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  1. Hi! since the update has been postponed to March 5th. can we consider new features such as maps selection?
  2. Ripley

    new features for 05/03?

    Hi, Yes, but here we only talk about 4 maps. So for example Call of Duty offers and 10-15 maps ... which is quite normal not to have a map selection..
  3. Ripley

    Feb. 28th Update

    that's why I formulated it as a question ^^
  4. Ripley

    Feb. 28th Update

    a noticeable performance improvement with this patch or not?
  5. Ripley

    Feb. 28th Update

    Hi, And for maps sélection? Any news?
  6. Ripley


    Hi, FPP (solo, duo and squad) is functional again on All servers (EU/NA) ? thx.
  7. Ripley

    FPP EU today!

    Hi, I was also redirected to the NA server but I did not have any lag or desynchronization, would it be a good thing? does the region twinning work properly? Let's fight on equal terms with the same ping?
  8. Ripley


    I hope so! Thx
  9. Ripley


    hello and thanks for your answer. But the FPP modes work? Because before it did not work... the search was infinite
  10. Ripley


    hi, It's me or the game has become downright unplayable on xbox?! lag, desynchronization and all that follows... Is there going to be regular maintenance of servers like Blue Hole does it on PC? Wake up BH damn it!!!
  11. Ripley

    Black tracksuit with blue stripe?

    Hi, I own this controller, but no trace of the code ?! Where is he? in the box? thx.