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  1. well, running and vaulting should vault over, and not holding shift should vault onto. i use auto run and dont use shift cause i wanna use shift for something else. so i have to control + vault to vault onto something. as i use control for walking.
  2. ooh its getting spicy now ! almost tie-ing with topic starter.
  3. by saying me i assume in solos, what map(s)?
  4. i know old topic but thought better post here than start a new one. are you guys talking solos or duo / squad? and what map? im on this right now, is PB for me. erangel only.
  5. so probably a new weapon in june as well? 😮 must be right?
  6. what is this weird thing where you see your character from behind? i always see from my characters eyes. cant comprehend. my brain is shutting down now.
  7. 2x or 3x mounted scope, or half of the spawns or like 30% of winchester spawns come with that scope could be good. very basic scope or something. could make the weapon better.
  8. no i thought that too but i think sidartha is refering to something else. i think what you mean is that moving the mouse to the left or the right doesnt make ur character go into that direction, its as if the alt key is stuck. at least thats what happens to me when i alt tab sometimes.
  9. groza makes some sense, better recoil than ak or beryl i think, and higher fire rate. aug doesnt have anything special. just the lower recoil i guess. dont know how to buff it tho. its fine but for a crate weapon its meh.
  10. ^ this is how you can get shot. i posted this earlier but i dont rly like this about the game.
  11. yeah or he translates it instead of everyone who is reading it having to translate. its annoying cause 99% of the germans do this.
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