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  1. Hi, initially it was planned for 11am...
  2. I never said that it worked badly, just optimize again and again.
  3. And specially optimization !!! In itself the new season and the new pass is not the most important ..
  4. it was an interrogative and non-affirmative sentence. ^^ sorry for my english
  5. I hope so! And maybe a few graphic update and stabilities!
  6. Salut, Le mardi 7 mai, la fin de la saison aura droit à une mise à jour incluant également le nouveau laissez-passer et le nouveau butin d'Erangel. ?
  7. Hi, Yes, but here we only talk about 4 maps. So for example Call of Duty offers and 10-15 maps ... which is quite normal not to have a map selection..
  8. Hi! since the update has been postponed to March 5th. can we consider new features such as maps selection?
  9. that's why I formulated it as a question ^^
  10. a noticeable performance improvement with this patch or not?
  11. Hi, And for maps sélection? Any news?
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