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  1. Aristitide

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    When I land, when the assets are about to load in, I freeze for 5-10 seconds and my character gets to "freezewalk" and i end up places i dont want to go, this happens at least 3-4 times each game and I die to this shit during early gunfights. This needs a fix NOW. The game ran better on my console one year ago ! Now i land in an unloaded world, hopping on the floor, no guns loaded, and all around there's fools with ssd's. Why are you ruining PUBG ?! I want the game how it was before Miramar release. Ever since, you have made it unplayable.
  2. Aristitide

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Your update is BROKEN. 5-10second long freezes when the game loads assets, hot drops are disastrous. This is a disgrace and I sincerely hate you guys for burrying this great game, update after update.
  3. Aristitide

    Tired of not rendering buildings....

    Agreed, this game needs way more resources than what the xbox has. Seen many posts around this: is PUBG damaging the console ? I have a One Elite, it has a built-in SSD to make loading faster. Back in 17 and early 18, the game would render just fine for me, and I remember not having a single clue of what my teammates were talking about when complaining about rendering. But at some point I started experiencing the same problem, and now it doesn't feel like an Elite console anymore, my games take ages to load. So I make three hypotheses: 1. The console aged helped by my lack of care and regardless of any games played 2. 24/7 PUBG ruined my console by pushing the hardware above it's capacities 3. PUBG is heavier now than it was back then, and the rendering issues are just a consequence of an editorial choice - make xbox pubg follow the pc version at all costs.
  4. Aristitide

    Tired of not rendering buildings....

    Naah it's never the player's fault, it's the game's, first for the shit rendering, and then for allowing SSD's. In a fair race there is no faster car because you're not allowed to exceed the horsepower of your category, same thing goes for all sports and games. This is the core reason that I play and enjoy PUBG less nowadays: against players with the One X, an HDR monitor, SSD and elite controller (not to mention the cheaters), it's ten times harder. Now take into account the fact that FPS affect the damage you deal (a recent discovery of the community), and you're facing the absolute impossibility to take advantage over enemies at equal skill level.
  5. Aristitide

    Lone Survivor Dilemma

    I wonder how big an impact the new "title" system has on games, as well as the season renewal. I've encountered way too many teams camping and hiding, as if there suddenly was a 1 000 000 $ cash prize on the top10. Bad and medium players hidden in the corner of every fucking window, playing their lives like they're at PGI !
  6. Aristitide

    Tired of not rendering buildings....

    SSD's are not a solution: only a small minority knows and can afford it. I can't imagine the shitty feeling of killing an enemy just because my hardware is better... You just buy yourself an unfair advantage on others. Just because some solved the problem for themselves doesn't mean there is no more problem.
  7. Aristitide

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    I feel wronged by the conditions for getting the skins. I expected this content so much, and now it seems I will have to eat less if I want to afford it. It's theft ! I've already paid in the past, but at least I got everything easily just by playing Sanhok. But this system is DISASTROUS. Designed for ppl to pay their way up, and the rest of us can dream on. Sending lots of hate to the designer of this bullshit pass. As a loyal and dedicated player I claim my rights over this content ! Offer it to us !
  8. Aristitide

    FPP EU today!

    It happened around March of 2018. A three-months-old game murdered by a brutal matchmaking update close to the release of Miramar, and that made EU FPP players lose their patience. Before this there was healthy matchmaking. . Many updates followed, but without addressing this vital issue. How many wasted hours in party chat discussing matchmaking as if we were in charge. How many times did we end up with the same conclusion: "this game was created by some genius but it's run by amateurs who misunderstand it and lack strategic insight". Some left, but those of us who are madly in love with PUBG went on playing NA. Some EU mates even managed ranking top5-10 on NA FPP Squads for a while. We were all waiting for this day to come, and of course we're disappointed not to have enough EU players yet. But we can't undo the damage that has been done. Our best hope lies in those who still TPP but might one day evolve and choose FPP. It will be a minority both because of external reasons, f.e. the fact that the "culture of FPP" is mostly english-speaking, and internal ones, like the bloody fact that TPP is the first choice or that the devs release 1 weapon/glove skin for every 50 clothing skins. Having been quite an fpp-missionary to all ppl that I encountered, I know how long it can take for some to actually convert themselves 😛 abstract reasoning is not the funniest thing to many. It will take time and new players still come in. Anyway, hoping to be thirsting you soon on a good old EU server, letting the americans kill themselves in peace
  9. Purchasing skins without having to earn them. Earning BP without being able to spend it on something original. Masterminds.
  10. Yes you can... You can pay 5$ for 5lvls infinitely, and I heard somewhere that for 35$ x2 you get instantly to lvl100... At least those who don't play can get the skins, that's a consolation for the rest of us
  11. I love skins and was super hyped to grind them, had 10 bucks saved up, but when seeing the prices and actually looking up how few skins you get for free, how much you need to play or pay in order to get them all, I couldn't help but disagree and, tbh, get angry. 10$ for ALL THE SKINS every new map is, I believe, reasonable for a game selling at 9$ right now. But 35 bucks, +1$ for every level you will eventually need to pay in order to get to lvl100 ? That's pure theft ! The past few months I felt that I was doing the game a favour by playing it (EU FPP here...). I have been filling servers at the expense of my mental health due to systematic desync, been so dedicated, purchased skins wtohen I could to support the development of the game... And now you tell me that because SOME can afford to waste 200$ on game skins, this will be the standard price for everyone ? You won't get a penny from me and let me add that this ruins the experience for players who don't make a fortune or who have a life. And that's not to mention the absurd missions... 0/10 for this garbage "pass"
  12. Aristitide

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    These moments of true humanity https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/66729817
  13. Aristitide

    Kar98 clips

    😎 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/aristitide/video/66729839
  14. Aristitide

    Teaming in Solo (absence of Duos)

    Hey everyone, Am I the only unlucky one to encounter countless teaming players in Solos? Third time now that I get into a fight and think "wait did I launch 1-man-squads?" Given the increased number of players these days, can't we also get Duos for both fpp and tpp?