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  1. It would be interesting to have a key to turn the engine off, both in full stop and in motion. It has total sense, as being a thing you can indeed do in real life, and could add some really interesting "stealth approaches" when in motion downhill. Vehicles are subject to gravity and can roll up and down with no people inside and in neutral, so it is mostly about the engine noise. To add some depth there are a couple of details that might be implemented: - vehicles should make tire noise even when the engine is off. A really a noticeable one when breaking branches, crunching gravel, etc (easy to achieve, being so detailed the sounds for the characters). - cars and van might have a penalty in the main brakes power or, as in reality, make it decrease rapidly while used without engine (one or two pedal actions and after weak as hell). Handbrake and both brakes in motorcycles should keep working as usual, as those vehicles don't rely on the engine for power breaking. - motorcycles should lost a fair amount of the pitch control, as that is achieved mainly with the engine, via rear wheel momentum.
  2. It seems that the motorcycle engine keeps running while underwater. At least in the training camp where I've been doing a few tests. Isn't critical at all but it would be nice to have it fixed? Cheers!
  3. One year later I'd like to add my voice to this request. I would like to be able to assign it the mouse wheel reversed, moving it down to make the bike nose go up, so the rotation of the wheel and the bike matches. Please unlock those binds, the current mandatory ones feel utterly unnatural.
  4. I get the high skill description. It has sense as that. That will also mean it will lay out of my capabilities possibly forever. Sadly, I don't see too many skilled players using it. Or just anyone in the games I've played, tbh. All the skilled guys seem to prefer to slaught moving targets like me with just the most powerful sniper rifle available. 😂
  5. I haven´t even considered using it a medium range. It is way above my skill level with almost every iron. I wasn´t aware of that buffalo scope. Looks great indeed. Regarding damage I wasn´t even aware of it. I'm not skilled enough to aim consistently for headshots so I just look for the difficulty to get a hit. As many noobs I´m sadly still more comfortable with SMGs and using one shot weapons is just a fancy way to suicide in style. I'd like to still do it with the Winchester though.
  6. Indeed. I had totally forgotten that particular detail. If it were technically possible it would be great to have a way to hold the crash report as you suggest. I haven't considered sending reports because my crashes are always caused by self-inflicted hardware problems, but I totally get people with actual issues might want to report and help finding a real diagnose. Very good point and suggestion.
  7. Not really Biochemikas. I must confess this the only proper multiplayer game I've been into since maybe the original Counter Strike, centuries ago. I have barely scratched others but played quite a bit of LAN coop and racing games stuff though, and I don't recall any of them having a reconnect so well implemented; if existing at all.
  8. I've been only leaving suggestions and complains, but I would like to drop some positive feedback too. I wanna thank the developers for the flawless procedure to rejoin a match after a game crash. Almost all my crashes during a play have been caused by me and only me, due to overclocking settings and testing in both of my computers (you can play with a narrow margin of stability dealing with that), and every single time I've been able to rejoin the play even after a bad BSOD reboot, many many of them before being killed (having a fast NVME SSD in my main rig helps a lot). It is a really positive experience not having those matches ruined. So thank you guys. Cheers!
  9. I would like to ask for keeping the last point of view selection as a default when you change the team size. Any change from/to Duo/3-Squad/Squad seems to reset to TPP, which for us is inconvenient as we only play FPP. Most of the time someone on the team notices before hitting "ready", but a few times we enter just to find the issue and leave immediately.
  10. I've been checking Winchester history and that peep iron sight seem to have been widely used over the history of the rifle and seems to improve noticeably the aiming. It would be great to have it available, maybe somehow just as a direct red dot replacement. I really like the weapon (as most seniors grown watching Westerns and playing with it as a toy I'm really into it, man how well suits Miramar) but it is by far the most difficult to enjoy for me mainly because the sight, so I move asap to almost any other stuff available. Needless to point I am utterly bad playing. I guess any pro or average guy will have more fun with it.
  11. It possibly has some relation as developers might have prioritize the map load dropping any secondary tasks, but we always set the team chat in "Always", so it shouldn't relate with the keystrokes. Hopefully, if the voice was working previously it might be possible to restore the feature. For me is not critical, but it might attract people moving from external voice software to inner PUBG. As a matter of fact, I would be really interested in using only internal chat if it could be saved with the replays. Our team has sometimes really good craic, as my Irish friends say, over the voice channel that currently is impossible to save. I guess that happens to anyone but streamers.
  12. We have the internal team voice chat covered, mainly Discord. It is only when playing with random players that in-game voice chat is the only way to go. Even having then friends on the team is easier to close or mute the chat software to avoid echoes and duplication and go full internal. It works nicely except for those disconnections while loading and leaving the map.
  13. Sure, it is not about that mute. The team chat is enabled at the lobby, but it goes disconnected while the map is loading. For some people that's a fair amount of time cause their game loads quite slow.
  14. I would ask to have the team voice chat working in the loading and dropping screens to and from the lobby, please. A guy I play with and I guess some other people have slow rigs or particularly crappy conventional hard drives so they sometimes render the match really late. For my buddy is even directly from the lobby to the plane when the waiting time is really small. Having voice chat disconnected in those situations is an inconvenience to discuss where to drop. We sure use discord/mumble when playing a full squad, but when you're filling with strangers mixing both ain't great and we prefer to move entirely to the in-game voice system.
  15. Joseps

    Pubg Voice Chat Doesen t Work

    I can confirm. I've been helping testing with @eNerGy72 and neither him can listen me or see my talking icon or I can si his. We've been diagnosing the system and everything seems right. I've been talking with him over Discord when it failed. Funny thing, his test voice bars in mic testing, inside PUBG setup, seem to work and detect his voice. Testing the common shortcuts for enable / disable voice chat, mute, etc. failed too. I have been using the voice chat with other players the same session without issues.