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  1. @Mike Nasty @DwpI don't know if it's like a placebo effect but I feel the same. It kind of feels both ways tho tbh
  2. @A$ap_LeVics Exactly. Honestly I'm just trying to contribute to a better pubg here instead of just complaining. I would trade emotes for a health wheel
  3. I know there is already a "quick way" to choose meds by pressing down on the d-pad and cycleing through your meds, but i like the idea of the wheel menu from the pc. I feel it would be helpful for gameplay (and overall polish of the game imo) if you could just hold down down on the d-pad and choose from the wheel like choosing an emote. Any thoughts?
  4. I heard from someone on pc that theres a lot of flareguns that spawn but there's a limited amount of drops, two are like the regular carepackages and the other three drops are vehicles, and what you get is random. Im pretty sure the amount of flare guns isn't going to affect endgame, but it creates a race for flare guns at the beginning of the match, and once their used up they're useless.
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