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  1. Hateinside

    Spectator ADS Jumping

    This is happening (hiccup) since first (hiccup) day
  2. Have a PS4 Fat, wired, mostly in Vikendi take 20 to 30 sec to spam the guns when you land fast, but if you open your parachutes early and float to your destiny, the game has time to load the houses and guns, only when you try to land near the airplane and dive to land fast, took a while to the houses and guns to spam
  3. Hateinside

    Can’t change Matchmaking type

    You need to change your game from squad to solo. To do that, go where you can see quick join / squad / tpp, click there and you will be able to change to solo
  4. This happened sometimes, I am trying to go to the bathroom in Dino Park, got stuck in the stairs and need to jump
  5. Hateinside

    Parachute glitch.. driving me crazy..

    Well, for a extra drop penetration I am using the L3 till get the 232km/h, when the parachutes open, I still fall down some meters before start to glide
  6. Hateinside

    Parachute glitch.. driving me crazy..

    Just to make clear, do you push the stick forward, but do not press L3 to make dive fast and straight to the ground? If you dont press L3 and just press the stick forward, maybe this is the problem
  7. Hateinside

    Host change when someone Entwer or Leave

    The big issue to me is not be abble to kick someone away or offline from the lobby, everyone need to quit the game to lobby and resend invites
  8. Hateinside

    15 Times HotSprings....

    I just land in middle of cantra, or the corner near hot spring. First I just land in hot springs, but my friends land in cantra and say that is counting for the mission, so I land there sometimes and did count it If I am not mistaken, I readed somewhere that cantra is part of hot spring. https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Vikendi/Cantra Here says that cantra It features natural hot sptings, so should count to the mission.
  9. Hateinside

    Host change when someone Entwer or Leave

    This happen when the host in your party leave, the host goes to another person. If someone who dont have the host leave, the host wont change to another one
  10. Hateinside

    15 Times HotSprings....

    till the moment I have 6/15 land in hot spring, I land 4 times in hot spring and 2x in cantra, and count everytime
  11. Hateinside


    Hum, let the Trench Coat Owners Hunt beggin 😂
  12. Hateinside


    hum, opened 18 crates today, and guess what, 14 pants and 4 hats, still dont know why I keep trying
  13. Hateinside

    Here's a thought

    My country had a promo, get 12 month of plus and PUBG, some friends of mine get the game with this promo
  14. Hateinside

    15 Times HotSprings....

    Cantra is part of Hot Spring, if you land there, will count to the mission, and is a better place to loot
  15. you dont need just stop, after stop and press the brake, when the car are totaly stoped, you need get out the car too. So, stop, get out the car, enter the car and run for your life