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  1. In the end, we shouldn't be arguing about what mode is best. I've read brilliant explanations from both sides. There are more than enough players, but who other than the DEVS have the tools to bring them together ?! We need to join our forces and demand some changes that will make the player-base breathe: - weekly rotation of standard mode - weekly rewards unique to each mode - double bp/xp weekends Anything to balance the player-base, because even the greatest of games dies without people playing it !
  2. Thank you all for discussing this issue with me. Here are four recordings from yesterday: Number 1. Where did the headshot go ?! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/73948097 Number 2. Guess I was already dead before shooting. Grinded 14 kills, then died to Turdsac, the well-named 😆 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/73949052 Number 3. Potato aim for sure BUT: I take three M4 shots, I die, he takes three AK shots, he's left with half hp. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/73949639 Number 4. I die to four UMP shots, while he's left with 35 hp after four AUG shots. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/73949896 In all these clips, I'm not arguing that I should've won these fights. The question is: did I even stand a chance ? If you pay attention to my opponents health afterwards and my time-to-kill compared to theirs, it's pretty clear that the only way for me to compete is to shoot as early as I can, hit all my shots (must admit that my aim in cqc is not steady lately) and hope the enemy misses at least one shot. Otherwise I'm dead before I even see my health go down. Anyway, my question was that while desync due to high ping is the main cause of this, can it also be because my OG console with no ssd produces a worse framerate than my enemy's xb1x, hence my time-to-kill is higher than theirs because of the relation between fps and dps in PUBG ? I've thought of this because of the obvious irregularity of my ttk, but maybe I'm tripping and it's just the desync. Now that I'm at it, here are two other clips illustrating my life as an fpp player from outside NA. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/66514860 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/73951815 @Aguy9916 Even though I disagree with you, it's your right to play tpp and my words were a bit insulting. The problem is that the devs never managed the player-base otherwise than by splitting it more, they never tried to balance the numbers. It would take as little as a double bp weekend for fpp to make the player-base breathe and revive EU FPP, but if they didn't do it ten or six or three months ago, they will never manage anything and just let it die. Without NA FPP, I would've quit months ago, just like so many already did because they couldn't stand the desync or couldn't play at night. Whoever's in charge at PUBG Corp needs to learn that player-base management is as important, if not more, than the game's development itself. Even the greatest game dies without people playing it.
  3. Yep I'll upload some of the countless recordings of my death and post them here. FPP > TPP because it's fair, no wallcamping, and you don't see your head to use as a point of reference for aiming, which actually makes it harder to hit first shots. FPP requires a much wider ranger of skills that you will never develop as a tpp player. I wouldnt laugh at you if fpp wasnt deserted because of noobs who never evolve. PUBGs just a casuals game now... Like I said, I'm from EU playing on NA servers so yes. But my whole point was to show that problems add to each other, it's not just desync its the ridiculously low damage that I inflict. Whether its my last hit cancelling because of my ping or my console dropping to 10 fps, this game is unplayable.
  4. Sure, PUBG is a massive desync storm for us FPP players from europe. But I swear my bullets inflict half damage, my opponents are systematically left with half hp after eating 3-4 AR rounds while I always die the same 3-4 shots. And I wouldn't moan about it if that hadn't happened in every single match tonight. I can't help but think about the problem of fps related damage (WJ101 once made a video about it) that the devs never acknowledged and here's my point: can these obvious ttk alterations be resulting of how bad the recent update runs on OG xbox vs xb1x in a game where increased fps = increased dps ? I'm so done with PUBG! Even if the pack of tpp noobs of europe suddenly switched to first person, a decent ping doesn't increase your fps so half my bullets would still vanish into another dimension and my TTK would still be ridiculously high. Oh and one last hateful thought to microsoft for producing these stupid broken-ass controllers that don't last a week without an analog bugging, a day will come where we will make you swallow them and spit our money back !
  5. I have the exact same issue: since the update, I can't hear opponents' footsteps as well and as far as before. The previous audio balance was good and no one could ever sneak on me, but now I see opponents RUNNING few steps away from me with barely any footstep sound, and I play on same volume as before so... Sound is so important and I stopped playing because of that weird feeling of being half-deaf. IMO this isn't a glitch, some audio engineer MUST have f*ed up the mastering, you'd need comparative analysis of clips before and after to understand. I also noticed ambience being louder, if that can be of any help.
  6. When I land, when the assets are about to load in, I freeze for 5-10 seconds and my character gets to "freezewalk" and i end up places i dont want to go, this happens at least 3-4 times each game and I die to this shit during early gunfights. This needs a fix NOW. The game ran better on my console one year ago ! Now i land in an unloaded world, hopping on the floor, no guns loaded, and all around there's fools with ssd's. Why are you ruining PUBG ?! I want the game how it was before Miramar release. Ever since, you have made it unplayable.
  7. Your update is BROKEN. 5-10second long freezes when the game loads assets, hot drops are disastrous. This is a disgrace and I sincerely hate you guys for burrying this great game, update after update.
  8. 😎 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/66729839
  9. Hey everyone, Am I the only unlucky one to encounter countless teaming players in Solos? Third time now that I get into a fight and think "wait did I launch 1-man-squads?" Given the increased number of players these days, can't we also get Duos for both fpp and tpp?
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