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  1. Calmratio420

    Random Light Flickers on Outside Walls

    Yes I can will post soon
  2. Calmratio420

    Random Light Flickers on Outside Walls

    Hey yeah I kind have the same problem but mine is more like white rendering lines passing over every hard edge of buildings and I'm on a Xbox one s what could be my problem?? Plz help
  3. Calmratio420

    Holiday Poem Event

    PUBG Players Unleash Battle Gear. There's snow on the ground at this time of year. When family and friends gather from a far. Yet here I am in Vikendi loading my Kar taking shots from a M240 keeping me pinned from far. My gear may be low from being hit by a shot. My opponents are skilled but I have a single shot. Feeling like santa sending presents from a far. So this is how I wish u a merry Christmas with a headshot from my Kar. GT:CalmRatio420