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  1. XTT gawd

    Update #6 Question

    The real question is... Uncapped framerate... Or nah?
  2. XTT gawd

    Aim Acceleration

    Vertical sens will help/hinder your recoil muscle memory. AA in pubg kick in at 50% of stick input. This is disgusting. (most) games that use AA are at much higher values of values - like 90%/100% But, other fps games have distinct input curves. Input that... Feels good. Pubg feels like no curve/raw input. Its horrible. So after NO AA for a year... Because acceleration at 50% is gross...., I figured I could use this 50% threshold to make a kinda dodgy curve of my own. So I lowered my ads sensitivities and found AA on 3 to be a bit more pleasant. Now the inner stick is heavy and the outer stick speeds up but doesn't oversteer. It's still feels like rubbish. But I'm using 3 now. Pubg need more frames per second and some different response curve presets (see apex). Or ANY response curve. I swear its RAW input. And it's the worst part of the game.
  3. XTT gawd

    the final word on framerate

    Nothing is more important than frames. Nothing.
  4. XTT gawd

    Better aiming

    This is sooooo old... The game has a no care given linear input. The game has a raw screw you console players input. The game has fukn s%#t input. Every game has its own 'feel', for many reasons. One being input curve/ input smoothing/ response curve.... Whatever you want to call it. And now that Apex is out you have a clear example of what this is. In its controls. Response Curve. Determines how the sticks analog input is used to turn your view (or aim) They have 5 options. Classic - (Titanfalls input) Steady - balanced (what pubg needs) Fine aim - larger custom inner zone with dampened input High velocity - cat on crack Linear = Raw = how pubg feels but pubgs somehow even worse (prob because of frame rate) THIS is what pubg needs. Some, a different... Any sort of friggen input response curve so we don't have to fight the controller. This is not aim assist. This is simple algorithm that means when you push the stick, then how much does it move your aim. 1:1? 1:0.95? 1:0.75? And for how many increments before ramping up. Fuk it it's like flogging a dead horse. OP is correct. Game needs input options. And while your at it, chamge the aim acceleration from 50% (ridiculous) to 99% input before activating or better yet, give us a slider so we can set at what the aa is active. This is old. This needs attention. If you don't understand it then enjoy your clunk. You're used to it now it doesn't make it good. And if you are new to the concept, go. Mess with apexs response curve options to get an understanding. (hot tip, put it on linear and your aim will suck just like in pubg)
  5. XTT gawd

    The OC? Why!?

    If you matchmake with randoms, you will be in a random server. = search solo - wait for game to finish its ping check = play duo and squad ONLY with friends from friends list in same Locale. Or you will be placed elsewhere
  6. XTT gawd

    Visuals enhanced?

    Everytime the make performance gains from optimisation, they increase the textures and lighting... To make it look better. When they could use these gains for increased framerate... This development has always been fixated on the best looking version instead of the most playable version. Sure, it looks pretty again on the X also, but I'd rather NOT see the stitching in my jacket and have an extra 10fps. Simple.