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  1. so i havnt received a notifiction at all. not about temporary suspended, not about being perma banned. This guy was shooting exactly on target, through the smoke, 50-60 meters away. 2 people right after each other. What is going on?? What is the cheat team doing? why arent they looking at the reports? has anyone lately received a ban notification?? please post if you have. can a mod or something explain what is going on here?
  2. kind of makes me wanna see your stats care to share ingame name? only asking cause i want to elevate my game towards what you are referring to.
  3. someone on a twitch stream already knew about the rework of the uzi, where did you get this video from / where is more information on this? i cant find it.
  4. im pretty sure that is more of a thing that people say instead of actually meaning that exactly. i mean, by asking here he is trying to understand right? on to the subject: there is novice players when it comes to pubg or shootergames or maybe even games in general. These players also like to get a kill, maybe they dont have time to git gud, cause they have a busy job. Getting as far as possible might be the goal, and this in their experience is the way to do it. just think of all the times you see a guy in the killfeed die to the blue, that that is one of those players who was too scared to move for the circle. these players, sorry to say for them, will die 99,7% of the games they play. sometimes you are the unlucky one to run in one of those guys' their bathroom. i dont like it either but i dont rly get annoyed by these people. they are kind of cute actually lol
  5. Just reported a guy that was shooting through the smoke etc. if this guy doesnt get banned i rly dont know whats going on. again a f-ing chinaman btw.
  6. thats quite weird. ive played a lot of duos also EU last 2 weeks as well, i get teamed up with a lot of russians. but not asians. so during these games with asians you got 30 ping? cant imagine why asians would wanna vpn to EU servers, bad ping cant be fun.
  7. i doubt you get an answer from pubg representative. probably a couple of GB. 2 to 4 or something. maybe more.
  8. i think you wanna look at hard data instead of people their opinion on how many cheaters. i for instance seldomly see a cheater. also depends on what region you play. but despite what region, are you really letting your possible comeback, or decision to play FPP or TPP be decided by how many cheaters there are? once every 100 games im 10 min into a game and i get killed by a cheater, so i lost 10 min. i cant speak for outside EU regions but sometimes i get the distinct idea that many recreational players or that there is groups of people out there who severely overestimate the amount of cheaters there really are. as chocotaco has said many times on stream: "have you ever considered the possibility that someone is actually better than you in this game?" is the phrase that comes to my mind when hearing all these cheater stories.
  9. if it was up to me every player should wear a cowbell.
  10. vikendi solo fpp eu going off right now for example. dont have to wait long.
  11. usually i like to follow the 'if you dont like it dont bother posting instead of being that salty no-guy that has to say no in every thread for some reason' approach. But here i say no. no extra advantages for you sneaking people, you are annoying enough as is. Go play commandos 2 or metal gear solid.
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