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  1. We should get rid of all Melee weapons except the pan!
  2. Totally agree - make a separate key binding to open/close doors quieter and SLOWER!!!
  3. Totally agree. I like third partying especially on Vikendi and finishing off downed players who are in a team fight.
  4. No such thing as stealing a kill - if you finish a knocked person then you are the one that kills them.
  5. The squads mode was done as a 1 man squad and was pretty easy to get in the top 10 tbf. Although it was mainly shoot and run and hide 😃 - couldnt revive myself though!
  6. Surely there are some better PC building forums where these questions should be asked.
  7. I mainly play solo and only play duos or squads occasionally with friends - really not into the grief with randoms. The event pass should be geared into solo players or at least have an option to select solo challenges only. I know you can change some missions but how can I revive someone when I don't play anything other than solo or how can I reach top 10 in squads etc. Other than that I thought the pass was good.
  8. I take it was an immediate permanent ban?
  9. Is there a way of keeping the killfeed on the screen a bit longer?
  10. Lol - you really believe that? Apex is a good game but your statement is rubbish! Use google and see.
  11. Totally agree - keep all the specialist rubbish but we need a simple to understand ranking system that shows what level of player we are and what type of players we should match to if there are enough people in the queue.
  12. I cannot understand why you can't do this - simply form a duo or squad and join. Come on BH!
  13. I really think that new or not very good players are put off when they keep getting wiped out. Need a ranking system that puts noobs in games with other noobs. In order to do that we need a proper player ranking system. Players that play now have many hours in the game and are pretty good. A ranking system that puts those with low k/d ratios in with others of the same level will make players more likely to stay
  14. Anyone with a k/d ratio like that is a CHEAT end of.
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