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  1. XTT gawd

    The OC? Why!?

    If you matchmake with randoms, you will be in a random server. = search solo - wait for game to finish its ping check = play duo and squad ONLY with friends from friends list in same Locale. Or you will be placed elsewhere
  2. XTT gawd

    Visuals enhanced?

    Everytime the make performance gains from optimisation, they increase the textures and lighting... To make it look better. When they could use these gains for increased framerate... This development has always been fixated on the best looking version instead of the most playable version. Sure, it looks pretty again on the X also, but I'd rather NOT see the stitching in my jacket and have an extra 10fps. Simple.
  3. XTT gawd

    Controller input

    How many times do we need to ask? Can we please get increments of 1 for all sensitivities....? The worst thing in this game is the controls. The input curve (smoothing)is bad if not raw/non existing. So before attempting to fix that, Can we PLEASE get 1-100 sensitivities. Or, if you want to keeps 1 = 1 and 20 = 200, then 1-200 sensitivity setting. Changing the sensitivity by 10 increments, if 1=1 and 10=100 with current, is just ludicrous. In what other game ever do you bump up controls by 10? Just.... Please. Putting it simply. Can we please have 1 - 100 or 1 - 200 sensitivity options for all scopes so we can fine tune it. It's just math. There's plenty more that could be improved for controller input, but this one change is simple and important
  4. XTT gawd

    Changing region

    My experience has been smooth so. Far. My local region is OCE OCE solo OCE Duo and OCE sqaud all at midday on a week day. For me this matchmaking has saved pubg OCE. The ONLY times I got matched oor (EU) was when matchmaking with random team-mates. Duo and Squad... Everytime = oor But if solo, duo with my brother, or 1 man sqaud = OCE Will play 2nite with full OCE squad on search, but until then, from my experience... Play with local lobby teammates only, and you will hit local servers. (granted the UI says est time your region)
  5. There is nothing 'to complex' about this. These are all common settings in other games. 1-100 sensitivities is just simple math, and it's disgusting that we only get 1-20 (previously 1-10) DO you change your sensitivity by 10 points in any other games? 1-100 should = the previous 1-10, the 1-20was added for players who wanted faster contol (still too slow on Max for some) so since no re balance of what 1-10 actually =.... Then if they were 1-100 for more fine tuning, the each current increment =10. And to improve this, they would 1-200. 1 = current 1 amd 200 = current 20. It easier just to say that the current 1-10 is not acceptable. Lack of options in this game (besides frame rate) is the biggest problem for some. Controls HDR Audio Button mapping Southpaw Graphics (vsync/motion blur/resolution/performance mode or uncapped framerate) All simple, simple options you would expect in any game. But not pubg..... OP suggestions are exactly what's needed. Beside crossplay, performance mode, ping based mm..... This game needs OPTIONS! And the OP contol options have been highly requested, and I'm simply dumbfounded why, after 1.0 (snigger) and 1 year, we don't have them.
  6. XTT gawd

    Will we ever see cross play?

    Sonys crossplay program is in beta. Fortnite forced Sonys hand, Rocket League now has Crossplay (beta program) Paladins has Crossplay with all EXCEPT Sony, but that went live in Dec... So unsure if they applied with Sony or Not. They did state it was technically ready. With Sonys change in management (thk fuk) hopefully console Crossplay becomes the norm. But yes, if Sony has a crossplay beta, and pubg is exploring with partners.... Maybe some more transparency would help. Because this game with crossplay on console would help tremendously. I would much rather pubg corp say something more than 'interested' and 'soon' regarding... Well.... Everything. Staight up facts and honesty goes 10 times further than. Soon. At any rate. Rocket league online player numbers have trebled since 2 dys ago. With xbox/ps4/pc/switch all in matchmaking. I am hopeful we see console Crossplay this year for pubg.
  7. XTT gawd

    Big Chungus

    Big Chungus wants : Crossplay Better controller input smoothing Higher framerate Ping Based MM 1-100 sensitivities Southpaw controls HDR options Big Chungus t-shirt
  8. Resolution is SIGNIFICANTLY better on a 4k 55" TV than 1440p. You wont notice much difference on a smaller screen (monitor) 1440p if fine for that. The larger the screen, the higher you want/need the resolution to be. I play on 4k C7 OLED. Is it worth it. Yes. Although pubg 30fps /judder is very noticeable. If your sensitive to judder. Play on a monitor. As far as other games go. 4k is delicious
  9. XTT gawd

    Oled burnin

    Screen burn is a legacy oled problem. But it takes a good stint to get a burn in. Do you have pixel shift enabled in the OLED settings? - this moves the entire picture periodically to aid against burn. Have you ever used pixel refresher? (same option menu in oled as pixel shift) This takes 1 hour while the tv is off, but wipes any panel noise that may be static after long exposures. With pixel shift on and refreshing every 2 weeks if you play alot will help. Also opaque menus in games help. So as for that suggestion. Yes please pubg
  10. XTT gawd

    Feedback to LOD dev letter

    It was shown up close for example purposes only. In the game, this animlod will only be on when the character is on your screen, but too far away to notice which way they are facing.... Again. The examples shown are up close just to show you what it's doing. When in game, anyone player close to you, or scoped in on, will not have this effect on them. They will have accurate animation and direction. Anyone 800m away, will have this animlod applied cause you can't tell if they are looking at the sky or not. Because too far away. To save cpu. 'if' you zoomed in with a 15x scope.... Then you would see an accurate animation. Go back and read the post again, under each example, it says it's for demonstration purposes only.
  11. XTT gawd

    Aim Acceleration and sensitivity settings

    Aim acceleration is implemented incorrectly in PUBG. Most games use aim acceleration only on look camera, and only at 100% input so you can turn around quickly. Or, if it uses AA when ads, again.... Normally only starts acceleration at 100% input. = I want to turn around quickly or, I want to speed up while ads to catchup with that running/driving target. However, PUBG's aim acceleration starts at 50% stick input. 50%! This is ridiculous. At 50% stick input, this is where you are making subtle adjustments to you aim to hit the target. You don't want the game changing the rate of input at 50%. I play with AA off in every shooter except for GoW and Borderlands. Which are set to max input before AA starts. PUBG's AA is disgusting. If anything there should be a threshold you can set for when you want AA to begin effectively accelerating. Eg. 50/60/70/80/90/100% input. Also they need 2 separate AA options. 1 for free look camera. And 1 for ads. Beyond the low framerate making it clunky to aim... This game also feels like it has NO sensitivity curve on the right stick. It feels like raw input. Which no game does. You know why Halo feels like Halo? Why GoW, CoD, R6, Battlefield etc 'feel' how they do? It's because they have their own sensitivity curves for stick input. For input to feel good on consoles you will want to have some processing done to it. You need to convert the linear input that comes from the analogue sticks into a curve that gives us more sensitivity around the stick center and less sensitivity at the borders. Like this image. If PUBG does use a method like this.... It's implemented poorly. But to me, it feels raw. = bogus control. Plop that on to 30fps and you've got the awkward controls we've had for over a year now. I'm glad this game doesn't have aim assist, or aim slowdown, or snapping. But it need a higher frame rate, a better input curve, and for everyones sake.... Aim acceleration that doesn't kick in a 50%. Just. No.
  12. XTT gawd

    Oceania servers

    Not sure. But at launch. You could get a game in Solo or Squad in less than 30secs. And less than 2 mins for Duo. Enough players own the game. And now plus Game Pass. But the damage is done. 1 year later and still 30 fps. 1 year and still no audio options. 1 year and still no controller layouts (eg southpaw) 1 year and no HDR options. So now any keen OCE player must play OOR to play because of indefinite cue times. It's gone from - 30 secs, to 3 mins, to 30 mins to never. If the player based was pleased then there would still be a que (albeit longer) to play, but damage done. Hopefully Ping based matchmaking will help. Because I know there's OCE players, just all not searching because we know it's futile.
  13. The only way I see this game having a SOLID future on CONSOLE, 1. Crossplay with Sony - will help matchmaking times tremendously. BR games rely on large player bases to minimise matchmaking times. This is a no brainier. Crossplay for console is a must. 2. Ping based matchmaking - will help matchmaking times in low pop regions. (if done correctly) default search to ping based matchmaking, NOT region locking is needed to help reduce OOR players. Client should be 'locked to local region ONLY for the early matchmaking process' before expanding to find a game OOR. If done intelligently, this would be great. With an estimated wait time indicator. 3. True Performance Modes The 1440p PTS option was disappointing. This should have been an UNCAPPED 1440p mode to see if there was any real gains. Console Parity needs to go. If the X and definitely the Future Xbox Anaconda can run this game (in various resolutions) with higher frame rates, then LET IT. Parity is a disgusting scrurge on multiplayer online gaming. With the future of Xbox Anaconda, Xbox Lockhart, XCloud, 1S, 1X and OG.... Do you really think everything is going to stay in parity with the weakest in family? I would like to see this game run capped full res on OG/S/X, uncapped in performance modes this year, and streamed at higher rates via XCloud and higher FPS on Anaconda in future. 4. Or Make Pubg 2 on custom Engine, cloud compute, with Miramar reworked and free for anyone who owns Pubg.
  14. XTT gawd

    9 days without news from bluehole

    As far as BR games... Hoping for big things with Firestorm. As far as a game to compete/kill/crush/destroy pubg in 2019 and take ALL of my playtime. That's easy..... Insurgency Sandstorm. Console release 2019. True HC FPS. Makes any other hardcore game look like kindergarten.
  15. XTT gawd

    Xbox capping upload speed?

    Sorry I haven't read through everything... DO you get 100% packet loss when on LAN cable to your router? If still 100% loss on ipv4, then likely a wireless issue. But use LAN to confirm this.