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  1. Hateinside

    Does nightmode exist on ps4?

    Well, I played only 3 times on vikendi today, and one has the nightmode
  2. Hateinside

    Horizon Zero Dawn skins

    To tell the truth, I see many people compaing about desync, fps drop, etc, but I almost dont get problem with gameplay, till the moment I didnt have any desync that I noticed, fps drop I had very few times when I land in castle with another 3 or 4 teams , so the gameplay never realy bother me, what I have is lag, but is because I net sucks.
  3. Hateinside

    An idea to populate FPP servers.....

    They cant lock the TPP and force people play FPP. FPP crew is to small, and since si difficult to find a FPP match, to me means that mostly people prefer to play TPP, and they cant go against the majority.
  4. Hateinside

    We want play on FPP

    Well, I dont know what bluehole can do about it, since the first day in PS4 FPP have a few people playing, my first 5 match in a row have only 25 people playing, and people keep asking for region lock, bla bla bla, the adm always said about the the few people playing FPP, but people keep insisting, the bluehole gave what they wanna, and now, is too hard to find a match, when I get one is after 10 minutes or more waiting. Even TPP, depending on the time you try to play, took 3 to 5 minutes in quick play to find a match. To me, is better to have only one FPP server, even my ping go to the moon and come back, will be easy to find a match
  5. Hateinside

    Horizon Zero Dawn skins

    Fix the Bugs, Lags and FPS Drops is kind of hard and I understand, they have a team to look that, but skins is totally different, just need a person do created and put in the game, is much more easy, cause dont change the gameplay, is just visual. Some peoples want better gameplay, others wanna skins, that´s normal and everyone need to get what they wanna
  6. Hateinside

    A way to make PUBG more stable

    I believe the footprints in snow fade away after 10 minutes
  7. Hateinside

    Horrible weekly mission

    You just need play squad or duo, when the enemy os down, use the melee weapon to kill him
  8. Hateinside

    Spectator ADS Jumping

    This is happening (hiccup) since first (hiccup) day
  9. Have a PS4 Fat, wired, mostly in Vikendi take 20 to 30 sec to spam the guns when you land fast, but if you open your parachutes early and float to your destiny, the game has time to load the houses and guns, only when you try to land near the airplane and dive to land fast, took a while to the houses and guns to spam
  10. Hateinside

    Can’t change Matchmaking type

    You need to change your game from squad to solo. To do that, go where you can see quick join / squad / tpp, click there and you will be able to change to solo
  11. This happened sometimes, I am trying to go to the bathroom in Dino Park, got stuck in the stairs and need to jump
  12. Hateinside

    Parachute glitch.. driving me crazy..

    Well, for a extra drop penetration I am using the L3 till get the 232km/h, when the parachutes open, I still fall down some meters before start to glide
  13. Hateinside

    Parachute glitch.. driving me crazy..

    Just to make clear, do you push the stick forward, but do not press L3 to make dive fast and straight to the ground? If you dont press L3 and just press the stick forward, maybe this is the problem
  14. Hateinside

    Host change when someone Entwer or Leave

    The big issue to me is not be abble to kick someone away or offline from the lobby, everyone need to quit the game to lobby and resend invites