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  1. Wrong. The devs have stated, repeatedly, that the server isn’t designated until you hit play. Pings are matched, then the server is chosen based on the groups pings and regions. Do a simple forum search, you can read it for yourself.
  2. And exactly how does that make the game “unplayable”? No one takes you seriously when you exaggerate an issue. All 4 maps work just fine on NA.
  3. I'd hazard a guess you're alone in most of your thinking. I've got over 2000+ hours in the game, and it's still as fun as the day I bought it back in EA. If you're looting for 20 minutes, you're doing something wrong. If it's unplayable, you're doing something wrong. Hundreds of thousands of us still play it daily. Tried Apex. It sucked. No other BR comes close to PUBG.
  4. Says the guy trying to promote a monitoring service with just 5 people per region covering over 200,000 players at a cost of $600,000 a year just to have lobby chat. You're severely lacking common sense. It was provided for you, and you weren't able to grasp it. Moving on.
  5. Look at the results of your poll. You are alone in thinking that friendly fire needs removed. No one agrees because we all know that removing it would ruin the game. You're missing the big picture.
  6. That's fine, you're welcome to your opinion. Just as you will not find anyone here who agrees with you. Friendly fire is a cornerstone of the game. Removing it will destroy the game. That's a fact.
  7. Oh geez. You obviously don't play the game. On average, a quarter of the players die in the first 3-5 minutes. Half are dead by 10 minutes. At 20 minutes there is typically around 20 or less players still in the game. Taking that into account, there are 200,000 or more people in a lobby at any given time (25% of players dead in first 3-5 minutes plus new players coming in and other players leaving). They spend anywhere from 60-120 seconds per lobby. The timers don't start until there are, what, 96 players in the lobby? I forget the exact number. During peak the lobbies should be filling up pretty quickly, so we can just go off of 60 seconds. The plane takes over 60 seconds to fly over the continent. So lobby time is anywhere from 2 minutes to 3 minutes depending. You claim that someone can monitor 5 lobbies simultaneously, in random states of starting and stopping. That's 500 possible voice streams they would have to listen to at the same time. Trim that down to actual people talking. Say 25 per lobby? That's 100 streams talking. You honestly think anyone can listen to 100 people talking at the same time and monitor it for illegal activity? Easily the dumbest idea i've ever heard. Not possible. Period. Oh, forgot to mention, these are bots. they don't move. There isn't a real person sitting behind the keyboard controlling it. It's a script running that auto queues, waits for them to die, returns to lobby and restarts a new game. So long story short. Regardless of your math, or the fact that you clearly don't understand how the game works, your idea is not feasible. At all. $600,000 a year just to allow voice chat in a 2-3 minute lobby? HAHAHAHA. Incredibly stupid.
  8. You need to think it through a bit more then that. Friendly fire is mostly a non issue. With no friendly fire you could grenade spam a house and have your teammates run in and not take damage from the nades while killing the pinned down team inside. If friendly fire bothers you, you're playing the wrong game. It's not going to change.
  9. Would completely ruin the game. No chance in hell it gets removed.
  10. That's like saying will all the cheaters be permanently banned. Not possible. All online games have desync. Nature of the beast. It's just more obvious in PUBG due to the player count requirement.
  11. Agreed, there will always be cheaters. What CAN be done is a ping lock to the servers to keep the vast majority of cheaters on their own servers playing amongst themselves. Unfortunately, PBG refuses to do that, even though it is the #1 complaint across all servers since day 1.
  12. They are the same thing. Region locking is done is a variety of ways, one of which is a ping lock. You can also region lock by the client itself. Which would have been the smart move from the beginning.
  13. Not enough players to support a server. You need hundreds of thousands of players in a region to get a server. Middle East does not have the numbers.
  14. Claymores and grenade launchers would be the end of the game. Will never happen.
  15. The only thing that is going to give PUBG long term sustainability is a real region lock. It is by and large the #1 complaint across all servers. Region lock the servers properly. That will vastly reduce desync. It will minimize the cheating issue. It will also lose you some customers, but at the end of the day, if you want the game to survive, you're going to have to deal with the issue properly. Anything else is just putting lipstick on a pig. Any new players you get will be immediately turned off by those issues. Any returning players will, again, be turned off by those issues.
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