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  1. I like both but I like the day time map better. That non stop wind howling at night gives me a headache....lol
  2. I turned it on while out of game and reset the console. Game play colors are fine... the only problem is when I open the map.
  3. I have a Wired connection One X and a 60” Sharp 4K UHD TV. When I turn on the HDR10 setting it throws my colors out of whack. If I adjust them to good levels for gameplay, the map is crap when I open it and almost unreadable. Anyone else use this setting without losing anything?
  4. My favorite because I never hit these...I almost dropped my controller and danced around. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rubble68/video/70783947
  5. I vote to leave it as is. I can’t count the number of times I’ve dropped and not been able to find a car and the first circle is the other side of the map. Your suggestion would force a choice to either loot and find supplies or immediately start running for the circle with nothing.
  6. I don’t know about the OG Xbox but I do own a One S and a One X. I also have played PUBG on both systems on my 60” 4K TV. The difference between the two is night and day as far as graphics is concerned. While in the plane prior to jumping with my One S, I can see the panels in the wings. With my One X, I can count the rivets in the panels. That same difference is everywhere in the game in terms of clarity of graphics. Hope that helps.
  7. @PUBG_Andymh5 For me to believe this issue is being dealt with, where can I find that History/List of banned players? I would have asked on my previous post but you closed it.
  8. How will I ever live with that? 10 points that will never expire.. oh my. If I were a game developer or forum moderator, how could I discourage people from reporting cheating? oh yeah... reprimand/punish them with an arbitrary point system while condoning the cheaters actions by allowing them to continue playing . Yeah, that’ll work. How about you address the REAL problem?
  9. Apparently reporting someone for teaming in Solo’s doesn’t seem to have any effect. Obvious teaming and they are both still playing. This company cares more about the cheaters than they do the rest of the players. I would almost bet my next paycheck that if I posted the clip I took on here that I would get banned... but the cheaters that were caught just continue to play. Awesome.
  10. It is for me... just sat down to play and it won’t load in.
  11. Dang Indiana people....lol Fulton county here...
  12. I understand completely what you are getting at and your point of view... I just happen to think it’s ridiculous and full of the”poor me” mentality. I equate your point of view someone who wants to play baseball and saying “ Its not fair that You can throw a curve ball at 75mph, could you just underhand me a pitch so I can hit it”? Learn to play the game as is or play slow pitch softball. That’s my point of view. I don’t play FPP games any more because they’re full of campers. Just hide in a corner and aim at the door. This can still happen in TPP but it’s a little more difficult for them.
  13. So let me get this straight... Because your preferred method of play (FPP) is destined to die due to lack of interest... you think you should get extra advantages for choosing to play In FPP while playing in my preferred method of play (TPP)? How about NO...I think they should separate the two methods completely and not offer your method at all during my game. If you are so concerned about “X-ray Vision”, then play in TPP and use the same advantages as everyone else. Otherwise stick to FPP and hope your lobbies fill back up.
  14. I’d like to say this has never happened to me... but I think it’s happened to most at some point. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rubble68/video/74912895
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