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  1. Thanks man..so we can do our own with 8 so 4v4 or we need a total of 16?
  2. How are you guys doing the custom games..or should I ask , what is the minimum number of peeps you can have to start your own? Me and my peeps want to try but we only have 10 or so of us? Thanks for any info
  3. Still a lag fest @ castle on vikendi when more than one team shows up
  4. When my peeps and I play squads,duos or 3 man ..if one of us dies, we usually tk ourselves with fire or grenade etc... Unless we have 30 or less bad peeps left. Will we get banned for this possibly? @PUBG_Andymh5
  5. thanks peeps..was hoping for something significant
  6. Just wondering whats next? Sorry if its already been talked about..dont see anything and im old, thanks for any info
  7. Couldnt edit last quote.. Was trying to organize loot in half filled backpack..couldnt drop or pickup or add attachements to guns ,then after many button presses, out of the blue...backpack is nearly empty
  8. Enjoy cave..starlight/twilight/night time whatever its called..have og with ssd, buildings are rendered..loot is not in some buildings..seems the larger ones are more so an the issue with the loot loading..bizon, mmm...not that impressed SOMETHING MISSING...Still lots to be desired.
  9. Astro A50 ..hands down the best and one of my peeps found a brand new pair on Ebay for under $200
  10. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/misl3ad/gif/highdemandinggerbil
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