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    HAHAH are you a bot the FPP server ARE SWITCHED OFF the TPP are always open regardless of active users. there is huge amounts of data from patch 12 season 5-6 there were 100s thousands of player it dropped to a couple thousand in 1 week, Answer THEY BROKE IT and don't know how to fix it.
  2. symbol

    Fix the circle?OMG totally broken

    Change your strategy if it doesn't work don't try it again
  3. symbol

    Having a pistol after parachuting

    Would break the game
  4. Why do i get the feeling the forum moderators have no authority in change i bet they report trends and some CFO decides to table it for another month.
  5. EU and AS are prioritized for profit margin nothing else. OC is defunked and broken on purpose the more play on the as servers the more cost per player to maintain goes lower, sad to see corporatism alive in well in "small" indie devolopers, No passion, No compassion, And more importantly a lack of professionalism to its customers.
  6. Yes they do. 20k active member just isn't good enough must be not lucrative enough to give OC BUYERS servers which they paid for, i guess they can release more loot crates but not fix fundamental MM problems. Seems the priorities are clear
  7. OCC has been broken the vigilant defenders will say pop too low, however the reason its low because they broke it to begin with. not too long ago game were instant Que for all modes on sanhok for months patch came out dead overnight ever since. OC is defaulted into AS servers because pubg with its billions cant seem to sustain OC servers seems like a corporate decision to cut costs.
  9. symbol

    Match Making woes

    Not to step on your toes or anything, the only reason i bring up oc server to bring awareness and attention and unfortunately the only way to get a clear message to the higher ups is to include oc over and over again to try and influence this regions problems its being drowned out by people experiencing trivial problems, these ideas are great i agree it needs to be changed but untill everyone makes a fuss and ups activity on these posts it will go unseenp
  10. symbol

    OC anti feedback loop

    First of all tpp is still available in peak times and very easily filled.to 100 on instant ques fpp however is unavailable how can you have any fpp stats if they have turned it off they have created this artificialy if they had the fpp in the first place the player base would come back but alas back to my first statement we are customers we paid we want our service we have been cheated We need a dedicated server for fpp or player base will leak out to inferior titles pubg is the best out there, so lets get this company to give us the best because we are worth it and so are they Please listen to oc fpp players it hard to watch such a mammoth game and experience be wasted because of short sighted quick money strategies look at ea blizzard activision and whole other range of top aaa companies they are all failing because of this exact thing bluehole can deliver its just a decision and need to be followed through, for the love of gaming bluehole dont destroy yourself before you build
  11. symbol

    Match Making woes

    Gotta state where you are from and if its OC and FPP well it seems they have killed it not the community.
  12. The OC servers FPP is dead, the servers are not live ( most likely switched off permanently) If bluehole can just listen to all the OC players waiting for OC FPP servers to come back, we supported this game, we bought this game, you made your money, so please let us enjoy the FPP, Turn on permanently 1-3 fpp servers at all times and force start with less that 50 player then the player base will come back we are all waiting. all the other posts no offical response have you taken the money and ran? have you caved to regional pressure and only catered for the masses have you forgotted PC OC players? seems to me it isn't a wise business choice to ignore thousands and thousands of players, you need tor reinvest back into your player base and make sure we are able to actually play the game. TLDR; There is heaps of competition in the BR genre now and instead of implementing basic player retention strategies you have opted for a targeted audience from over populated areas that so happened to be isolated from the rest of the world (ping wise) your game is great give it to the people for crying out loud.