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  1. Cheating definitely happens, we all know Radar and Chronusmax are widespread. However, if you're accusing everyone who kills you in a way you don't like of cheating, that's not on. There are people whose reputations are being unfairly tarnished because people can't stand the fact that they are quality players. In the end, we need Krafton to implement a proper reporting and banning system on console, and we need the people selling these tools to be prosecuted. There has been a lot of success in prosecuting people in Asia, but it seems less used in Europe and the US.
  2. I try to be reasonable in these forums, and definitely try not to give the community too hard a time. After all, they are the messengers, they don't make decisions about the game. But I'm losing faith in Krafton's ability to deliver a good console version of the game. I accept that Xbox will be behind PC, that's a given. Especially as this is a ported game, there are clearly challenges to effectively downgrade the PC version to make it work on a console. I also accept that some things simply may not be possible on console. I have heard from sources that there are great things coming - no detail, just positive messages from people who are not a part of Krafton but have had the privilege of speaking to the devs. And while I do hope they are right, I'm not sure I can wait that long. I certainly don't think I can continue playing the game for the next four or five months with the game being where it is. I'm seriously considering an extended break from the game. Yes, there have definitely been improvements with the latest update. But there have also been some oddities and bad decisions which are now almost a trademark for this game. Adding in fortnite-style dances, challenges which don't add to the experience but detract from the gameplay, a survivor pass which quite frankly was a waste of £12.50, failing to meet past promises and still insisting on forcing us to play maps which a significant number of us hate...I do wonder who is making decisions over there and whether these people understand gamers. I'm not going to give a wishlist of things I and many others want to see, because they've been mentioned a thousand times already. I know the devs do listen sometimes, but more often than not the response is to state 'we can't do that because...' I know there's a shortage of console devs at the company (with the majority of the job listings being in Korean, then there's no wonder more talent isn't applying), and I think the player base has been a lot more patient than others (look at the EA Battlefront 2 situation which nearly cost EA a major license). But I do fear that the excuse 'we don't have a big enough player base to do x' is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy...the longer it takes to make the good changes, the ones the players really want, the smaller that player base is going to get. These big changes coming in a few months could well be falling on a much smaller number than you hope. Companies everywhere like solutions, or suggestions, rather than just criticism. So this post isn't just me having a moan. I want to suggest some things so that the dev team can make certain they are in touch with the player base. 1 - Hold a reddit AMA. These things seem to go well for a lot of other people. One of the biggest frustrations we PUBG players have is the feeling that we are not heard, not listened to, not taken seriously. Give people the chance to ask questions, and to understand the whys and wherefores of the development path. 2 - You have a significant streaming community out there for console, but to my knowledge, only a few console partners. Open the partnership applications up again, and get more people who can give some feedback. Also, engage with non-PUBG partner streamers. Find out what makes the game work for them as content, and what doesn't. 3 - Be more open about the development route. I know some details have been revealed about the future of the game, but a lot of misinformation and misinterpretation goes around about what everyone thinks is being worked on. If anyone on the development team or in management knows anything about the game Subnautica, they will know that those devs, Unknown Worlds, engaged with the player base from day one using the Trello platform. In my opinion it is one of the best developed games on the Xbox preview programme and the result is an amazing experience, because the fans were involved and informed of every step taken, and every step to come. 4 - Stop looking at the competition. PUBG was and still is the best concept for a BR, and incorporating ideas from other BRs is just diluting the experience.Most of us have zero interest in making our characters dance, I'm sure a large number of us never even emote in game. I know a lot of people have zero interest in the seasonal challenges, certainly not as they stand - but I think Weapon Mastery is a much better idea (minus the charms as rewards...appalling idea, just give G-coins away as rewards, it's much more meaningful. 5 - Make the server maintenance a lot more regular. Towards the end of last season the desynch issues got so bad that it was pointless to even try. Now I know there may be money issues involved in this, but investing in keeping a game working well is not an unreasonable or unnecessary expense. Look to the likes of Bethesda who run weekly maintenance during the games quieter hours. 6 - Give competitive players something to get excited about again. I know the current leaderboards are not the final design, and you surely know by now that this current version is hugely unpopular. If need be, return to the original setup for now, and you'll have competitive players (including streamers) getting passionate about the game again, which can only serve to increase the player base. If nothing else, please just don't ignore this post or reply with a standard message. Put it in front of a decision maker, let them read it, let them understand that those of us who are still around are here because this game has become a lifestyle, not just a distraction. PUBG could be great...but only if Krafton allow it to be.
  3. To be fair, nothing would happen anyway unless a large number of people reported the same player. There is no designated team to deal with cheating for console so you'd be pretty much wasting your time.
  4. I played the game about four hours ago and was having no issues. However in the last hour I've tried to play two games, both on my native EU servers, and the lag has been horrendous. It's persistent, not even ten seconds went by without teleporting unless standing perfectly still or strangely enough driving a buggy. At one point I was trying to get out of a door to get to safety so I could heal and it took 6 or 7 attempts before I was not being teleported back inside. Suffice to say killing other players was not possible.
  5. This is unacceptable and a massive mistake. I'm sorry, but whoever made this decision is so out of touch with the player base. EVERYONE was expecting Erangel in line with the new survivor pass. YOu have no idea how many people are now close to quitting the game.
  6. Jediandy28


    Sorry @PUBG_Andymh5 I also just noticed 2 updates for the PTS on my Xbox in the last hour. Was a second rolled out at some time this morning?
  7. Hi all, Check my thread here: Andy has explained what the rebalance was.
  8. Jediandy28


    @PUBG_Andymh5 okay thanks, the rebalance wasn't really clear, we all thought it was the PC rebalance. I suggest this be addressed publicly to clarify. In terms of the SSD, a friend descrived it as 'artifical lag'. People who are having better set-ups seem to be getting lag whereas people without are getting little or no lag. I don't understand this side of things personally but he has a history in programming so I'm just passing on what he said. I've witnessed it on another friend's stream as well. Now that the main servers are up though I think most people are just going to stick with the main game if they're finding the PTS unplayable. As always Andy, thanks for the quick reply and your support. Some of us do actually appreciate you guys.
  9. Jediandy28


    Okay, so, this update was supposed to include the Erangel loot rebalance...but literally everyone is saying that the loot has gotten worse. Server performance is now punishing those of us who bought SSDs so we could play the game without the awful rendering issues. Guys, something has gone very wrong with this PTS update. Can you at least address the loot rebalance issue urgently? Thanks
  10. With respect, it's 2019 and you can't reasonably expect any organisation to use one platform only. I do believe as a whole Bluehole need to improve their communication (no disrespect to Andy specifically, he does as good a job as he can) and it has already been pointed out that Reddit seems to get information first. But if you make a choice to only monitor or use one outlet, you're going to have to expect to miss out on content. It's just the nature of the modern marketing environment. Maybe just set up a Twitter, set it to private and follow PUBG only.
  11. Hi all, Can anyone advise us how exactly we go about reporting players for streamsniping and potentially using radar? The guy I mod for has this morning been streamsniped by a someone who is well known for cheating, and who used alt accounts constantly to get around bans. He honestly needs dealing with properly, so I need to figure out how we report him effectively. Thanks
  12. I have two issues here: we don't have a decent Xbox reporting tool for this yet, so how do we go about reporting someone for using radar for example (seen a blatant example today). My second issue is more serious, and I seriously urge PUBG to think about this: why is racial discrimination an initial 30 day ban? I'm sorry, but this should 100% be zero tolerance permanent ban. Racism is a clear scourge in society right now and I would like to see the company make a significant statement that they will absolutely not tolerate it and not pander to people who just use the word 'banter'
  13. Hi, There seems to be a new glitch on Sanhok where if you open the inventory near an object, you lag, and then find yourself stuck in the object e.g. a barrel, wall, locker, box.
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