sec When you want quality, you can get a SAMSUNG 860 EVO
  9. Maybe a fresh PUBG install could fix this Problem.
  10. Yeah welcome in the family! SSD is a MUST HAVE today. Tech Nerd Stuff: PS4 communicate INTERNAL over USB 3.0 to SATA! It means: When your 2.5" old lame.. slow HDD must deliver Data, it handles ~90 MB/sec But the SSD can use the whole 300 MB/sec USB Interface What do we learn? Over 3x faster Data-Delivery when you need it Means: Better loading times, better texture loading ingame. The fact, that the PS4 can handle PUBG, is a wonder PRAISE THE SUN
  11. wow... i never had "loading stucks" or Preloading Textures with my PS4 PRO. I think to put a SSD in it was the best thing How full is your 1TB HDD? You can see it under Settings/Storage
  12. *solved with the Update. Thanks
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