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  1. r0eladn

    Training people

    yes, its called the internet lol
  2. r0eladn

    You get ONE Weapon....

    flare gun 300 rounds.
  3. people are done with it i guess. for me month or 2 now that i play seldomly.
  4. i think the reason for it being the most popular is because its more shooting, less strategy. Erangel sometimes there is end circles where you have to play strategically in order to have a chance. And sometimes playing very well strategically is way more successful than being a good shooter but not strategic.
  5. r0eladn

    Prone broken

    prone should be possible everywhere.
  6. since the last patch this happens: i pick up a gun, put it on auto. i pick up another gun. the old gun goes to single. happened multiple times. dunno exactly but usually happens after ive picked up the second gun.
  7. yes chocotaco is cheating lol? wtf.
  8. thought i was the only one who uses toggle sprint hehe. i dont want it auto on tho, cause when skydiving down it should be off cause otherwise ur diving straight down.
  9. kill the afks if the kill amount is the problem
  10. the idea is that people have to wait for sanhok and can play f.e. miramar straight away. then give people who played different maps than sanhok for a few games a pass to get in without waiting in sanhok. the people who constantly play sanhok have to wait over those people
  11. how about they make lobbys for every map, and you actually get rewarded for choosing erangel or miramar with short queue times cause of the few people who are wanting to play it? and you actually have to wait for sanhok because of the long waiting list of people wanting to play that one?
  12. i like to drive the tuk tuk on sanhok.
  13. i couldve been the one to create this topic. its standard operating procedure for most people to throw all grenades towards enemy at the start of firefights. dont think they need to weigh more, cap carrying amount or less damage. maybe nerf the stun effect a little. I play shooter games to outshoot people. not outhrow them by spamming nades.
  14. r0eladn

    Need advice upgrading hardware.

    most has been said. 144hz monitor with 1060 would be my choice, ull might get around 80fps vs maximum of 60fps cause the hz is 60. so no point in going for the 1070. If u can afford a 1070 now and in a few months a 144hz monitor, than that is the way to go. i also recommend making the extra 8gb of ram a bigger priority than u are doing now. and u already said it urself but buying second hand is a nice way of upping that budget.