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  1. Yeah I don't understand why our crate chances are so low it's not like we can go and make $400 off of one skin like pc 🤔
  2. So glad Pubg came out for PS4 it's now my new favourite game just finished getting my first crossbow only solo Chicken Dinner 🐔🍽️IMG_0104.JPG.f22fcb8108fcee77c6632e97b4ed6d49.JPG

  3. It's winter in Vikendi As the icy breeze blows, Seventy miles an hour, At thirty-five below. Oh, how I love Christmas Day, When the snow's up to your butt, You take a breath of winter air, And your nose get frozen shut. Yes, the battles here are wonderful, So I guess I'll stick around, I could never leave Vikendi, "Because I'm frozen to the ground" Pubg on PlayStation4, Looks like I'm here to stay, Chasing Chicken Dinners all night and day, Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Psn ID burninman420247
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