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  1. Baddestbark1555

    Question gameplay

    Why replay if you don.t know 😂 this or a glitch or a cheater they run a script for more damage with a gun something for the pubg devs to have a look topic can be closed😛
  2. Baddestbark1555

    Question gameplay

    Nobody know the sound you get from a kar 9 if it hit you like a bomb explosion this not normal sound don.t see it before think a cheater messed up with the guns? Can anybody tell me how this possible?
  3. Baddestbark1555

    Question gameplay

    Some question don.t see it before in a game if you get hit from a kar9 1 time and you get the sound from they blow up the hole building is this normal with 1 shot i don.t think so can some one say me how this possible😨
  4. Baddestbark1555

    Duo partner xbox

    Looking dor duo player xbox best to speak Dutch if you Dutch add me for duo match😁
  5. Baddestbark1555

    Update uzi don.t reload

    After new update uzi don.t reload first i must drop the uzi before i can reload the uzi🤤
  6. Baddestbark1555

    Question for next update

    That.s fun battle royale pubg for best outfit 99 people run after you for banana suite maybe they can insert all suite to gcoin so if some one missed a skin they can buy with gcoin so pubg make more money
  7. Baddestbark1555


    Vikindi Xbox one flying snowmobile and cars😁
  8. Baddestbark1555

    Question for next update

    Oke and for the new pubg people they buy this game so if they missed out than you say buy this game early lol
  9. Baddestbark1555

    Question for next update

    No you not read some clothes or skins are not available anymore only with special mission like example clown mask you can not buy this with gcoin or do missions so will be Nice if you kill one with this mask you have this mask also to loot nothing to do with gcoin
  10. Baddestbark1555

    Question for next update

    Yeah you right only there are clothes and skins they never come back Again it will be Nice if you can get this loot after you kill this guy nothing to do than with dollars
  11. Baddestbark1555

    Question for next update

    Will it be possible for next update if you loot a person crate you can loot clothes and can keep this not only for 1 game for always so you get more skins and clothes from other players
  12. Baddestbark1555

    Survivor pass

    Ok coupons safe than hope they add items soon special gun and mellee skins for level up will be nice
  13. Baddestbark1555

    Survivor pass

    Yo what.s happen AFTER LEVEL 100 with survivor pass there are more gun skins and clothes every 10 levels or only bp🤔
  14. Baddestbark1555

    New content we want to see in 2019

    Storm one dessert and snowmap dessertstorm and snowstorm😁
  15. Baddestbark1555

    New content we want to see in 2019

    I wanna see a granete launcher so if you can blow up a hole quad and a system split for new people and pro so new people only can play with newby and pro only to pro like a point rewards system how good you are so everybody have the chance to win split it up😀😀