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  1. you always seem to be defending pubg on any front, which is fine. for me the idea is that removing the weapon skin is bugged, it simply doesnt work, plus an option to remove all this i would like. just going like 'nope not necessary' when you dont see the point people are making seems a bit unnecessary, thats why the rip.
  2. someone mentioned something vaguely about surprise update tonight 🤔
  3. Twitter said no live server maintenance tonight. however i get the cannot authenticate from external provider message. steam down or something?
  4. yes would like this too. also no keychains on picked up guns i would like to see. i btw use alt shift click but it says: 'weaponskin for xxx not assigned' and it does not remove the weapon skin
  5. realism and the player model would probably look very silly if the left lean was the same as the right lean.
  6. i think there is enough people in houses just sitting and trying to snipe from their safe spot. now half the people on the servers will be sitting in houses to reload their mags. in dayz it makes sense. i think pubg tries to go for a little faster gameplay or fighting experience.
  7. could be just 1 guy actually. mind blown. that is sick. i always imagine the people who are handling the reports are just sitting there like a helpdesk all just going through the reports and stuff. pretty cool side job id say.
  8. i think the best way to reach 6k is to just have fun and try to become better. cause the endgoal doesnt really justify playing especially for this goal imo. i got 6k by accident. guess i just played a lot lol.
  9. start having a plan, start using a vehicle, start moving before the circle is almost on you. the train doesnt wait for you just cause you were engaged in interesting conversation with that blonde at the ticket booth.
  10. thought it was my sh*t-pc but yeah i got the same. just feels like windows 95.
  11. it has to beep though. or has to send out a laser that is visible. if it is invisible or undetectable this will make people never push someone lets say upstairs in a house. pushing someone in a house will just be totally removed from everyone their tactics-book.
  12. weird shit. but hey, free ban notifications. id take it.
  13. so i dont know if it is AA that gets broken. but for me everything just looks pixelly if that makes some sense.
  14. as to the grenade crosshair thing: i dont mind it but to me its very unclear to spot if im throwing underhand or above hand. the thing just isnt clear enough. and btw it was clear before this addition, which way you throw. it doesnt really add too much i think.
  15. i use the crosshair in green. never have problems with visibility with green. its bright enough. i think i like the super small dot in the middle for in case u gotta make a long range shot with a red dot sight. but its what ur used to i guess. i think id do fine with the other ones as well.
  16. well, running and vaulting should vault over, and not holding shift should vault onto. i use auto run and dont use shift cause i wanna use shift for something else. so i have to control + vault to vault onto something. as i use control for walking.
  17. ooh its getting spicy now ! almost tie-ing with topic starter.
  18. by saying me i assume in solos, what map(s)?
  19. i know old topic but thought better post here than start a new one. are you guys talking solos or duo / squad? and what map? im on this right now, is PB for me. erangel only.
  20. so probably a new weapon in june as well? 😮 must be right?
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