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  1. It is for me... just sat down to play and it won’t load in.
  2. Dang Indiana people....lol Fulton county here...
  3. I understand completely what you are getting at and your point of view... I just happen to think it’s ridiculous and full of the”poor me” mentality. I equate your point of view someone who wants to play baseball and saying “ Its not fair that You can throw a curve ball at 75mph, could you just underhand me a pitch so I can hit it”? Learn to play the game as is or play slow pitch softball. That’s my point of view. I don’t play FPP games any more because they’re full of campers. Just hide in a corner and aim at the door. This can still happen in TPP but it’s a little more difficult for them.
  4. So let me get this straight... Because your preferred method of play (FPP) is destined to die due to lack of interest... you think you should get extra advantages for choosing to play In FPP while playing in my preferred method of play (TPP)? How about NO...I think they should separate the two methods completely and not offer your method at all during my game. If you are so concerned about “X-ray Vision”, then play in TPP and use the same advantages as everyone else. Otherwise stick to FPP and hope your lobbies fill back up.
  5. I’d like to say this has never happened to me... but I think it’s happened to most at some point. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rubble68/video/74912895
  6. Any thoughts other than it’s time to pick a different game? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rubble68/video/74905808
  7. Congratulations! That first solo Dinner is always the best.
  8. Seriously? Sure am glad I made it a point to sit down and grind it out by the first deadline... Why not just end it now and just give all the rewards to everyone? Kind of the same thing with the multiple extensions... way to screw over the people who had it done on time. Thanks.
  9. Like this? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rubble68/video/74116280
  10. I have Turtle Beach Stealth 600’s. They have a “superhuman hearing” feature that amplifies quiet game sounds... footsteps, reloads, healing... works great!
  11. I have an Xbox One X and a SSD so this is a non issue for me for the most part but I was curious. The latest post about map selection and hot fixes said “by May” the new rendering would be released. Anyone with a One S know?
  12. I know... it’s entirely possible I found the ONLY two guys with worse aim than me..😂
  13. Hard to believe I wasn’t gunned down on my way to it, I think they missed every shot... On top of that... the grenade win was a bit anti-climactic..I guess a win is a win... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rubble68/video/73689816
  14. My favorite by far... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rubble68/video/70783947
  15. Also use my phone and pubgserverping.com to track NA server while in game.
  16. X, wired, SSD, open Nat here also.
  17. Not on PC. Start of matches it says high ping on my start screen, but when I test my Xbox connection it says 24ms before I start a game. That statement goes away before I cue up and then I get a red triangle above my mini map while playing...Directly after the game I test with my Xbox again and it’s well over 200 or even higher.
  18. My ping rises consistently through each game. Close quarter combat is nearly impossible due to everything feeling like slow motion....except the other player is at full speed. Anyone else?
  19. I saw the post from a while back. I guess that I was just hoping for something more detailed than “ we’ve been thinking about it for a couple months”. Maybe I’ve set my expectations too high.
  20. Any information on whether or not the leaderboards will be populated differently in the future? I don’t have the time others seem to have and are willing to devote to this game due to actually having a life and job. Amount of Time/Games played hardly seems like a true indicator of anything other than how much of a couch potato someone is. I am not an elite player by any definition, trash actually, but my solo TPP stats are better than many in the top 50, other than hours played.
  21. Maybe I am a bit “salty”.. I can appreciate losing a battle or even a campers strategy. I even handle getting outplayed pretty well but I detest cheaters. Maybe it’s time for you to take a shower, get a job, and move out from under the bridge and find somewhere else to be a troll.
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