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  1. I think having the option for showing your throwable count in the interface could be a good thing: I think the more the game progresses, and people get better, throwables will be more and more used. What i drew, is far from perfect, but its to display the idea. I am all for fast gameplay, and having to check your TAB/inventory screen to see how much throwables you have is a 'clunky' thing, and slows down gameplay, at least for me. I am not looking for 'terrible idea' or 'great idea' posts. its just my suggestion. Feel free to add something to the idea, or come forward with how you experience throwable management, but plz not the standard 'that would suck' or 'Just check ur inventory' type reactions.
  2. i still have my first win ^. different times tho.
  3. r0eladn

    FPS changes Rate of Fire!

    well yeah, this is the problem of this entire situation. the only upside of lower fire rate is lower recoil, which is little comfort to me at least. For me f.e. the M4 fires at 85% fire rate of max, since im locked at 60fps due to screen tearing as well. weapon preference can be a way to go to avoid this disadvantage. Im obviously not happy with this situation, but im little surprised by this problem alone, considering all the other problems the game also has to offer. However, im playing at a disadvantage anyway cause of my low resolution, low fps, wifi internet and constant stutter, plus not being able to play vikendi cause of bad performance. so to me its just another drop of water in the bucket. lots of problems. just need to get that better pc i guess.
  4. r0eladn

    FPS changes Rate of Fire!

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/5/d/e/2PACX-1vR4O4HIdK_19CfWW-s7LVX262MooGbXcDuVZMSPnbrG33710Fda7c9bY8v7y3fz-jdNJM04ePc8ttQb/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true if i understand it correctly, there is no such thing as a higher rate of fire if you got higher fps. in an extend this is true. but there is definitely a max. There is just a certain sweet spot of amount of fps combined with the different weapons, which gives you the max fire rate. so 5000 fps doesnt make your AKM a minigun. as the link above shows, for for example the AKM, since it fires exactly 10 bullets a second i think, if you are at a multiple of 10 fps, you will achieve the highest fire rate. the link above shows those sweet spots, with the most green areas the highest ROF.
  5. r0eladn

    New parachute system bug

    no. but the concept should be fairly simple i think: a tree has a certain point where its a platform on top. as you might know, for example in sanhok you can sit on this platform if there is a way to jump on it. The chuting system obviously mistakes this platform for the ground, and thus cuts away the chute, following by the player falling to his or her death.
  6. so first question should be: did you try other shooter games and did you try another mouse?
  7. replace micro uzi on some maps with mac 10. just visual difference basically like QBZ and G36. (so minor changes)
  8. r0eladn

    First game of the day heavy lag

    so this still happens and its becoming quite the annoyance. anyone else?
  9. r0eladn

    Loot on erangel

    Is this what you roughly mean? I asked the question, because i did a random squad game once. It was 2 very nice guys from the UK who obviously were friends, me and another random guy. They wanted to jump this exact same spot, and i responded instantly: but there is no loot there ! They said that there was loot there and were determined to go there. When we looted everything, i think none of us had an AR, i had a pump shotgun and a pistol. I myself, loot a lot of the time in Yasnaya. I loot around 3 appartment buildings and maybe a few houses besides that. And after that, there is times that i do not have a full auto AR, and leave with either an m16 or an ump as primary. A suggestion would be to go to places with more loot spawns. (yes, you will find more other players there, but after jumping the same spot for a while, youll start feeling more comfortable claiming the territory as yours.)
  10. r0eladn

    Night mode ahoy!

    might be a change for the better. considering the bright snow. nightgoggles tho maybe? 😮
  11. r0eladn

    Loot on erangel

    where do you loot most of the time? (if you want draw it on an erangel map)
  12. Just a small suggestion. I would definitely use or at least try this option if it would be available: A sound cue from top 5 to top 2 with every death. Ive had multiple games where people die without me noticing it, causing me to lose the game or play differently than i would if i noticed a death. just the option to play a small 'bing' or 'ding' noise with every death when in top 5. could be optional, so people can turn it on or off. For example: games where someone dies to the blue zone (no shots fired, no grenades exploded) or a firefight, someone dies, and the other guy dies a few seconds later from the grenade of the enemy he just shot.
  13. r0eladn

    Why is it hard?

    Yeah there is a big difference with and without grips.
  14. r0eladn

    FPS drop on vikendi?

    My fps on vikendi is horrible, other maps run way better. my system alrdy isnt that good so vikendi is unfortunately a no go for me