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  1. It's unrealistic to be able to carry up to 7-9 frags at a given time. Winning by nade spam isn't skill. I've done it to people before and always get these salty messages. Nades should be limited to a max of 3.
  2. Yeah I was all for it last time. But this time I don't think it should've been extended. It feels like they are just buying time on their own end.
  3. I call Yasnaya just Yas and that little area in mylta by the power plant I call it little mylta.
  4. DP is definitely an underrated LMG. I use it from time to time. It can be such a pain to find on Erangel wish they'd bring it to vikendi at least.
  5. I agree with you as well. I leave people alive if they are knocked as bait. That's why it confuses me when my opponent finishes off my team mate instead of thinking more tactical.
  6. The one time I played in a game that Harold was in he died before I could kill him. It's a shame because I wanted to shred the dude.
  7. Pubg Support already tweeted about it. Its just a hotfix to fix some issue on their side. Also the new featured map is sanhok......ew
  8. I have one as well and haven't had any problems with it. It's a very comfortable controller to game with.
  9. No footstep sounds? What are you talking about we already have this in game. I have issues with hearing foot steps all the time.
  10. It's basically the button for OtS in third person. But I use it in first-person and find that it makes my aim with shotguns in CQC very good. One taps become so much easier.
  11. Yeah that's a good point. It's easier to see in third-person, which way your tilting when you have to traverse terrain like Miramar has.
  12. I promise you guys if you hold LB in First person you will absolutely wreck with shotguns. My fiancee was terrible with them and then I told her to hold LB and she killed like 4 people in a row in Dino Park.
  13. I find its easier to drive the bikes in third person.
  14. This thread is literally making me dumber each time I read his posts.
  15. I've probably had this happen to me but, can someone explain what the hitch n freeze issue looks like or how it happens?
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