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  1. I love my 60” Sharp 4K. I can almost play without my glasses....almost
  2. Rubble68

    Crates and Level up rewards

    I play PUBG for the WHOLE experience. It’s the same reason I play every game I play. I AM bothered by their lack of whole game development, the cosmetics are just a small part of it but it was the only issue I addressed with my post. You may do well not to assume what my intentions are or are not as far as continuing to play or why I continue to play. I stated that they are not the only game in town as a suggestion that maybe they could look around and compare their “whole product” with other whole products and possibly “figure it out” that they are far behind all other popular games with development. This includes the subject of my post......cosmetics.
  3. Rubble68

    Crates and Level up rewards

    So... it’s not ok for me to voice my frustration about the state of the cosmetics in the game but it’s ok for you to say they are disappointing? Hypocrite much?
  4. Rubble68

    Cheaters / Losers

    Helps if you actually read them...Posted right on their site.
  5. Rubble68

    Cheaters / Losers

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s ALL real cheating and I can’t stand cheaters. Lifetime bans... and a kick in the head is what they deserve.
  6. I know there are many posts about cheating and I am not going to quit playing. I am just beyond frustrated with individuals who team in solo games. If you need to cheat to win...maybe it’s time for an easier game for you to play... like solitaire. I was bridge crashed by a team of four in my solo game this morning. I sent the game clip with a cheating report to PUBG for all the good that will do
  7. Rubble68

    Kar98 clips

    Not a Kar98 but my SLR Chicken Dinner from this morning will have to do. DCE13180-86C7-4908-86CC-94B37165D0FE.MOV
  8. Great Job ! I can relate... I am 50 and started playing PUBG a year ago. My first gaming since I was much younger “Sega Genesis” era... Currently at 20 solo, 8 Duo, and 8 Squad wins. Keep it up!
  9. Rubble68

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    Ordered a Samsung T5 500GB today. Thank you to everyone who commented for your input.
  10. Rubble68

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    The 2TB green one with the Xbox logo? I don’t want to spend more than I have to for the same results.
  11. Rubble68

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I am going to go with the Samsung T5.
  12. Rubble68

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    Still pretty new to all of this. Just tired of the buildings looking like play dough and I’ve heard this would help.
  13. Rubble68

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    Thanks for the correction.
  14. Rubble68

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    It’s $79.99 at Best Buy. It’s the one branded with the Xbox logo.
  15. Considering buying the ssd listed in the title. Any thoughts?