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  1. iHamid4Wizard

    PS4 - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    please just focusing on performance update , Fix FPS Drop , make better graphic for ps4 standard , Load faster homes and texture , Fix server lag (eu server)
  2. iHamid4Wizard

    PS4 Update #1 Feedback Topic

    Why not show character in ps4 inventory?! please PUBG PS4 DEV Team. Make better pubg port to ps4, add top and favorite Request. PUBG Lite show character in inventory to low spec pc! and PS4 better hardware than pc low spec (pubg lite) @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Lumos
  3. iHamid4Wizard

    PS4 Update #1 Feedback Topic

    1.load faster homes when drop airplane 2.add ping/latency in settings for show in-game 3.add sound effects when drop airplane (new system parachute) 4.add sanhok map separate for choosing map like vikendi 5.show Survival Title in main menu just show medal and point - add show medal in main menu front inside my name character 6.add buy premium pass with G-Coins 7.Fix FPS and Drop FPS 8.make better blurry and graphic example 3X scope 9.i think brightness very up in 50 percent ! after releasing new update ! 10.notify claim missions when completing - notify (daily-weekly-beginner-...) 11.Fix Lag in game (servers) 12.back kar 98 this skin (picture attachment) for ps4, pubg store. 13.add new skins in store 14.Fix bug players when preparation start match 360 degree Turning around ! 15.Fix bug survival pass when tow missions claim, just show 1 claim and receive reward 16.Fix bug weapons when Behind the body, inside the character my weapon ps4 standard - wired - solo - eu servers and tankyou pubg console dev team. #pubg for ever ❤️ @PUBG_Andymh5
  4. iHamid4Wizard

    fpp servers

    PS4 Patch Size? @PUBG_Andymh5
  5. Hi Andy, please add option in settings UI Ping/Latency show in-game for consoles - please add to coming update Jan 22. @PUBG_Andymh5
  6. iHamid4Wizard

    fpp servers

    I mean Ping/Latency show in-game
  7. iHamid4Wizard

    Settings reset

    me too, my settings (control options) in my ps4, 2 times happen!!! in -game automatically back to default !!!!! and Before it happened i press X Button to apply, but back to default! sometimes in-game ! ps4 standard wired eu servers solo - please Fix @PUBG_Andymh5
  8. iHamid4Wizard

    fpp servers

    Andy, coming Jan 22, add option Ping in UI settings for consoles? we need. @PUBG_Andymh5
  9. iHamid4Wizard

    Test Server Feedback

    in Vikendi PTS sound settings are now separated Deleted ! We need back option in coming update . Audio Volume when Getting Shot very high, when use headphones @PUBG_Andymh5 Deleted! Gameplay Improved the sound settings in option The sound settings are now separated into Master Volume, FX Volume, UI Volume and Music Volume
  10. iHamid4Wizard

    fpp servers

    wow ! tankyou Andy im very HYPE ! Tankyou PUBG Team. 😍
  11. iHamid4Wizard

    fpp servers

    For TPP , and population good on PS4 !
  12. iHamid4Wizard

    fpp servers

    and Jan 22, add choosing maps ? @PUBG_Andymh5
  13. iHamid4Wizard

    Vikendi 1-22!

    Vikendi coming to live servers Patch notes? please is here in update, choosing maps? @PUBG_Andymh5
  14. iHamid4Wizard

    Test Server Feedback

    Hi Pubg Team. please imporvments PS4 Standard, Fix blurry and graphic 3X scope when aiming. and Holographic Scope blurry and bad UI. please imporvments UI (Clothes , stones , cars , homes , textures , Scopes) Fix Lag Servers in game, EU servers Fix FPS Drop - up to 45-60 Add choosing maps Add rankings Add parachute overhaul Add solo FPP For EU Servers Add option show ping time in-game please Add helicopter in PUBG !! ADD RPG !! ADD Stormy weather!! Add vikendi night mode!! where is new scope 3X and switch to 2X in vikendi? in ps4 pts? change in ps4 controller option button inventory With Touch pad - ps4 players want Touch pad inventory for easey use. and option button show map. imporvments Sanhok map rainy weather , Faster load textures , imporvments brightness in homes (very Dark) and Erangel and mirmar map imporvments .... PS4 Standard , Wired , EU Servers , Tanks PUBG Team. PUBG For Ever ❤️
  15. iHamid4Wizard

    PUBG update (Vikendi update)

    Tankyou Andy for answer quick! @PUBG_Andymh5 1.in Coming Vikendi Update, whats Include new features? add choosing maps? add Rankings? add overhaul parachute? add show ping Time in-game? Fix FPS and Improve UI (clothes, cars stones, Scopes blurry 3X,Holographic) planned for PS4 Standard? 2.Vikendi pass Live to PTS Date? cant wait 😍